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Lapid won't join coalition without universal draft
Tzvika Brot
Published: 18.01.13, 13:32
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1. Keep it UP Yair, U R the 1 FIT 4the ministry of interior,NOT
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (01.18.13)
The ishai.
2. There has never been, nor will be, a point in history where
Simon   (01.18.13)
everyone could "universally" go in the same direction. Everyone should be entitled to say "no" - yes, even if it is to the army.
3. Be very wary of Lapid. Like his
Reuven   (01.18.13)
late father, he wants a non-Jewish Israel. His idea of drafting Israeli Arabs, many or most of whom are disloyal, is absurd and dangerous.
4. Lapid is just playing to the crowd
zionist forever   (01.18.13)
All Lapid is doing is trying to grab a couple more votes from the secular voters because its the sort of thing they like to hear. He knows if he can get just another 2-3 seats he is in a serious position to dictate terms to Bibi on alot of issues and demand virtually any ministry he likes. So he is saying what the secular majority like to hear and his speciality has always been telling different groups what they want to hear. He is trying to appeal to the last minute swing voters
5. Integrate Arabs in Schools, IDF, Society, from River to Sea
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.18.13)
6. I can see it now, Arabs lining up at an IDF recruitment ctr
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (01.18.13)
7. Lapid trying on his fig leaf n/t
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (01.18.13)
8. Lapid wants a car and driver
Avramele   (01.18.13)
...and will do and say whatever it takes to get into the government including this "not going to go anywhere" toothless demand. Just as Yisrael Beitenu betrayed it's constituency on conversion legislation, lapid will do the same to his secular voters. Next, Livni will "demand" that Bibi make one meaningless phone to any one Arab of his choosing and she will join the government as well. Now more than ever the need to vote for Labor or Meretz who refuse to be bought.
9. Its a good start
David G   (01.18.13)
All in all Lapid's is better than what Israel has now, but it is still far away from what is workable. Instead of making the IDF screen and fight with every candidate who does not want to serve give EVERYONE the option of national service, but make some form of civil service a requirement. The army will then have to compete to get the recruits it wants. It also will not have to waste resources trying to accommodate extreme elements of the Haredi community.
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