Israel comes first
Hanoch Daum
Published: 17.01.13, 11:02
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1. excellent editorial
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.17.13)
i agree completely with the author.
2. Yes
Alfonso Weisman ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (01.17.13)
"I prefer a somewhat displeased American president than a terror-ridden country" me to and so I agree with the author.
3. So true...
Simon ,   Paris, France   (01.17.13)
4. Agree... We dont need to be most popular corpse in the world
Alan ,   SA   (01.17.13)
5. The truth
Ram ,   London   (01.17.13)
The truth is simple to tell and does not require many words. Kudos to this author!
6. Liberal Jews & Obama
CONSERVATIVE JEW ,   ME, USA   (01.17.13)
As a Conservative Jew, I've watched in dismay as my liberal Jewish brethren voted for and re-elected, Obama. But as lefties, they blindly tread that deeply worn rut, a solemn path begun long ago by their Bundist grandparents and great-grandparents, tracing way back in time and back across the Atlantic to their/our ancestral shtetls. And today, with their knowledge of Treblinka, of Auschwitz, of Hamas, Al Queda, they still don't get it. To Bibi, I say "Kol HaKavod. " To American liberal Jews, I say: "Nudnik is as Nudnik does."
7. As always: truth is simple to explain& simple to understand.
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.17.13)
8. Excellent!!!
Adrian   (01.17.13)
Excellent!! Truth!
9. A simple and intelligent article
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa Israel   (01.17.13)
10. The left and this paper will be in for a surprise
Danni ,   beer Sheva   (01.17.13)
all their venom will not deter people from voting as they feel right. Assimiltionist love as displayed by leftwing jews in the US or their predecessors in per-WO II germany will not win them acceptance for a day, just more digust! A selfrespecting jew is hated yet respected!
11. common confusions
Oleg Ben Miron ,   Hadera   (01.17.13)
confusions between reason and consequency is a main error. Terrorists were so busy to fire at Gaza settlements, that Sderot was spared from rockets. You forgot already how it were in Gaza. Do you want to return families with children to Gaza to ease situation at South? Can you stop history at moments of good life?
12. In a nutshell the truth of the positions. Well said!
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (01.17.13)
13. As your leader I am telling you what to do
Olmeretz   (01.17.13)
14. Oleg # 11
Arnold ,   Canada   (01.17.13)
The author of the piece mentioned Gaza pullout to get a point across. That pulling out of Gaza did not bring impetus from the Arab side to come to the table to discuss further pull out from West Bank and peace. Exiting Gaza just brought rockets closer. The piece was a good one. It was short , concise , and very correct. Jewish history has shown that cowering in the corner does not bring safety. Going back to 47 borders will not either. Seeing what is going on in any Arab / Muslim country proves if they can slaughter each other with smiles on their faces , slaughtering Jews will bring them ecstasy.
15. I would tend to agree if the prime minister
David   (01.17.13)
had an idea or vision of where he wants to lead. However this peime minister has no clue or vision thus the President is absolutly correct.
16. You said it all--Excellent!!!!
Ellen ,   Netanya   (01.17.13)
17. Shortsighted and insipid drivel
StevieT ,   USA   (01.17.13)
Israel exists....that could be because it has always 'been the darling' of the American people. That is changing rapidly before your very eyes but you cannot see it - like the proverbial forest through the trees. Bibi is not just pissing off Obama (that alone would not be so bad), he is alienating HUGE swaths of grassroots supporters in the US and other Western nations. This is what the Israeli right won't understand, once gone, these alienated former boosters will be hard to woo back, and there really is no good reason to lose them.
18. It is an evidence... well said
norman ,   france, Eurabia   (01.17.13)
19. Blaunt, but so true.
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.17.13)
20. Obama is destroying America. Don't let him destroy Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.17.13)
American voters chose to reelect one of the worst presidents in American history. Obama is devastating the American economy, attacking the Constitution and damaging America in ways too numerous to mention. However, America has enough security to survive Obama's evil and incompetence. Israel does not enjoy such security. Obama is destroying America. We must not let him destroy Israel too.
21. Excellent, I couldn't agree more.
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (01.17.13)
22. You have some explaining to do, Stevie T
Cameron ,   USA   (01.17.13)
You declare Bibi is alienating HUGE no.s of Americans? I see or sense no indicators of such a process underway. He continues to tread carefully, then he & Israel will maintain overall support amongst the US populace.
23. Absolutely
Elie Abitbol ,   Thornhill, Canada   (01.17.13)
Israel needs a Prime Minister strong enough to withstand world pressure. P.M. Nethanyahu is the man !
24. #17 is right
Sam ,   Boston, USA   (01.17.13)
I've noticed more and more Americans turning against Israel or questioning the relationship. Israel has a right to do what it wants but there are consequences. Perhaps Israelis don't care. But the next time a vote comes up in the Security Council and the US doesn't veto, remember that you didn't care.
25. 100% true
Yankel ,   Brooklyn NY   (01.17.13)
100% true
26. Displeased President
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (01.17.13)
Soon our US President will be displeased enough with the Zionist regime to reduce relations with it or cut them entirely, and encourage the BDS movement. Case in point: Chuck Hagel takes over Dept. of Defense. And that's just the beginning.
27. Let's keep in mind who the real enemy is: Obama
ZionistBill ,   Israel   (01.17.13)
Our main enemy is not the various Arab/Muslim nation who seek our destruction. Not is it the Europeans who sponsor/support UN resolutions that seek to condemn and sanction us while providing material and diplomatic support for the Palestinians. Nor is it Russia and China who gleefully arm and enrich those who hate Israel. It is Obama who is our enemy, the same person who has done more than any other person on the planet to sanction and punish Iran. Obama, who has maintained US support of various Israeli weapon systems. Obama, who made his UN rep veto various resolutions that sought to boost the Palestinians and/or punish Israel. So let's keep attacking Obama because that's what a wise and future-oriented people would do.
Rafi ,   US   (01.17.13)
The talkbacks here about 'better to not be a 'popular corpse' is pure demagoguery. There ARE ways that Israel can be both reasonably secure - and also not an international pariah, heading down the path of former South Africa. This Daum article is self-serving so that the right-wing can justify expanding its settlements and other abuses. These policies will lead to Israel's full isolation in the world - including from its own people Diaspora Jews -and its ultimate weakening - if not worse, The right wing will be Israel's undoing.
29. #17 and 24, in 1948 there was an embargo against Israel
Jake   (01.17.13)
A weapons embargo, instituted by the UN, and rigorously enforced by the US..while weapons were free-flowing to the invading Arab countries. Everyone was predicting Israel's imminent demise. But guess what. All the assumptions and hopes by the world that Israel would be nipped in the bud failed. Israel prevailed. And Israel will prevail.
30. #26 graczek, obama doesn't have the guts to try that one.
razors ,   clapham, uk   (01.17.13)
wishful thinking will get you nowhere.
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