Rabbi Bakshi-Doron's trial begins
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 20.01.13, 10:54
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1. The poor quality of leadership in Israel be it in
Al   (01.20.13)
the political arena or in the civilian arena is mind-numbing. Your poor leadership reflects you as a society and as a people. I cannot believe that the Jews of Israel are so dumb as to accept this dreck as their leaders. You are indeed a ghetto people. 65 years of statehood and you are still slaves. Truly pathetic.
2. #1
Desmond ,   Dimona, Israel.   (01.20.13)
Sure we have some problems in Israel, just like you do in America. You seem to forget that somewhere over the rainbow we all expect to find something good. Perhaps you are just too old and grumpy to retain such optimism. Remember, old age aint for sissies.
3. fair public trial
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.20.13)
I look forward to a fair and open public trial. May the justice prevail.
4.  UNFAIR TIMING [before elections]
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.20.13)
5. 1 Al,I 'd rather hear from you...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.20.13)
smart constructive criticism.
6. Rabbi Bakshi-Doron's trial
Michail ,   Haifa   (01.20.13)
What took you so long? What about the entire system that hands over to these folks the hard working people's money?
7. so that they may be eligible for a pay raise.
split ,   US   (01.20.13)
Born con-artists, at least in Israel they're ripping off each other ;) How much did he get in kickbacks for his "service"? ,...
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