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Hatnua: Rabin, Ben Gurion wouldn't vote Labor
Ynet reporters
Published: 19.01.13, 14:50
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1. Egos in the way of a united Center.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.19.13)
These four should be in one party to make an impact in opposition to Netanyahu. As it stands now, their impact will be judged by the ability to keep religious out of the coalition in the next government. Egos of the four leaders were in the way to success in the current campaign. Perhaps they will learn from this failure and unite for the next election? Keeping all the religious parties out of the next government coalition is a bigger and more urgent goal than anything these four promote in their separate programs.
2. Good havens,
Avi ,   Israel   (01.19.13)
how miserable those people are! Poor Israel.
3. mitzna
milson   (01.19.13)
generals usually make lousy decisions as politicians for the sovereignty of the country. such was mitzna's on unilateral on gaza whcih has led to death and impairment of the growth of the south. Like halutz who did not quickly use massive ground forces to choke hezbollah and just frittered away idf soldiers in needless death, mitzna is next to useless very much like livni who basically is a hot blooded woman who yells and screetches and who is olmert in a dress.
4. targeting the wrong party
zionist forever   (01.19.13)
Taking away votes from Labor won't help Livni's influence but take them from Bibi or Lapid it weakens their standing in her favour. Shelly won't be in any rightist collation anyway and attacking her doesn't mean the swing voters will vote for Livni they might decide Labor is no good so they will vote for Lapid or Bibi. Her enemies are the ones to go after especially considering as got only 2 days to campaign now.
5. Golda Meir would be disgusted by Labor today.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.19.13)
"Anyone who attacks Israel should not be surprised when Israel strikes back 7 times as hard". (Golda Meir) There are the words of a proud, strong Zionist. They were stated by the last worthy Labor leader, Golda Meir. Today Labor is a far left, appeasing, simpering disgrace. Its Oslo "peace process" cost Israel tens of thousands of maimed and murdered civilians. And Oslo is only one of Labor's murderous "peace moves with Palestinians" that claimed countless thousands of Jewish lives. Meir would be disgusted by Labor today. She would have nothing to do with this despicable party.
6. Hatnua is not a party. It's Livni's egomania on parade.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.19.13)
Hatnua is not a real political party. It is Livni's egomania on parade. There is no question that it will not exist two elections from now. Livni is one of the most destructive and vile politicians Israel has ever known. She has done nothing but harm Israel throughout her political life.
7. Shmatnua = Yukimovich = Lapid = All Opportunist Losers
Bonbonyera ,   IL   (01.19.13)
They stand for nothing and will achieve even Less.
8. I doubt if BG or Rabin would speak with Livni
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.20.13)
A two faced turn coat who ruined Kadima, seriously, can we believe that BG, Rabin or anyone with a head would vote for her!
9. they would not vote for u either.
sue   (01.20.13)
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