Better Place CEO quits after 3 months
Shahar Haselkorn
Published: 16.01.13, 13:34
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1. They Should Read Crossing The Chasm by G. Moore
Gabriel ,   Haifa   (01.16.13)
Their issue is well defined on why they are still unsuccessful with this market.
2. how complicated can it be....
michael ,   israel   (01.16.13)
choose the right car, give a real choice to your customer instade of trying to hold them by trying to replace the old monopole (fuel) by a new one ( electric ) , forget changing the batteries every 200 km or about instead let them charge the car at home for cheap... and on and on...
3. clearly this model doesnt work!!!
avner ,   tel aviv   (01.16.13)
4. Guess he took their advice and found a better place to be !
Haim ,   TA   (01.17.13)
5. A worse place to buy a car.
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (01.17.13)
You would have to be a green nut to pay that amount of money for such a limited range car. A better place has a great concept, however consumers are not stupid when it comes to there money. $45,000.00 for a small french car. In the States I could buy a Ford Mustang insure it for a year fuel it for a year and have money left over.
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