Fragile alliance
Alon Pinkas
Published: 19.01.13, 11:11
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1. I disagree Alon
Why are you blaming Netanyahu? Obama is an academic (in his own eyes) and is completely out of his depth in the quagmire that is the Middle-East. Your personal politics may be to the left of Likud, but to echo the statements of one of the worst U.S. Presidents is not very creative. Iran is a clear and present danger, and this light-weight Administration is going to allow them to become a Nuclear State. Be careful who you idolize.
2. Obama's critic of Netanyahu is hitting the G-d of Israel!
Jouko ,   Finland   (01.19.13)
Obama should be very careful when making statements about Israeli leaders because Obama might very easily provoke the G-d of Israel. It is G-d Himself that has promised the land of Israel including West Bank to the descendants of Jacob - not PM Netanyahu!
3. The President of the United States
Devorah   (01.19.13)
If it was any other President, even Jimmy Carter, this article might have a smidgen of merit. But Netanyahu is dealing with the Poseur of the United States, a malfunctioning musloid determined to take Israel down along with the U.S. How bad does it have to get before you understand that, Alon Pinkas?
4. we have heard this before
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.19.13)
obama does not trust netanyahu. well, we do not trust obama. he has already made it clear that unless netanyahu will bend to obama's whims and wishes, and unless netnayahu places israel's national security interests at the pleasure of us president obama, then obama will stop supporting israel in the security council.
5. Never Mind
Bill Stein ,   USA   (01.19.13)
Bibi did not interfere hey never mind that President Clinton sent democratic strategist to Ehud Barak in1999 to overthrow Bibi
6. upside down
nva ,   jerusalem   (01.19.13)
Alon Pinchas's description is hafook. Obama is the arrogant one not Bibi. Obama's best interests ARE NOT Israel's. Obama's best interest is the freedom of the Muslim Brotherhood to do it's thing. (Note Mali, Egypt, Libya etc) When the President of the US changes the rules of the game and supports terrorism, KOL HAKAVOD to Bibi to stand strong. Bibi has never ever spoken against Obama. He has only held his own ground. You call that arrogance. I call it courage.
7. What makes Obama such an expert?
tiki ,   belgium   (01.19.13)
"It doesn't mean that Netanyahu isn't right about the issues at hand". If that's the case, the president of the US should cherish the advise and not critisize because he has a personality problem with the elected PM of Israel. Obama will be gone in 3.5 years, but Israels problems with it's hatefull neighbours, who want nothing less than Israel's demise, won't.
8. We need help
Yoav ,   Tel Mond   (01.19.13)
So I need a bit of help now, probably from Mr Pinkas.....who do you think I should vote for? who is President Husain Obama want me to vote for, oveiously not for Netanyahu, right? Another small thing to consider, Husain Obama will be there for 4 years, we will be here forever......
9. People are forgetting...
Avner ,   Tel aviv   (01.19.13)
That israel already became a burden to any person who wishes to be US president. People grew tired of our problems, more so now that there house is not in order. Ideologically im with bibi, but i dont think he should continue another term, the world hate us already, bibi throws oil to the fire. He wants to play macho with obama?? I think US support for israel is more important than building where he is not supposed to build. I will vote mofaz, dont think he is a great politician but he understand that american support is of utter importance, and he is not obsessed with Iran.
10. Sad to say, but Bibi has to deal with a dangerous man...
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.19.13)
and a downright liar and thug. He is a danger to both the US and Israel.
11. #1 Obama is NOT one of the worst presidents, not even close
Sol ,   Champaign   (01.19.13)
You obviously know nothing of american history or politics.
12. two different reasons to vote netanyahu
miriam ,   eilat   (01.19.13)
one-you trust netanyahu as your PM., you vote for him. two-if you only realise husein's genaral target and specialy israel's , as a jew you are obliged to vote netanyahu .
13.  wrong!
oded ,   usa   (01.19.13)
your entire premise is false and wrong, alon. any other pm would have capitulated to this vehement anti - israel "preisdent'. just look at obama's record, his advisors and overall policies towards israel. it is not bibbi's fault that israel and the usa are being micromanaged bythe most unqualified man to voice any opinion on m.e politics.
14. Everyone who has ever saw you on T.V. knows you're a leftist
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (01.19.13)
15. The US needs Israel more than Israel needs the US!!!
Taz Man ,   USA   (01.19.13)
God's foreign policy: Genesis 12:1-3! Enough said from these godless heathens like Obama. Israel WILL be just fine; the US is the country that is being destroyed by the judgments' of God. It's flagrant disregard for God's will and for His chosen people; also, its rampant sin, as pushed by Obama's socialistic agenda! The US' social ills will destroy it--period!!!
16. Two corrections:
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.19.13)
1. “the American president, who was elected by a coalition of voters who have no interest in Israel”: wrong Recent polls have shown that 60%-70% of Americans support Israel. 2. “US' dependence on oil from the Middle Easy is almost non-existent.”: wrong again Although US dependence on ME oil is decreasing, it still has a long way to go to be non-existent. 3. If Mr. Pinkas is so wrong on these two basic points, how correct is the rest of his article?
