Palestinians: Apartheid state if Netanyahu wins
Associated Press
Published: 19.01.13, 09:54
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1. Abbas just another ME despot in a cheap suit
Steve   (01.19.13)
Hey, at least Israel is holding elections. What about Abbas, who the hell proclaimed him president for life?
2. Face it.Pals dont want anything less than whole Israel.
Alan ,   SA   (01.19.13)
3. Palestinians calling for 1 state because Abbas does nothing
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (01.19.13)
Yes Mr. Abbas, "there are Palestinians who are now calling for the one-state solution, because they no longer see the two-state solution viable," because you have wasted 4 years with no negotiations
4. the one state solutioncan be good
Jochai Rubinstein ,   Israel   (01.19.13)
does not have to be so bad for israel, provided Arabs are willing to integrate into Israeli society, rather then trying to destort it. If they don't integrate they kill the goose laying golden eggs. that raises them above their medieval situation.Apartheid means how arabs will treat Jews.
5. Aren't you people hilarious)))
HaifaGuy   (01.19.13)
You are warning us against yourselves saying if we want democracy we'd better split away from you folks. What a rare moment of unintended frankness. Why thank you; yet it's something we've known for decades: you are a bunch of cavedwellers with only one true agenda- keep the ME in Middle Ages. We, the true masters of this tiny strip of coast, are the obstacle because most of us refuse to submit, thus rendering oursleves as bad dhimmis. Ok, all cynicism aside, the nineties are gone, we no longer fear your bullying, you are no longer a demographic threat as we are surpassing your birthrates, the tables have turned and the time is NOT on your side. Stop blackmailing us and the rest of the world, focus on improving your lives rather than destroying ours. The latter won't work, anyway, you've tried many a time. Watch Pat Condell. Salam.
6. One state and one gun and one vote for all, for security!
Ken ,   Burma at Peace   (01.19.13)
Brothers living side by side, (don't like it, leave).
7. All Arab/Muslim countries use Apartheid against minorities
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (01.19.13)
One example is In Egypt where the Coptic Christians face persecution and Apartheid. Apartheid is the norm in Arab/Muslim societies. The Pal/Arabs have the nerve to say if Netanyahu is elected there will be Apartheid .
8. There are apparently no limits to Arab Chuzpa!
Zoany Elamy   (01.19.13)
Asolutely mind boggling!!! After they turn down every single generous proposal by our naïve and gullible prime ministers (Rabin, Barak, Olmert), and manage to fool American gullible Presidents (Carter, Clinton, Bush, Obama) they continue without shame to propagate their lies to obtain more funds for their failing agenda and this time intended for the ears of the remaining European dupes and knuckle heads. Thank God, the people of Israel will stand strong in face of these blatant lies and attempts to gain sympathy from the idiots of the world. The majority of the people know who to vote for, no matter what is portrayed in the media.. Hold on tight and wait for 22/1/2013!
9. Two-state solution was a paper-tiger from the beginning!
Jouko ,   Finland   (01.19.13)
Even a child could perceive - but not international leaders - that a Palestinian state on a Biblical Judea and Samaria is just an illusion!
10. FYI obama is NOT King of Israel
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.19.13)
his 'kingdom' of focus and power is dispersed by bigger fish to fry, The BUDGET, the DEBT, JOBS, security for American troops, who Iran is paying to murder our GI's. ( and aslo pay the pals along with the Saudi's ) The pals mistakenly think that somehow, magically, obama is the sole ruler, policeman, and final arbiter of Israel's affairs. He is not. Israel will NOT take orders from pals via, obama, the Saudi's, no body. Why should they? All they have to do is, BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!!!! By building, Israel determines her own future for herself, not by some paid pro muslim flunky who can't even get along with the Senate or Congress when it comes to proper governance. JUST KEEP BUILDING DON'T STOP. !!!!
11. Apartheid in South Africa
Ivan ,   South Africa   (01.19.13)
Was a black and white issue firstly, not a Jewish or Muslim problem.The Palestinians should look at them selves befor using this word Apartheid..
