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45 killed in Syrian military attacks near Damascus
Associated Press
Published: 14.01.13, 13:11
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1. hate to be the one getting the bill when this is all over
zionist forever   (01.14.13)
Damage to infrastructure alone probably about $100 billon, the businesses destroyed probably cost the economy a couple of billion add to that the fact people lost their savings so no money to spend anyway. The longer the fighting continues the poorer the country will become which is good for Israel because a poor country is a weak country because they can't afford to operate a functioning military and it weakens their political influence so please keep fighting as long as you can. Destroy all of each others weapons, bankrupt the country then nobody will ever have to worry about Syria ever again.
2. so unbelievable
Real vision ,   usa   (01.15.13)
that syrians are destroying their country. The destruction must be GREAT. But when a family of murderers have run the country, then a faction of the country has no choice but to fight back. Assad deserves to be hung, tho what replaces him will probably deserve to be hung too and be not much better. The next few months will be interesting. And it is interesting that even with almost 50,000 dead the world is pretty quiet. What say muzzies spill enough blood yet?
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