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Arab media: Right will win, peace will lose
Roi Kais
Published: 16.01.13, 23:11
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1. The Right is the right way, as it puts its back up against
Moshe ,   Usa   (01.17.13)
arob effrontery. The only way you win is to accept the nature of your enemy. And your enemy is the arob who will push you out of you home & into the sea. Don't let them. Kick them out instead.
2. If arabs say to go left then go right
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (01.17.13)
If they say it's day it is probably night. They say they want peace but always prepared for war
3. hypocrite arabs
Fad Egypt   (01.17.13)
it is normal that the arabs elect fascist religious radical parties to power like Egypt, Tunisia, Morroco and PA arabs elected the MB, this is called democracy, no problem that they are anti peace, anti semetic , anti Israel and want to dominate the world !!!!! but when some more voters in Israel vote for a religious party than last time, it will be extreme and that means that Israel is a radical, racist and disasterious state !!!!!! when the arab and muslim world recognize Israel right to live in peace and security as a jewish state, the first ones who will make peace with these arabs and muslims are those who called the religious racist radical jewish parties !!!!! if i am Israel i will vote the jewish home party !!!! shalom
4. arab media
Marcelo ,   TLV / Berlin   (01.17.13)
it is just incredible that egypt, lebanon and jordan media talk about Israel as if they were real democracies. They are all muslim countries where religion is prio 1 and they dare to talk like that about Israel??? amazing...I think, the "against peace" in arabic means, jews will defend theirself even more than now and will not let arabs kill them, I welcome the "against peace" concept of arabs....
5. the pot called the kettle black!
There are a group of more extremist governments in the whole world than the Arab Middle East. This is a joke. They're a joke. That's all. That said, as an oleh chadash we don't need bibi, we need an PM who can help Americans afford rent and make more than minimum wage.
6. They're free to say it. Jewish "Spring" is on it's way!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.17.13)
7. Arabs commenting Israel's election.
Jimbo Salsa ,   Mexico City, Mexico   (01.17.13)
This is nothing short of amazing. Arabs commenting on Israeli elections, like if they knew what they're all about. They should keep their mouths shut and their eyes and ears open, perhaps they'll learn something. Had the Arabs had real democratic States, peace would have never been an issue and the Middle East would probably be one of the most prosperous neighbourhoods in the world. But we chose life and they chose death. Right is right and left is wrong. Hopefully the right will win the elections in your country and keep it strong.
8. Remembering Anwar Sadat
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (01.17.13)
In an interview with Newsweek magazine in late March 1973 Anwar Sadat said : " There are no doves or hawks on the other side ,only Israelis ..." .
9. Israel will do what's best for her.
Rachel   (01.17.13)
Did you know the US does not help Israel for nothing. US benefits from Israel's latest and hightes technology, have numerous future projects that will help US economy and many more good stuff coming out of Israel. The question is: the trillion of dollars sent to Arabs what does the US get in return, besides terrorism ???
10. The same media that calls us pigs and apes?
GZLives   (01.17.13)
11. Peace is not on the Arab agenda,read PMW & MEMRI
the agenda is rejection,murder and incitement to racist hatred "Peace" means Arab rule.
12. Voters should NEVER let leftists govern again./
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.17.13)
Israel suffered tens of thousands of maimed and murdered civilians from Oslo alone. This doesn't take into account the countless thousands maimed and murdered by other lunatic leftist policies such as freeing terrorists, fleeing South Lebanan, fleeing Gaza etc. Israeli voters should NEVER let leftists govern Israel again.
13. Lebanon is not a sovereign nation
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.17.13)
Lebanon has not been a sovereign nation since the sixties. It is ruled by Iran and Syria through the terrorist proxies Hizbollah. The paper has no basis to lecture Israel a sovereign nation about peace. Not to mention that the paper says the Left is the same as the right? If so why does it matter if Bibi wins?
14. Obama and Arabs
Zoe ,   Los Angeles   (01.17.13)
Don't want Bibi to win? He must be doing something right!
15. rise of the right
andy ,   ORANGEVILLE   (01.17.13)
Praise G-D that the right will be in power, May G-D expand Israels territory to its former glory, and expel the philistines for ever, unless they come to give alms at the Temple at Jerusalem. Amen................
16. Fad you are the best of Zionists
Marco ,   Spain   (01.17.13)
I mean it
17. Isn't there peace already. Are Arabs planning to start a war
leo ,   usa   (01.17.13)
if Right wins?
18. An Israeli right wing radical extremist is a moderate Arab
Dan ,   Tel Aviv   (01.17.13)
19. Arab opinion spinners.........
tiki ,   belgium   (01.17.13)
Should focus a little more on their own country leaders who haven't brought anything but violence, hardship, dictatorship, poverty, illiteracy, censorship and no future perspective to their people, while they themselves have been sending money to the (Swiss) banks).... and focus less on Israel's future leadership, elected in a way they can only dream about.
20. Arabs fear from Israel winter
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.17.13)
Arab media are
21. Arab Media
Abdul ,   Tehran   (01.17.13)
So the left media in Israel is publicizing the lies of the Islamic media.. that we live to see this day is a miracle! Don't worry - more and more Israeli's are waking up to the traitors within the land.
22. Obama and the Arabs agree
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.17.13)
this is the only truth: obama and the arabs are on the same side.
23. Why the ensuring of the strategic national and security....
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.17.13)
....interests of Israel is viewed by the Arabs as a negative development..., unless the intent of the Arabs is to push hard and achieve, in stages if necessary, Israel's demise and that of any trace of any Jewish life in it...??!!
24. Only a strong Israel will make a real
Israeli 2   (01.17.13)
peace. Only annexation and transfer will make a strong Israel. What party and what leader have the courrage to do all that? Only Messiah ben David will do that.
25. No peace with next government.. no peace before either
Jrebecca ,   modiin   (01.17.13)
Al-Hayat stated that "There will be no peace with the next (Israeli) government"; I did not notice the "Peace " with previous, left wing governments either.
26. PIECE will be lost.... EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.17.13)
Thank God. Some sanity for Israel, FINALLY.
27. when the Left won, peace ended.
Golan ,   modiin   (01.17.13)
maybe peace is not dependent on Israelis voting right or left, but rather if Arabs continue to hate, and murder... even their own sisters.
28. "Zealotry and Radicalism?"
CONSERVATIVE JEW ,   ME, USA   (01.17.13)
Surely you Arabs jest! You, who blindly follow doctrines of destruction and genocide pumped into you by your own "zealous" and "radical" priests of Islamic Piety? Your comments are risible. AM YISRAEL CHAI.
29. Peace was lost in May 1948!
David ,   Israel   (01.17.13)
The Arabs declared war on Israel and have constantly supported terrorism and murder of Israelis and Jews. Except for two Arab countries, Jordan and Egypt, the rest of the Arab wold is STILL at war with Israel! Yasser Arafat could have created the Palestinian State when then PM Ehud Barak offered him 93% of his demands. So please, don't blame Israel for the lack of peace when Arab terror still threatens the people of Israel every day and even now the Palestinians are threatening Israel with a Third Intifada! The Arabs don't want peace, they want Israel!
30. The right is the Answer to Arab extremists.
Expert   (01.17.13)
When Rabin and Olmert were in power the most terror and Lebanon war started so Alnahar is very wrong!!!
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