12. I actually wasted a minute of my life to read this
Rotem ,   IL   (01.19.13)
13. to#5 Well,I have to admit that your points are very valid(
exUK ,   TEl Aviv   (01.19.13)
14. Move On...Please!
M Carr ,   Baltimore, USA   (01.19.13)
"We believe the two-state solution is still possible, but Netanyahu and his current and upcoming coalition are killing this solution, they...will be intensifying the buildings in the settlements, and they have no peace platform," Ishtayeh said. Netanyahu is “killing” this solution? That thing has been dead almost from the moment of conception! Can we move on to something else …Please?!
15. It's O.K.; what's the problem?!?
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (01.19.13)
We'll have a single state where we'll eventually have to grant the Palestinians full citizenship. That will cause friction and poverty with secular Jewish Israelis emigrating. Sooner or later Israel will lose a Jewish majority, and we'll then spend another two thousand years wandering through hagault being at the mercy of every two-bit anti-Semite out there. And all because this idiot and a bunch of chickenhawks on the East Coast refused to engage in a process designed to carve up a meaningful Palestinian state in the West Bank... - because, you know, "god" really cares what color is the flag that flutters over that speck of land. *sigh*
16. What the Palestinians want
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (01.19.13)
I must have missed it...what did the Palestinians say they were willing to do for this two state solution? Give up the right of return? Re-write their children's textbooks filled with hate towards Israel and Jews? Acknowledge that Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people? Give up trying to split Jerusalem so that they get all the Jewish holy sites as their Capitol? Stop siding with Hamas in their mantra of "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free?" The only reason Obama won is that there is a demographic shift in the American electorate that believes we can continue to spend ourselves out of debt in order to have social programs we can't afford right now. It's a "gimme gimme" mentality. Doesn't have a thing to do with Israel and the Middle East. Any time the American people wake up in the morning and see that in places like Algeria hostages have been taken they know its not some radical Israeli group demanding release of terrorists who murder or maim Americans.
17. #3
The reason there have been no negotiations is that every time that Abbas comes to the peace table, Netantahu or some one in his government announces plans to build thousands of new homes in settlements on land that is not Israeli. Every time. This is done deliberately by Israel to stall so that they can claim more land and they hope that they will break the Palestinians spirit so that they will leave, and Israel like a vulture will assume control of this land and build on it. I have news for you lot-you will not win. Free Palestine.
18. I'm not familiar with Israel but
Marcie ,   Michigan   (01.19.13)
my sister got into a car accident that almost killed her. she had 2 operations and the 2nd one was botched and she was never going to walk again. we weren't able to afford some of the next surgeons in NY. an Israeli friend of my mom was able to get a free procedure done at a hospital in Jerusalem. these surgeons saved her life and she's now starting to walk again. ever since then I've been very interested in Israeli culture, history and politics. after doing research I've discovered that the Palestinians have been offered 3 times a peace agreement from Israel and they were rejected. how come I never hear anyone bring that up in discussions. everytime I read articles here it's always about Israel not wanting peace. from what I've learned Abbas was offered a peace agreement from the last prime minister. I think it was either ehud olmert or barak, can't remember which one. my question to anyone that's more familiar, is that true? were the Palestinians offered a peace agreement a few years ago? and why did abvas reject it and is now saying that time is running out if he could have accepted it? because I'm confused, because if it did happen, how can abbas be saying what he's saying? and why does no one mention Israel has offered peace? when I was in Israel it was a really warm caring country. I was afraid at first because of always heading apartheid, and I'm African American. and I even saw black residents living in Israel. why is things about Israel misrepresented? and why did abbas reject peace before If what I read was true and he was offered peace? because reading this it sounds like he really wants peace. and every Israeli I met always said they would lovepeace if they could get it. thanks in advance
19. Apartheid state ? Suits me just fine
DT ,   TA Israel   (01.19.13)
especially as the Palestinians will not recognise Israel and want it's total destruction
20. to Eric #4...Oh Come on Eric
exUK ,   TEl Aviv   (01.19.13)
Be honest.Whether it is because Netanhayu firmly believes that any peace move by Abbas is only a first step to wanting Israel off the map,and whether he is correct to think this or not,our PM has no intention of ever having a 2 state solution anyhow..He went to the UN to say the opposite in order to 'pre-empt Abbas' try for recognition for a state.He knows full well,that there can be no negotiations over the west bank so long as we continue to build on it,AND time the announcement of those intentions to cause the maximum impact to the Palestinian Arabs and to the rest of the world.He is totally intent on keeping the status quo by military strength alone.Any criticism of Israel's direction in this scenario brings forth the same retort."You are antsemitic...aself hating Jew etc.He will not recognise that there is a difference between being critical of Zionist policy and being antisemitic.(There surely IS) If Jewish people in Uk and USA didn not care about the future of Israel,they would not even bother to form J Street or make comments as a parent would do to a wayward child..Whether the Arabs ever had any intention of accepting a 2 state solution or not,our government has made sure that it would be impossible anyway,then they sit back and blame the other side.
