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Jordan's king urges Israel, Palestinians to talk
Associated Press
Published: 14.01.13, 14:20
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1. king urged Israel, the Palestinians
mat ,   uk   (01.14.13)
Abdullah should know and say it takes two to tango specialy to the palestians not just one way traffic for israel to give. israel gave gaza and got rockets instead
2. Abdullah afraid Jordan will become Palestine...
SG ,   Teaneck   (01.14.13)
which it really is. Jordan becoming Palestine would be a foundation to a peace agreement. Unfortunately, doesn't appear likely.
3. Jordan is going to dogpile.....
Sam ,   Texas   (01.14.13)
It's getting ready to join everyone else in dogpiling on Israel, get ready
4. Jordan is Palestine Not Israel
Bill Stein ,   USA   (01.14.13)
Jordan is Palestine Not Israel or Judea and Samaria.
5. Two State Solution
Dreamer Dan ,   Tel Aviv   (01.14.13)
Wouldn't it be nice if we used the two existing states to create a peaceful solution? Jordan could take back parts of the West Bank, Egypt the Gaza Strip and Israel remain largely as it is with a unified Jerusalem as its capital. Israel has peace with both Jordan and Egypt. Jordan was the largest part of the Palestinian Mandate. Gaza used to be part of Egypt. Why should we all suffer when the solution is so simple. Yet now a third state must be created. This would make a 23rd Arab state. Is a 23rd state needed? Especially when Palestine was already divided?
6. Palestinian sovereignty in Amman is the solution
Jake ,   USA   (01.14.13)
7. Meaningless
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (01.14.13)
The talks that the Jordanian King calls for are meaningless and a total waste of time, breath, and effort, unless the objective is to reverse the crime of May 1948, which created the illegitimate state called Israel. This objective is the only way to avoid war.
8. the only formula to end the 65 year conflict
tiki ,   belgium   (01.14.13)
Is for Abdullah to take a hike back to his home country Saudi Arabia, change the name Jordan back into it's original name Palestine and to it's owners, the Palestinians. If only he would cooperate, the conflict could end tomorrow!
9. #7 Ignorance is Bliss
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (01.14.13)
The Jewish Home, was created in all of the West bank and what today is Jordan by International consensus at San Remo in 1922.
10. To #7 ,   USA   (01.14.13)
#7 I can see your are pro Arab, by your comments and resolutions you have to make peace. For one 1948' Mandate will never be reversed. So bad peace solusion. Think logicial solusions Palistine was never a State or Country, why should thier be one now? especially when Israel has history that dates back over 3,000 years back. And we know the Arabs are Jordanian. They should be under Jordanian rule not dumped on Israel. One of the best solusions I have heard to reach peace is very well said by Comment #5 in this blog. Don't go against the grane in your thinking, it will only lead to the innocent Arabs that want to live in peace suffer. The Izzman USA
11. #5
dr harry ,   Holy Land of Israel   (01.14.13)
Dan you are not the Dreamer. It is the Losers, the Delusional, that are the Dreamers of something that will never happen. Jews from all over the World, will come together to live in the Land of Israel. No delusional State, have the Power to give our Land away.PERIOD. All that you read are simply fear tactics. Words like:"Last chance" or "isolation". Any talk of giving away Land, let those people find another place to live. REAL JEWS, don't give away their Land. Let the Fakestian people return to their country of origin
12. Jordan is *not* Palestine.
TKhaldi ,   Amman, Jordan   (01.14.13)
I am starting to get the idea that every Israeli who reads a news article concerning Jordan will immediately think "Jordan is Palestine!" in the back of their heads. This is an ignorant, delusional, unrealistic and inconsiderate fantasy that simply won't happen. Learn to deal with it, people!
13. The East Bank of Israel
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.14.13)
The East Bank of Israel aka Jordan is the logical location for a Palestinian state. This should be a federation of Jordan and Palestine. The land which is part of Israel was stolen from Israel by Britain and illegally handed over to the Hashemite dictator. We cannot reverse history and perhaps one day the land will be returned to Israel, but for now Jordan is the key to peace.
14. Arabs never say a Jewish majority Israel as part of 2 states
Sam ,   Canada   (01.14.13)
What the Arabs want is for Israel to hand over territory or else they will turn to violence. They never say a 2 state solution includes a Jewish majority Israel. Their way is to try to trick and deceive. They count on everyone being stupider than they are as if they are very clever.
15. 7. "Meaningless" indeed
A ,   Belgium   (01.14.13)
as are your posts.
16. Talk is cheap
NY ,   USA   (01.14.13)
What is King Abdullah prepared to do and why does he refuse to involve himself in the peace process directly? I'm fed up with his chicken-shit attitude. .
17. He said it remains the "only formula" to end the 65-year old
Sam Tayar ,   CANADA   (01.14.13)
Not true. My Arab sources suggest that the best solution will be to rename Jordan "Palestine". And the Monarch can decree this in a flash. Problem solved.
18. given to Kingdom ofashmite
Jordan is Israel ,   Stolen By British   (01.14.13)
19. TKhaldi Amman no 12
20. TKhaldi Amman no 12
JORDAN was stolen by the BRITISH MANDATE and given to the KINGDOM OF HASHMITE FROM SAUDI ARABIA. Read history. G D knows how much free oil SAUDI ARABIA GIVEN TO THE BRITS. Legally this is Jewish Land, and one day will come that Jews will liberate Jordan, and all the Arabs will be sent to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon.
21. Jordan and the Palestinians
Get Real ,   UK   (01.14.13)
Jordan, having previouslly sufferred a civil war arising from Palestinian actions, the King woud like nothing better than the Israelis and Palestinians to resume peace talks and arrive at a two state solution between themselves that in no way involves Jordan. The last thing he wants is an even larger Palestinian majority in Jordan
22. This "King" could solve it right now
Vlad   (01.15.13)
Open Jordan's borders to Palestinians, and about 65% will emigrate.
23. I support the Two State solution
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.15.13)
One Jewish State on West Bank and one Arab state on East Bank. This is the way for a lasting peace.
24. @19/20
TKhaldi ,   Amman, Jordan   (01.15.13)
@19: King Abdullah's ancestors hail from the Hejaz, which is the western part of the Arabian peninsula extending from North Yemen to Southern Transjordan. Your point is irrelevant; many monarchs are not natives to the countries they rule (i.e the UK queen's ancestors come from Germany, her husband is Danish..) Oh and Hashemites are not Saudi. Saudis come from Najd. They named the territories they conquered "Saudi Arabia" (including Hejaz). Saud is the founder of the first Saudi state which was obliterated by the Egyptians in the 1800s. Read history. @20: Yeah, yeah. Keep saying that. Israel is having a difficult time keeping its current borders secure from paramilitary groups. Your dreams won't happen.
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