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Bennett lashes out at Netanyahu
Yuval Karni
Published: 19.01.13, 21:42
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1. The national religious public
Zechariah   (01.19.13)
The national religious public is great but needs to stop provocations at this time and agree to slow settlements at this time in history pushing history too far.They need control their exuberance after all they cannot escape that Israel is militarily very powerful and the drain of settlement expansion has to be postponed till the Arabs self destruct and reveal the face of jihadi and Fatah Ba'ath extremism .
2. Netanyahu should embrace Bennett...
Steve Klein   (01.19.13)
PM should embrace Naftali Bennett and take him "under his wing" so to speak; groom him. Teach him what is good; not what is bad such as uprooting Jewish families from our land. Prime Minister Netanyahu should understand, young land-of-Israel idealists (Zionists) like Bennett and his supporters are Israel's future. Please Mr. Prime Minister. Do not do this to Israel's future young leaders.
3. Mr. Bennett is 100% correct
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa Israel   (01.20.13)
Sadly, I am disappointed by Prime Minister Netanyahu, a man I admire greatly; a true hero of Israel. Mr. Netanyahu has done a great job as Prime Minister, (even though I disagree with some of his policies and stances). BUT his attacks on Naftali Bennett are baseless and immoral, in particular his attack on Mr. Bennet's comments regarding a soldier's right to refuse to evict Jews from their homes; this was wrong. Mr. Netanyahu is good when he doesn't imitate the vile behaviour of people like Livni or Olmert.
4. Netanyahu wins, Women Lose
Sarah ,   Jerusalem   (01.20.13)
WOMEN will be SECOND CLASS CITIZENS Where are Israeli women from the elections? Are they not aware that if the Likud wins majority seats and Netanyahu is Prime Minister, he will push for policies that make women second class citizens? Did we forget that the Likud is in the pocket of the Ultra Orthodox camp? Did we forget that they want to ban women from singing? This will be the first thing they get rid of. Soon, they will ban women from mixing with men at the bus stop. Afterwards, they will ban women from walking in public places without a husband or a brother just like Saudi Arabia. They will eventually ban women from making decisions that concern their bodies. Women will no longer have the right to decide whether to have an abortion after a rape, or need permission to have a tattoo or an ear piercing. It seems the Likud candidates and the Islamists are two faces to the same coin.
5. Shame on BIBI. Bennett will get MY VOTE.........
Sarah ,   Jerusalem   (01.20.13)
The national religious and English speakers have had enough of dirty tricks and liar Bibi Netanyahu.
6. I agree with No. 4
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (01.20.13)
7. Sara to the Rescue
Mark ,   Israel   (01.20.13)
Don't worry. After the election Sara Netanyahu will make sure that the two of them kiss and make up and form a coalition.
8. #4:Oh for Pete's sake Sarah, stop being such hysterical babe
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.20.13)
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