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Shelly Yachimovich, everywoman
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 20.01.13, 19:38
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1. anybody would think shelly told him what to ask
zionist forever   (01.20.13)
That interview appeared to be so rigged in favour of asking Shelly all the questions she wanted him to ask to put across her point as a simple woman of the people and how being rich is bad and you can't be in touch with the people if your rich. Was more like a chance to promote Shellys image that a serious interview.
2. I like her. She seems very nice; gracious even.
Steve   (01.20.13)
I just hope she does not become prime minister or responsible for making critical policies in Israel.
3. besides the nice tour, what else does she offer?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.20.13)
She may live a very modest life and look great on camera, but we need a leader who can take us through a very rough and ugly time with our Arab neighbors and European and American allies (?). Can she do this? It is on this point that I make my decision when I vote, not who can cook better or look good for the cameras.
4. Everywoman
joan hillel ,   ramat aviv   (01.20.13)
If she feels so passionately about the poor, perhaps she can follow NYC Mayor Bloomberg's example and take only $l/year salary and ride the buses to work!
5. Shelly Y.
Dov ,   Dimona.   (01.21.13)
She is a great imposter, afraid to express her true extreme left beliefs. To hell with her humbuggery.
6. policies
john ,   toronto   (01.21.13)
Like the policies which are made now, they have not made Israel safe or secure.
7. Yachimowich
David Oved ,   Jerusalem , Israel.   (01.21.13)
Sure did screw up things for labours chances. Didnt let any of the young and talented members on the list talk, pretended not to be a left wing party, ignored the Palestinian issue. Such a phony. Hope that she is changed soon after the elections because she does not offer the main things needed of a leader| ie tell the truth, give directio and offer hope.
8. Being a "normal" person doesn't make you qualified to be PM!
Riva ,   Israel   (01.21.13)
No where is her interview does she demonstrate any background or skills for effective leadership of a country! yes, she knows how to do "sponga" but the prime minister will have to be superhuman to deal with the very real threats to Israel and the division among the Israeli people. it is time for a real leader who will be FAIR, KIND, AND CARING ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL! ...not just one "normal" woman with very narrow minded views.
9. Do you cry?
Jessica ,   Tel Aviv   (01.22.13)
I wonder if he'd ask Bennet or Bibi that question? She's a woman, so I bet she cries all the time! What a crap interview. Seriously, just so amateur. What is the point of this, he couldn't ask any policy questions? This kind of journalism is so poor.
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