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Livni wants unity government in light of 'emergency situation'
Moran Azulay
Published: 17.01.13, 20:06
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1. If tzippi is in the coalition than it will be a disaster
Ilan   (01.17.13)
2. This woman becomes more and more unhinged by the hour!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.17.13)
3. Unity government
Zechariah   (01.17.13)
Labor is out so its Sane Likud Yesh Atid Hatnua Haredim Sane Habayit hayehudi sixty five mandates .
4. T.Livni Did G-D Give You Two Feet?
Well Stand On Them! Madame You Sound Like Chicken Little stating the Sky Is Falling? Has Israel Been Progressing Since Bibi Was Elected as P.M.? The Answer is YES. Where is the proof of Israel being Isolated? The recent vote in favor of the arab/bedouins as a observer Is The u.n. (unified nothing) just a bunch of arabs, arab oil money and Israeli Basher's. No Matter What Bibi Does for peace the arabs will SABATOGE it! Do You know why, BECAUSE they don't want peace THEY WANT JEWISH LAND ALL OF IT! You are the Dangerous one ms.livini if it were up to you iran would have a military insulations in syria, iraq, gaza and the west bank. Oh yea as well as Golan Heights, because you would give it back to syria for FALSE PEACE? Good Luck Madame.
5. u would not get in. no way. you, labour disaster
ralph   (01.17.13)
6. It is not entirely clear to this Israeli poster what the...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.17.13)
...emergency is, short of Tzipi Livni's desire to push herself into the next government without accepting others' views.
7. EU/Obama UNSC '67 borders...the birth of Palestine Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.17.13)
Livni needs an emergency BRAIN TRANSPLANT . She is totally hysterical.
9. Ynet inciting against Bibi with has beens
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (01.17.13)
comprised in a lunatic leftist fringe led by a convicted felon
10. Livni is a disgrace
Rosie   (01.17.13)
She should keep her deeply stupid mouth shut. She is only causing problems for herself. Any Israel that has a brain will not vote for this horrible person. She is only focused on becoming a Prime Minister. It is a little impossible with her character, her ideology and her disgusting behavior. She has NO concern for the State of Israel or the people of Israel.
11. Livni is a despicable & shameless opportunist
Jake ,   USA   (01.17.13)
Anyone who demonizes her own people for the sake of votes, deserves not a single vote from the electorate.
12. #9, correct - why does ynet quote the irrelevant Olmert?
Jake ,   USA   (01.17.13)
13. # 7 Neither obama or the EU are elected Israeli officials.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.17.13)
And the '67 borders are now Israel and wont be a consideration for negotiations with any pal terrorists.
14. My reflection as a Goy !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.17.13)
What an Hypocrit this Woman is, a Unity Government Was offered as the Now Israeli PM entered the the Rule of Israel last time. Arn.Sweden.
15. she's desperate !
jay abouaf ,   jaffa israel   (01.17.13)
she needs something and it isn't politics!
16. yeah.....
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.17.13)
spitting on Netanyahu and Likud day by day for weeks, and now, when she can't get more than 6 mandates, suddenly she is ready to "form unity government"... I hope, that Bibi will say a clear "no".... I can't believe, that this woman has no respect even for herselve...
17. Tzippi is dipply And dishonest also
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.17.13)
What a sad sack Tzippi Livni is . She continually disregards the best interests of the country and acts as if her personal position is the only important thing in the world. She will not do very well in these elections, if I can judge by the reactions of people I know who once voted Kadima but are certainly not going for her latest ego-trip.
18. Livni will sell Israel for a photo with Obama
Jonathan   (01.17.13)
19. #13
Harold ,   USA   (01.17.13)
The State 0f Palestine with the 1967 borders is the name of the game and that is the main reason why EU and the USA always repeat that number. There will never be peace without taking the 1967 borders into consideration and Israel knows that. Wise-up
20. Obama Agent Livni
Bill Stein ,   USA   (01.17.13)
Putting Livni in is like putting a agent for Obama or Obama mole act like a independent country don't put that mole into the cabinet or Goverment
21. Unity Government
Zechariah   (01.17.13)
The Haredim suffered the Greatest losses in the Shoah none served with Beards and Peyott in the Collaborators so Livni and Lapid better shut up about them.So Sane Likud the Haredim Yesh Atid and Hatnuya can form the Mandates to Govern .
22. #14 Arn Sweden Goy Is A
With all due respect "Goy", Shegetz Are derogatory names, I would consider you a "Gentile" or non-Jewish So Arn you are pro-Israeli right? Please refer to your self as Gentile it's P.C.. Have a good day sir
23. Livni's third party she is a member of
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.17.13)
How many more parties in Israel will Livni need to join before she realizes that she is not suited to be prime minister?
24. vote Yachi & Livni!
Avraham-yosi-Pinky ,   Bet Shemesh   (01.17.13)
Yachimovich promises to put livni as FM, and that will probably save the statee of Israel! we are in a very bad situation. just look at what livni is pointing out. we are inbig trouble if bibi gets re-elected. livni would be the best foreign minister and she would achieve peace with abbas and the Palestinians. if bibi re-elected, then we could be sanctioned for what livni said we could be for. if Yachimovich promises to put her there, I believe her. let's return our country to where it always was. where are neighbors love us again, the UN doesn't write sanctions on us anymore, Turkey becomes our ally again after livni and Yachimovich do public apologies for the marmara incident, and then Obama tells us what we could do if we don't want isolation. bibi will destroy our old good country. Avraham-Yoseleh-Pinchas Berman
25. Lapid...Right wing...burden?
gedaliah   (01.17.13)
Interesting how Lapid can attack the Right or Settlers as he says. Meanwhile a study just came out saing that an OVERWELMING majority of Amry aged boys from the Yishuvim go into combat...a complete opposite statistic of Lapid's "Middle class" tel avivians.... Its clear that the Left has no mandate in the near future and is creating a panic in order to gain any relevance.
26. Livni continues to slip in the polls...
Naor ,   USA   (01.17.13)
Does she not understand the Israeli public barely wants her in the government at all, let alone wants her to lead the nation!
27. #19 there's the rub
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.17.13)
There's the rub: perhaps what you say is true, but one thing for certain there will never be peace WITH taking the 1967 borders in consideration, ask any Arab leader. So you see, as Arafat said, the "peace process" is a sham.
28. #24. Wish you were joking! VOTE Ben Ari/Bennett.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.17.13)
Livni has done nothing, during her entire political life, besides harm Israel. We Jews can survive and thrive with isloation. What we can't survive are idiotic leftist concessions such as Oslo. It cost us ten of thousands of maimed and murdered civilians. And it is only one of many leftist inflicted tragedies.
29. No 13 and 19 update yourselfs. The UNSC res 242
Ari   (01.17.13)
Talks about SECURE BORDERS not 1967 borders.
30. Livni will not be prime minister and
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.17.13)
livni will not be prime minister and the world cannot impose any settlements on israel.
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