Rightists protest 'illegal construction' in Arab village
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 15.01.13, 14:19
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Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.15.13)
Keep it up!!!
2. You want rights, then do the same services as everyone.
Fiefdom ,   fiefdom, galilee   (01.15.13)
no fiefdoms. yes to shared rights and responsibilities by all.
3. Sadly the state of Israel is racist against jews
Daniel ,   beer sheva   (01.15.13)
eventhough this is an uncalled for provocation, it exposes the deep and troubling anti-jewsih racism displayed in this country where, as rightly said, illegal construction in tel aviv is destroyed and the same is condoned when arabs are involved in musmus, the negev and the rest of Israel. Sadly the israeli judiciary, legislator and all other state bodies are openly and blatently racist against jews!
4. Construction
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (01.15.13)
The city of tel aviv ordered the demolition of my roof in my house that I was renovated because the said that my permit did not allow me to build this hight( about 10cm to much Will I was in Montreal they came and demolish the roof of my own house Not just the extra10 cm I had to ask for a new permit with new designs showing the extra 10 cm I got my new permit and I rebuilt In what this arabs are different than me??? Why should the be alowed to built what they want where they want I did accept what happen to me and like me they should obey the low It as nothing to do with being from left or right And by the way what otzmat le israel are doing is not racism its justice
5.  Otzma LeYisrael
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (01.15.13)
What a pathetic bunch of racist trouble makers.
6. # 1
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.15.13)
Calm down Keren !!!
7. Only Arabs are allowed to build anywhere
Eli ,   Israel   (01.15.13)
Israeli Government and Supreme Courts are racist against Jews. When will the people wake up and elect a real Jewish leader, stop calling normal Jews extreme right wing activists, there is nothing extreme about trying to protect and preserve the Jewish State.
8. rally
rm ,   Amsterdam NL   (01.15.13)
what's the point of rally's like this? Create more unrest? Why has it been permitted? There are other ways to make your voice heard
9. Arab Israelis
Zechariah   (01.15.13)
The Arabs of Israel and Judae and Sanrio ought have a chance of a better and more secure life Marzuz is a agent Provocateer.Jihadi and Fatah-Ba'ath sabotage peace
10. Demand UNRESTICTED Jewish building everywhere!
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.15.13)
It appears chances of a great Patriotic Right election victory are good. Let us all rise up and demand UNRESTRICTED Jewish building throughout all of Judea and Samaria.
11. #8 no there is no other way..When Arabs continue to violate
Frank ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.15.13)
the sovereign powers of the state, zoning regulations, construction codes, etc. They continue to challenge the very existence of the state of Israel. This is a very serious matter and it has nothing to do with the right or left political outlook. There is a population that is gladly using the Israeli democratic processes, independent judiciary, professional opportunities, world class education, Scandinavian type social services, world-class hospitals or all the good stuff created by founding of modern Israel while at the same time undermining the very existence of a country that unlike any other in the Middle East brings them to a much higher economic and social level.
12. The Tel Aviv residents staging the fun events
Sam ,   USA   (01.15.13)
have a much greater interest in recreation and beaches than preserving their country and repelling the continued Arab challenges.
Dalia ,   Ramat Aviv   (01.15.13)
14. Oh Dear!
They are ugly in the pic, aren't they?
15. Equality in rights, but not in obligations
William ,   Israel   (01.15.13)
"We live on these, our lands, and we will not let racist right-wingers dictate to us how to build" Sorry. That's not how it works. Everyone must adhere to zoning laws and the permit process in order to build. It's for safety as well as organized planning. Once a fire starts or a person is killed because of illegal building, who gets blamed?? The State. Who provides the emergency services? The State. Who will most likely cover the bill incurred? The State. This is a clear case of the Arab community demanding all the rights of Israeli citizenship, and none of the obligations inherent therein. It lends a great deal of credibility to the argument of the Rightist protesters.
