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Syria: 80 dead, 160 wounded in Aleppo blast
Roi Kais
Published: 15.01.13, 21:55
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1. The science of destruction...oh well...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.15.13)
2. Murder & mayhem without end
Cameron ,   USA   (01.15.13)
You have to love the clip with the dipshit in the background forever muttering "allahu akbar" while moving past debris & casualties. Always this dark & irrational quality lurking within Muslim culture.
3. This will sound mean, but...
Eric R. ,   USA   (01.16.13)
if the Syrians are expending their efforts killing each other, then they are not expending those efforts trying to kill Jews. The longer this civil war goes on, the better for Israel.
4. bombing
stu ,   toronto   (01.15.13)
This was clearly an Israeli plot to take the focus off the illegal Mavi marmara massacre!
5. The same crap
Jones ,   Liverpool   (01.16.13)
Terror attack! Oh my God, it seems that this phrase is always used by all state criminals to hide their crimes.
6. Premeditated murder, yet still a ho-hum world response
Carl ,   USA   (01.15.13)
"Assad's syrian security forces swarmed the grounds and shut the building doors to prevent anyone from leaving." This is precisely the OPPOSITE behavior of the Israeli military that drops leaflets to warn civilians of an impending military strike so they can leave. Yet the world still allows this "military" to continue its wanton terrorist rampage.
7. Syria
Allan ,   Brooklyn, NY   (01.16.13)
Where is Ban Moon when you need him, not a peep, not a squeak, Innocent people are slaughtered daily and of course no comment, why should there be, he in effectual where it counts most, such a pity and an absolute mockery of the United Nations. Heck i want a job there do nothing and get paid. Old joke; what is definition of a diplomat; a person who thinks twice before they say anything, and then when they do say something it is nothing at all....
8. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.16.13)
A substantial portion of the bloodletting is being done by the rebels. Please do keep that in mind.
9. To: Cameron at No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.16.13)
"Muslim culture." Nice oxymoron.
10. To Allen #7
Adam H ,   US   (01.16.13)
Ban Ki Moon is busy seeing where the Jews build their next house.
11. University-Syria?! What's the connection??
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.16.13)
12. It's all Israel's fault
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (01.16.13)
JUst like everything else! If only Israel listened to silly Hillary about giving up the Golan Heights to the reformer Assad none of this would have happened. (they all would have been focused on terror against Israel). Instead they are keeping busy playing in their own yard!
13. does the world care...Where is the UN
Real vision ,   usa   (01.16.13)
Sure the world cares but nobody really wants to get involved. Assad is far from done and will destroy every building in syria to stay in power as will the “rebels” Just wondering where the rebuilding money is going to come from. This is all payback and Karma for all the terrorism syria has exported.
14. Let the 600,000 refugees remain where they are...
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.16.13)
and let them demand that the UN create an UNWRA branch to look after them EXCLUSIVELY in the refugee camps wherever they are. That way, their "business fix" for eternity, they and their offspring, generation after generation, ad infinitum. Yippee! No more working ever! The billions will just keep rolling in under the benevolent gaze of Banky Loony, Chris Gunness, the EU and the US.
15. Did Falk blame the Jews?
steve from raleigh   (01.16.13)
He will.
16. note for elections
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.16.13)
Livni and Yehimovitch are on record for demanding the Israel give Golan to Assad. Imagine how many dead we'd have if their dream came true. Vote NO to the people who want to give the butcher Assad more power to kill us and his own people.
17. #4 Stu, totally agree with you
Melissa   (01.16.13)
that actually makes allot of sense because the UNHRW review is coming up and of course the only country not coming happens to be the architect of the most vile, despicable, heinous, war crime ever committed, the mavi marmara. I totally agree with you Stu. glad someone else is on point on here too.
18. Jones #5, And you actually believe the rebels?
Jake   (01.16.13)
That is was an aerial bombing? Take a look at the photo. The damage to the building is clearly internal and primarily on the lower floors, while the roof is unscathed. Admit it, both the regime and the rebels are simply trying to outdo eachother in the brutality, terror, and mayhem they inflict.
19. Melissa #17, no surprise at the contents of your post
Jake   (01.16.13)
to match your other posts elsewhere, where you provided false etymologies for place names, botched readings and misrepresentations of Biblical texts, and twisted revisionism of basic history. You can live a lie, but the truth always floats to the surface. By the way, too bad hadn't read any of Stu's previous posts, and can't pick up on the use of irony and sarcasm.
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