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30 hostages dead, missing in Algeria standoff
Associated Press
Published: 18.01.13, 20:01
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1. Looks like the"World" woill have to do with Rambo & Entebbe
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.18.13)
as far as hostage-freeing is concerned...!
2. Israel should not worry
Georges Bruno ,   EU/US   (01.18.13)
Arab and/or muslim armies totally inefficient. Can only harm unarmed civilians. They are a pathetic bunch. Only one country can save hostages with limited damage: Israel.
3. I thought Obama said that Al Qaida was practically dead.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.18.13)
Is he the same expert who said that Israelis don't know what is good for Israel? The same expert who has his people exploring recognition for jihadists? The same expert who supports and is taking advice from the Muslim Brotherhood members whom he gave positions in his administration? Is this the same expert that the adoring left has branded the most powerful leader? The same expert who has to be dragged kicking and screaming to admit there is such a thing as Islamic terror in the US? The same expert who joins the chorus of delusional Europe that it is Israel that is the source of all the troubles in the world? Ah yes! This is the expert, the black messiah, that the adoring left holds up on a pedestal in wonder and awe...and NO! Do nothing to offend him lest Israel sees the wrath of his mighty hand and outstretched arm. After all, he has promised to deal with those petty kidnappers so you can just imagine what he will do to Israel! Everybody, the left invoked Obama and urges you to jump on his bandwagon just like they have. You will see more terrorism. This is the left's platform: Vote for the left and live in Obama's good graces and more turmoil. Vote for the right and feel the squeeze of Obama and the EU as they stifle Israel's aspirations. That this act of terrorism happened on the eve of your elections is instructive. Who will secure little Israel in these turbulent times when big and significant nations refuse to even admit the source of the problems of this era???
4. Algeria, et al.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.18.13)
Another Arab country bypassing spring, summer, autumn and heading straight into what is sure to be a prolonged winter. The Algerians cannot operate the plants on their own (truth be told, none of the Arab countries can -- they depend upon imported technological know-how), and obtaining the foreign personnel they need is not likely to happen any time soon. In fact, the events in Algeria are very likely to see a mass exodus of foreign professionals in the petroleum and gas industries in quite a few countries where Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic terror group activities are on the rise. I don't think you'll get the level of professionalism required even if salaries are trebled -- which very few Arab and Moslem countries can afford to do, and which all of them are loath to do. All the better for Israel. More countries lining up to purchase Israeli natural gas, because plants throughout the Arab and Islamic world will shut down. So much for threats of isolationism; so much for threats of boycotts, sanctions and divestiture. That's not going to happen. Can anyone spell "divine providence?"
5. No 3: sit up, roll eyes forward
Mea   (01.18.13)
And for your own sake, and probably that of your family, turn off Fox. Black messiah? Oh you are not a hater, are you? Clown.
6. GOD BLESS YOU SARAH. Bibi will win. Obama will fail.
tony ,   nigeria   (01.18.13)
7. I got 3 words for those terrorist scum: SEAL TEAM 6
From America ,   With Love   (01.18.13)
8. Americans wouldnt know how to pull off an Entebbe.
Beni Blanco ,   Baltimore   (01.18.13)
Only Israel has the sechel and know-how for this sort of thing. What a mess.
9. Obama assured us that he defeated Al Qaeda
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.18.13)
obama assured us that he slew the dragon and al qaeda was largely degraded. obama, the knight in shining armour, should go and join the characters in a fairy tale and let real people do the governing. real people know that al qaeda is the ideology of radical islam which makes up half the muslim world.
10. Which Fox are you talking about? The one in the hen house???
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.18.13)
Hater??? Didn't you know? Nobody, but nobody, hates the black messiah. You know:- the one who gave the beautiful curtsy and bow to the Saudi King who anointed him with a humongous gold medallion; the one who dashed to the phone and called Erdogan when he won his first election; the one who chose Egypt to give his first public address as the black messiah, promising better days to come; the one who offered his hand to the ME but got back clenched fists in return; the one who could not stop apologizing and blaming Americans for every damn thing under the sun; the one who bullies and insults Israel's PM at every turn. OMG! Nobody can help but LOVE and ADMIRE that black messiah. OMG! My eyes are rolling BACKWARDS in their sockets with such an IMPRESSIVE list. Yours should too! Wimp!
11. My post #10 is my response to #5.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.18.13)
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