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Algerian assault ends crisis, 23 hostages dead
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Published: 19.01.13, 22:34
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1. But wait! No howling from HRW about disproportionate force?
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.19.13)
If Israel did what the Algerians did to free Schalit or any hostages taken by terrorists, HRW and the international community would be howling and screaming at Israel! Now, all they are saying is that Algeria bungled. One standard for Israel and another for everybody else. So, Israel has to PROTECT its enemies while everybody else can DEAL with the enemy however they see fit...and Israeli civilians are of no consequence whatsoever in the scheme of things. Would you believe...Balestinian terrorists are sacred above all terrorists?
les ,   canada   (01.19.13)
TO THE ALGERIANS! this is the ONLY way to handle a situation like that. those animals will take no more hostages, unlike the shalit gang and others.
3. a few more dead hostages
tiki ,   belgium   (01.19.13)
That doesn't make the difference, as long as the gas plant gets freed.
4. It'll be a while...
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (01.19.13)
before the world understands the Algerian method of terrorist eradication, nobody helped them when they were fighting the scourge and they remembered that, They had no reason to put on kid gloves, but in the end, the old adage goes "you knew the job was dangerous when you took it ". These lucrative high paying jobs aren't the safest in the world as any 'contractor' can tell you. It's no secret that the militants are after what they suspect as the soft underbelly of western society, and there are always disloyal employees that will betray western interests for a little dope or money. The Algerian response was the correct one in that most of the hostages were rescued and all the remaining terrorists killed. It will also be a while before any group attacks that particular plant again. My condolences to the families that lost loved ones. The greedy exploiters of natural resources should pony up for damages to the relatives. Shalom Israel, Rob
5. Mrs. Clinton wakes up
ASTRONAUT ,   ME, USA   (01.19.13)
and calls this an act of "Terrorism!" Good Morning, Mrs. Clinton, we've missed you.
6. Thank you to Algerians.This is correct way to handle Terros!
Alan ,   SA   (01.19.13)
connie mack ,   camden   (01.19.13)
So sorry about the tragic loss of life. We may not stand here in judgement of the Algerian Government, police and armed forces. It is just too easy to condemn, indict and castigate. Yet, would it surprise us if / when former Likud, Kadima member and current Hatnua member Ms. Tzipi Livni together with ace reporter Jeffrey Goldberg quote some high ranking Israel supporting head of state as declaring that fanatic islamist terrorists would not attack peace loving Algerian citizens if Netanyahu would be polite, forthcoming, flexible, reasonable, generous, benign and conciliatory to the Palestinian leaders and their demands. Ms. Livni and Mr. Olmert left Likud to join Kadima and disengage from Katif. The Moslem world loves them and would do anything - almost - to get them back into positions of influence and politcal power like perhaps Foreign Minister or even Prime Minister. Voters !!! Keep that in mind.
8. Who gave them the guns?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.20.13)
Where did Al Qaeda get their guns? Libya you say? You mean it was stupid to depose Gadaffi because all you got in return is starving Libyans and well-armed Jihadists? Will Obama now admit that his decision to depose Gadaffi was stupid?
9. Answer to #8: Qatar
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