17. Excellent article...
Kim ,   Near, but not far   (01.19.13)
...to be followed, of course, by the predictable responses of talkbackers who have their heads buried in the sand and can't see the inevitable outcome of blowing Israel's last (and most important) alliance. It's this arrogance that will doom Israel, the same kind of arrogance that has doomed other nations. Much like nationalist Serbs who didn't listen to criticism, or white South Africans, so the far right of Israel will cause Israel to be completely isolated, with crippling sanctions on its economy, and the indictment of Israeli leaders by an international court. And the outcome will be the same for Israel as it was for Serbia and South Africa. How sad that Israelis aren't wise enough to figure this out.
18. pinkas
alexi   (01.19.13)
pinkus, rabin , barak all liistened to amercian presidents and it got israel oslo and death. US needs israel's idf and landing rights as much as the other way around. so obama does not like bibi. So what and big deal. howmany reliable miilitarily strong friends does the US have. Pinkas, you are a pathetic peres deciple. its time for israel to grow up and stop running around begging obama. That is a worse threat to israeli sovereginty than anything else.
19. Bibi has neutered himself
StevieT ,   USA   (01.19.13)
He has NO political capital left with the US. If you do not think this is BIG news, think again. He is useless to Israel.
20. Historical and modern times: similarities
Tom W ,   USA   (01.19.13)
During Roman times there were many Jews who switched allegiances and joined Vespasian-Titus legions. The most notable was Josephus Flavius who wrote about the "Jewish War" (De bello Judaico). Medieval times created the "Court Jews" who were more loyal to their feudal masters than to their own brethren.... During the Bolshevik era "Yevsektziya" Jews (Communist Party members) opposed the Zionists calling them as "bourgeois nationalists". The Judenrat (Jewish council) operated in the ghettos where they were entrusted with supporting the SS - organizing the deportations. The Jewish KAPOS in the camps were willing collaborators whose brutality was on par withe the SS guards. So there will be always some people among us who join our mortal enemies driven by ideology or personal gains or self hate. The first documented self-hater was Karl Marx who expressed his disdain for his Jewish roots: "On the Jewish Question 1843"
21. Excellent and TRUE article
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (01.19.13)
We should all listen as we vote. Mr. Netanyahu is endangering the democratic State of Israel.
22. This Administration
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (01.19.13)
The nomination of Chuck Hagel clearly defines this administration's policy and attitude toward Israel. Anyone who thinks otherwise is part of history's collection of fools.
23. An American POV: Netanyahu is a liar & thieve. israel is ar
American POV   (01.19.13)
arrogant, greedy nation. israel has no desire for peace because they are already siezing land inch by inch. It would be in America's interest to drop israel like a bag of garabe.
24. Great except for one line ...
Ed ,   USA   (01.19.13)
"This is why the American president, who was elected by a coalition of voters who have no interest in Israel, feels comfortable expressing his opinion." In this one line, Mr. Pinkas misses an important point. Mr. Obama was elected not by people who have no interest in Israel. This is a misread of the current situation in the USA. Mr. Obama was elected by people who care deeply about Israel, but share the view that the current govt is running Israel into an abyss. Having the courage to state the obvious is why Mr. Obama is now re-elected and able to speak honestly about a friend. Good luck to Israel in the elections, I pray that good and capable leadership finally is the result.
25. #11. Obama's full time job is destroying America.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.19.13)
#11. Destroying America is Obama's full time job. Just look at unemployment, foreclosure, deficits...every objective statistic. Everything has gone way downhill since Obama's 2008 inauguration. Obama is one of, if not, the worst U.S. Presidents ever. Obama's full time job is destroying America. His part time job is attacking Israel.
26. With friends like this
Daniel ,   Netherlands   (01.19.13)
The writer is quiet right. The Prime minister should agree to return all the lands to make all of our neighbors and allies happy and satisfied and make the state of Israel the size Disney Land. Then he should let go and allow Iranians make nukes, because after that they we will change their mind about destruction of the Jewish state. These are words fools whom just 70 years had half of their population murdered.
27. Israel's suicidal bubble
Avramele   (01.19.13)
When one of the country's most effective diplomats speak readers should have the humility to stop with their name calling for a moment and think what he has to say. American support for Israel is based not on shared values but on ignorance of how reactionary the values of the present governing Israeli coalition has become. Do you think America gladly supports the absence of civil marriage, second class treatment of Arabs, The rabbinates assault on women and reproductive rights, Feiglin and Benett's contempt for democracy, a one state apartheid like solution to the conflict with the Palestinians?
28. pretty clear
rm ,   Amsterdam NL   (01.19.13)
Obama and Nethanjahu have no patience for one another. This is mostly bad news for Israel though Israel is nowadays arrogant enought to think otherwise...Wean yourself of American money, than you have the right to do as you please and talk about the US president as you please...
29. Obama taking America off the scent
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (01.19.13)
Obama's agenda , created by mentors as Jeremy Wright and like folk who hate America, demands he distracts to enable maximum damage through creating new facts before discovery and impeachment
30. Dont forget Iran who Obama supports
Yisrael ,   Chai   (01.19.13)
Iran is the worst terrorist here and Obama is letting Iran build weapons. Obama is bent upon destroying Israel. His evilness is unbelievable. Vote Netanyahu if you have some basic sense left in you.
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