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Official: Iran won't stop uranium enrichment
Associated Press
Published: 19.01.13, 11:54
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MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.19.13)
To make it look as though Iran had ever agreed to halt enrichment.So far as its right is concerned,Iran had,in the first place,never ever agreed to halt the enrichment at all.From the various articles one reads it is becoming more apparent that some countries are looking for one excuse after the other to undermine Iran's legitimate right to enrich uranium for civil use.The whole crap started with the laptop revelation and has now acquired different accusations.
2. Please don't scare the little children...
Dan ,   --   (01.19.13) know how paranoid they are. Iran has done an excellent job stoking Israeli paranoia and now will win big by getting all sorts of concessions from the West in order to give up something (a nuclear weapon) they really don't want anyway. Iran will win big, all due to Israel constantly crying for the international community to "do something." In the long run, Iran gaining access to the full spectrum of international organizations and being fully welcomed back into the international community, will be much more harmful to Israel's interests than if Israel did nothing and let Iran's 12th century, dysfunctional theocracy fall on its own. Thanks Israel for giving Iran a new lease on life.
3. Iran sure is consistent.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.19.13)
No matter how much they reiterate their consistency with regard to pursuing their nuclear program, the same answer makes the news without fail, as if it is a surprise or breaking news. #1's heading is correct. Iran has the international community going around in circles and they (the international community) love the merry-go-round ride. They keep going back for more and more and more....and.... They feel GOOD that they are "working on the problem". Once work is in progress, everybody can relax and go about their normal business attending to other things that are less weighty.
4. #1 mahmood - going around in a circle
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.19.13)
to make it look like Iran is enriching uranium for civil use only. They cannot explain, and therefore refuse to speak of, the multiple tests of equipment (triggers, rockets, etc.) that have no relevance to civilian use but are directly related to a nuclear bomb. No mention of threats against Israel and the US, and support for terrorism throughout the world. Iran is doing this all the time, trying to convince the world they are innocents while avoiding facts that prove them wrong. It isn’t working. As you are doing, Mahmood, with the same result.
5. ILL INFORMED PEOPLE....................#4
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.19.13)
Like you ned need a lot to read before jumping to conclusion.In your case,however,any attempt to do that will prove fruitless as you are totally inclined to believe what you are exposed to from certain media.No wonder................however, sooner or later you will tend to agree to my point.Good day.
6. Only a fool would expect Iran to give up nukes.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.19.13)
Iran's Mad Mullahs are not about to voluntarily give up on nukes after investing countless billions of dollars to produce them. And while they are so close to making them. Only a fool would expect. that. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
7. Iran needs no nukes, it calculates outliving "Jewish State"
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.19.13)
8. DESTROY these madmen NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.19.13)
9. It's not only the diplomat who says Iran's...
Persian CAT   (01.19.13)
legitimate and constantly monitored nuclear program won't stop. The IRANIAN PEOPLE say that too. It's their RIGHT. Iran's nuclear program is probably the only thing the regime and the people agree on. Therefore it won't go away and Israel needs to realize this fact.
10. Thermonuclear Device & Iran
Justin ,   Edmonton, Canada   (01.19.13)
A nuclear Iran could have a devastating impact on the rest of the world, especially if a nuclear weapon falls into the hands of one of the many terrorist groups Iran associates with. Iran seems to be a people who cannot be reasoned with and that kind of crazy need not have a weapon of mass destruction. For that kind of crazy could ultimately usher in a nuclear war.
11. #9 Are you sure about that?
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.19.13)
When was your last survey? You know what happens if they make statements opposing the regime. So they're really not in a position to do anything but agree with the government. A nuclear program doesn't pay the rent or put food on the table.
12. THE PRIDE OF THE NATION..........#11
MAu seem to HMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.19.13)
Is what the Iranians know.You seem to be in some kind of darkness making you retort like a parrot in almost all your talk-back.Certain policies of the Government may not be to the liking of the entire nation but where else in the world have you noticed that?What about USA itself? When it comes to the defence of Iran,be aware to abondon your constant desire to divide the Iranians.They are resolute and will remain so.
13. Jews everywhere prepare
Zechariah   (01.19.13)
Jews everywhere prepare for a mass attack and the capacity to develop venomous stings is paramount .Give up the rich livelihoods and pour money into military Deterrance to avenge the Holocaust .
14. Nuclear proliferation
Zechariah   (01.19.13)
Nuclear proliferation in the jewish arab conflict will lead to a lot of money being spent on offensive and defensive capability and will lead to starvation and famine in Islamic and Africa.Europe The USA and Russia will become rich as they sell high tech weapons to the starving Islamic masses.Iran has to stop short of the red lines .
15. #12 Now who is the parrot?
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.19.13)
Perhaps we should teach you a few new words since you're not Iranian and get your news from Press TV. You never show any concern for the Iranian people. You back Iran for the spread of Islamic supremacy and it matters not if Iranians suffer in the quest for this goal.
16. #5 mahmood
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.20.13)
Your post addresses none of my points, as you cannot. You avoid facts that prove you wrong. It doesn't work. It is an excellent example of what I wrote. You know the truth, but you refuse to acknowledge it. Thank you for proving my point.
17. Iran & nuclear arms
Get Real ,   UK   (01.20.13)
Whilst they may be taking this stance to eventually gain concessions out of the UN, it does also give Iran the time to continue its drive to develop nuclear weapons. This is something no Israeli leader can leave to chance and must ensure the country is fully perpared for a worst case scenario.
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