21. 2 State Solution
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (01.19.13)
State 1 - Israel from River Jordan to Med Sea. State 2 - Jordan and the land that is not needed for security purposes plus Jordan becomes the State Of Palestine. Mr Abbas is appointed as PM for the state of palestine by King Abdullah untill proper democtratic constitutional elections are held in Jordan/Palestine to determine its final way of government (King or President). Gaza either becomes independant of Joins Egypt. The arabs in Israel are given equal rights if loyal citizens to the Jewish State of Israel otherwise financially compensated and asked to leave.
22. Apartheid!?
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.19.13)
Where Israeli arabs and Jews go to the same hospitals, see the same doctors? Where arabs vote, are represented in the knesset and sit on the Supreme Court? Where the wall is a direct answer to terrorism, suicide bombers from the WB? Where Israel withdrew from Gaza and is rewarded with rockets and mortars? Even South African blacks have condemned the use of the word apartheid in relation to Israel as it detracts from what they went through in SA; Israel pales (to the extreme) in comparison.
23. PA has called Israel an aparteid State for years!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (01.19.13)
The statement, "Israel could end up an apartheid style state", is something that the PA and it's sympathizers have been calling Israel for decades. So why mention it now? "Time for the two State solution is running out" ? Very perceptive of the PA to now recognize something that happened years ago. The two State solution went the way of dinosaurs and everybody in political circles knows it and so do journalists. Abu Mazen doesn't want any Jews in his new State and there are over 500,00 of them in the West Bank and they won't be going anywhere. Why won't they? 9,000 Israelis were uprooted from Gaza and it was the biggest Army operation since the Yom Kippur war and it took 10 days. So who would move 500,000 people and where would they go to?
24. Netanyahu builds only in locations stay within israel's side
avi   (01.19.13)
Netanyahu builds only in locations stay within israel's side according to the Road Map agreement that Abbas signed.
25. Jewish Majority
Zechariah   (01.19.13)
There will not be an Arab majority Gaza is Eygptian and no Jihadi or Fatah-baath will be allowed permanent residence in Eretz Yisroel.The world of Islam rejected the Partition Plans before 1939 and refused en masse sanctuary for European Jews in the Islamic world even under Dhimmi.
26. How many times I have to tell them . . .
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (01.19.13)
That there is a (2) State >>>NOW, they have it...Israel and Jordan. I even think that the Qween is Palestinian...Ayaya Maria ! Please G-D help them to understand. Shabbat Shalom from Utah, GAA
27. Pal negotiation tactics are laughable
Joe Fraser   (01.19.13)
1) don't negotiate with Bibi under any circumstances 2) when completely unreasonable demands are not met, cry apartheid and extol the one state solution. Funny how now that it is evident Bibi will be back, we are discussing #2 (fig.) again. With no negotiation, you get S.tow H.igh I.n T.ransit
28. Very few believe these serial liars
Joe Fraser   (01.19.13)
Pal Storytelling and projection may work with an uneducated population, but it is clearly not mesmerizing the North American or Israeli public.
29. As you may recall PLO Charter
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (01.19.13)
demanded the destruction of Israel, Arafat agreed to remove that particular clause, at Oslo, more than 20 years ago THE CLAUSE REMAINS UNTIL THIS VERY DAY
30. Jew Free state if Netanyahu should lose
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (01.19.13)
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