16. Speaking of come Zahalka
William ,   Israel   (01.15.13)
"this is a provocation intended to tell the villagers they should emigrate." Really? I didn't hear or see that in their remarks or on protest signs. What I saw was the demand for equality among all citizens under the law, and an end to no-go areas in Arab villages by the rest of Israel's citizens and security personnel. If Israeli Arabs want complete autonomy and to isolate themselves from the rest of the 5 million Israeli citizens, then perhaps they should emigrate.
17. #4 - how heavy-handed! Uncalled for.
William ,   Israel   (01.15.13)
That's crazy for just 10 cm extra height. If it wasn't against zoning laws nor a hazard to yourself or others, they should have just forced a new permit and a fine. Destroying an entire roof for a design over-sight seems excessive. It seems Tel Aviv (and the rest of govt) finds it easier to go after the "low hanging fruit" and attack Jews than to deal with the real issues of the State and lawlessness.
18. #5 - explain how they are being racists?
William ,   Israel   (01.15.13)
I'm curious to hear how they are being racist, in both their protest and their calls for action? I just don't hear it. I agree that this march was provocative but no more than similar marches and tirades by Israeli Arabs and Meretz.
19. #8 - two reasons come to mind...
William ,   Israel   (01.15.13)
1) it underscored the illegal building in this specific village and the disparity in law enforcement along ethnic lines 2) it is allowed because Israel is a democracy and no one ethnic group or religious background should be barred from anywhere else UNLESS the intent is violent confrontation. Israeli Arabs do this all the time and no one asks "gee, why the provocation?"
20. #12 - that is, until a rocket falls in Tel Aviv
William ,   Israel   (01.15.13)
then all the residents cry for the army to do something, led by Leftist politicians who are worried about their multi-million NIS homes in between social justice protests for the poor. Tel Aviv is the epitome of contradiction.
21. Ridiculous
Shimon ,   Musmus   (01.15.13)
I am no leftist and a Likud voter. However I have many colleagues from this village and have been there on a number of occasions. This is a village that is not known and has never been known for trouble-makers. The people there are fine and just want an easy life. This is counteractive to stir up trouble in a place like Musmus. Insted of visiting the triangle and the Galil to make trougle these extremists should go live and work in these places. Jewish settlements in the triangle area and north are vital. Maybe settling the land of Israel and living and working in these areas these fools will develop some normal relationships with our Arab co-Israelis and keep the Jewish majority in the Galil
22. Building inspection
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.15.13)
There are legally appointed government employees whose job it is to carry our building inspections. It is not the right of any Tom, Dick or Harry that wishes to do so. If Tom, Dick or Harry believe that someone has built illegally he may report it to the police and accredited building inspectors will be sent to investigate. This was nothing but a purposely provocative political action.
23. number 21
Shimon ,   Poleg   (01.15.13)
That's a mistake I live in Poleg. I don't live in Musmus! I was there last month after working in Afula.
24. # 12
Partyman ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (01.15.13)
People in Tel Aviv enjoy life and why not, I assume its far better than being mentally unbalanced with ill feeling toward Israeli Arabs, Israeli leftists etc like poor William [Israel] on this thread.
25. To: No. 24
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.15.13)
Did you party on while a missile fell in Tel Aviv? And don't you think that the State of Israel has every right to require building permits from everyone -- including Arabs, who seem to feel that they are exempt from such requirements? How do you feel about them illegally tapping into water and sewer lines and the electrical grid? Keep partying -- that's about all that seems to concern you.
26. No building permits granted for Arabs since 1967-whats new?
miki ,   tampa   (01.15.13)
27. #26 No building permits?
Raphael ,   Netanya   (03.10.13)
You never set foot in this country: ever heard of the city of Rahat, 100,000 inhabitants, that was wasteland in 67? Or visit the Wadi Ara sector, small villages 50years ago, now an uninterrupted sting of urban districts, with dozens of new minarets?
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