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Rabbi: Habayit Hayehudi 'a party of goyim'
Akiva Novick
Published: 19.01.13, 23:28
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1. It is difficult to respect Ovadia Yosef
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa   (01.19.13)
His comments are shallow and mean, his disciples racist; I try but it is difficult to see how his ideas and statements are based on our Torah.
2. Thanks yussuf (friggin' clown) we'll do the exact opposite
P'd off yid ,   South of tel aviv-Is   (01.20.13)
if he's a goy in your eyes then Bennett must be a tzaddik. Its precisely this finger pointing and calling Jews with different kippot than yours goyim that makes people both secular and religious want to vomit. Not to worry though cause' no one is voting for your stupid party of crooks anyways while you and your haredi buddies slip into non-relevance. I'll be sure to vote Habayit Hayehudi where they dont point fingers at other yidden with different kippot.
3. oh my
uli ,   Jerusalem   (01.20.13)
so sad...
4. Ahavat Chinam or Sinat Chinam?
uli ,   Jerusalem   (01.20.13)
5. Shas has been campaigning in Arab towns
Mark   (01.20.13)
and making all kinds of promises. They count on those votes and they are expected to deliver. Draw your own conclusions.
6. Habayit Ha"yehudi" is goyim 100%
Yehuda Gedalyahu ,   Mevasseret Zion   (01.20.13)
They are led by a tycoon who only seek to have influence to benefit to farmers who live in Judea and Samaria ... disguised as peasants and claim to be religious. Not interested in religion only live like kings. The Jews lived in the Torah and mitzvot .... goyim nationalism, even the Nazis and the Arabs are nationalists.Do not vote for the goyim "leumim".
7. Shas needs to grow up
Cipora Julianna Kohn   (01.20.13)
8. the Rabbi is right
raymond ,   israel   (01.20.13)
Israel is going down the drain due to the decline of torah observance. It is a country living on miracles since its inception. What will happen whn the nation turns away from God? God's protection will decrease. This at a time when our enemies are consolidating forces to plan our destruction. dont think the Israeli toy army has succeeded so far due to its strength. It succeeded thanks to the merit of torah. how sad that commenters here are ridiculing this great rabbi
9. Good enough for me
Michael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.20.13)
I'd vote for Bennet just because it pisses off this neanderthal chauvinist pig.
10. Response to # 4
Sagi   (01.20.13)
Sinat Hinam, translation, unfounded hatred, baseless hatred or hatred without reason. Why use this term when the man and his cohorts give ample grounds for hatred, every day.
11. #6 - I doubt any religious person not tempted by money
Eyal ,   usa israel   (01.20.13)
Unfortunately non of us, including you and Rabbi Ovadia are perfect. If Benet wins, it would be better than the left any day. Please don't play this angel that you aren't. If Benet's campaign require Goy money, who also view what you view, including the settlements, who also fight for Jews in America, including fighting with Obama..than be it.
12. #Raymond - If our enemies are planning
Rachel ,   US   (01.20.13)
Israel's destruction, why doesn't the rabbi help secure the land? Why doesn't the rabbi encourage his flock to contribute to pay the bills instead of putting his hands in the pockets of working Israelis?
13. $has are political prostitutes.
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (01.20.13)
$has running scared with that crook Deri at it's helm.
14. @ 8
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (01.20.13)
Are you joking? Your quotes are more than enough to drive people away from the Torah. Do you really believe that praying to god will keep you safe from your enemies? If you do, then you people live in a fantasy land. You people are a bunch of brainwashed fanatics who are a small fry minority that is trying to control a majority with your primitive and outrageous thinking. Freedom of religion and live and let live should be the way to go. Why should I not be able to ride a bus or train on the Sabbath because of some religious nut? Will that same nut try to prevent me from driving my car as well? I don't think so. I personally believe that all of that head bending has knocked something loose upstairs with you people.
15. Hey, know you lost this one.
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (01.20.13)
Good riddance, at last we will have a renewed pride in our Knesset, without Shas to bring it down to a level of petty irrelevant arguments.
16. In my birth country,civil marriage...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.20.13)
only was possible,but most Jews chose religious marriage, to avoid problems for their children.
17. #1 Why because he is talking about Halacha?
TzVi   (01.20.13)
"Conversion" and who is and who is not Jewish is not for the secularists or the government to decide, it is only up to and in the hands of the Torah and Torah scholars.
18. Lots of erev ravs still live among Jews.......
Asher ,   NY,USA   (01.20.13)
19. $ha$$$ - A party of crooks looking for more MONEY.....!!!!!!
Don't vote for.....   (01.20.13)
Even Ovadia Yosef is guilty of bribery. Bayit Yehudi is honest, religious and ZIONIST. What more can you ask for?
20. a party of goyim?
Nick ,   Den Haag Holland   (01.20.13)
What a crap, in Holland we call this shooting in your own foot.
21. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef questions
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (01.20.13)
Wow that is the best endorsement so far from any religious leader in the country. One begins to wonder where Rav Ovadia gets his information from obviously from the small minded Shas underlings who feed the Rav half-truths and out and out lies. The truth of the matter is the moment all the parties began bad-mouthing HaBayit Hayehudi was the moment we should all realize that they feared them and saw them finally gaining the recognition and backing they deserved. Hang in there Naftali.
22. Read the Halacha on Conversion
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa Israel   (01.20.13)
Nowhere does the Halacha demand that Torah scholars or even rabbis be present or involved in Conversion.
23. bennet gets my vote ... just one more reason I will support
naftules ,   jerusalem   (01.20.13)
his party
24. we wish...
nadav ,   tlv   (01.20.13)
unfortunately, Bayhit Yehudit believes in the same superstitious medieval Orthodox none sense which will forever enslave the majority of none orthodox jews to their absurd, ridiculous laws, i.e. no civil marriage and no transportation on saturdays (which hurts the poo the most, who don't have personal cars to travel on saturday when needed)
25. He is Rav or politician?
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (01.20.13)
26. #8 Raymond
JDE ,   Boston, USA   (01.20.13)
"What will happen whn the nation turns away from God? God's protection will decrease." Mighty insecure God you have there. "This at a time when our enemies are consolidating forces to plan our destruction." The Haredim are the enemies of Israel. They will be its destruction.
27. you made my decsion easier
pauline ,   jerusalem   (01.20.13)
comments like Harav Ovadias make my decision to vote for Habayit Hayehudi that much easier. It is exactly their kind of rjewish home I want to see in this country . Habayit Hayehudi preaches tolerance and openmindness. within the framework of Halacha. t rejects small mindeness and fear tactics and preaching. You definitely get my vote
28. Shas Shmas
Geepee ,   Tel Aviv   (01.20.13)
With only one sclerotic brain cell between this trio of stone age cave dwellers, they share a Ph.D (cum laude) in Mindless Ignorance.
29. $ha$$ is a party of criminals
Yehiel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.21.13)
Obadia Yosef is a fool and Shas is a party of corrupt criminals who only care for the money they steal from all of us.
30. What A Country!
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.22.13)
Only in Israel can an idiot like this religious kook Yosef get a national audience. In any civilised country he would be declared persona non grata.
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