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Car bombs kill at least 24 in northern Syria
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Published: 16.01.13, 15:07
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1. And the U.N continues to do nothing!!! HYSTERICAL IF IT WASN
Brett Levitas ,   JHB South Africa   (01.16.13)
2. Of course, this is of no concern to the
A ,   Belgium   (01.16.13)
United Nothings Horribly Rotten Wimps. But just mention *SHHH* Israel and watch them all wet their panties in outrage.
3. WAKE UP Banky Loony, Israel is building settlements in Syria
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.16.13) Syria's Idlib province to be exact and at least 24 were killed! SAY SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!
4. UN
Allan ,   Brooklyn NY   (01.16.13)
Anyone to second banning Moon from the UN. Being paid a salary and doing nothing useful, hire someone who can actually work
5. #4 Allan - BAN Ban Kee Moon! I second that!
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (01.16.13)
6. How ironic!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.16.13)
MASSIVE destruction is going on in Syria - worse than an earthquake or even a tsunami, with at least 60,000 killed and Banky Loony says NOTHING. But Israel is building, not destroying, and Ban can't finish running his mouth on Israel.
7. #4 Get a petition going, I'll gladly sign
A ,   Belgium   (01.16.13)
8. Yes indeed......
Moragh   (01.16.13)
get a petition going and I will gladly sign it..... too true!
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