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Arab League urges Arab Israelis to go vote
Roi Kais
Published: 20.01.13, 20:51
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1. Its High Time For Israel's Lawyers to Sue for Defamation
My Planet Israel ,   LA-Jerusalem   (01.20.13)
Israel needs to haul these losers into court for their repeated FALSE CLAIMS OF DEFAMATION ('ethnic cleansing!" LOL) and sue them into oblivion. What the heck is the matter with Israeli lawmakers? They haven't done a single thing to combat these racist slobs aside from launching some lame, apologetic commercials and ads which are going nowhere. Sue these people, along with the lying, slanderous BDS'ers. Its gone on long enough and we've directly suffered financial loss as a result. It is ILLEGAL, under international law, do defame a people; these blatant lies and slanderous speeches MUST be met with harsh legal action.
2. Arab clowns!!!
Avner ,   Argentina   (01.20.13)
Now these clowns pretend to care about christians!!! Hypocrites!!!
3. Agree with Arab League but...
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (01.20.13)
The Arab League is 100% right. All Palestinian Israelis must vote. But they must unite as one party to start gaining political power. Clearly voting for Labour as they have traditionally done is no longer the right thing for Palestinian Israelis to do. But voting as one block for one party that represents the interests of Palestinian Israelis would be a very positive game-changer for the democratic State of Israel.
4. Arab league
Airdrone pilot ,   World   (01.20.13)
hey Arab League: Take care of your syrian 'brothers', and true democracy in your 'brothers' countries. Your envy of Israel lower your self esteem, as usual.
5. Real funny! Most of those are Arab dictators and...
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.20.13)
don't even have elections in their own countries. Too funny!
6. 6M Arabs will outnumber 6M Jews from river to sea in future
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.20.13)
7. True Test
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (01.20.13)
This is a true test for Israeli Arabs to see if they enjoy living in freedom and opportunity or if they desire to return to a medieval and barbaric rule of Islamic fascism. If they follow the dictates of the Arab league they vote AGAINST their own interests and for the Arab lie that has destroyed the lives of millions of Arabs that they will destroy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea. This is a watershed vote by Israeli Arabs showing which side they truly support.
8. If Israelis don't want to live in "Khaliphat"...
Jules   (01.20.13)
... please, vote for Likud.
9. article
nigel ,   London   (01.20.13)
how ironic - a bunch of dictators and despots reminding others to vote. Shame they same rules do not apply in their dictatorships.
10. The political right
HaifaGuy   (01.20.13)
wants a Jewish state that considers Arabs a risk for Israel." Yeah? What's your point? Since when is the 5th column not a risk to the country?
11. I love how a group of non democratic nations
are asking to uphold principles of democracy and justice in a non arab country.
12. Can you believe??!!
IMPERATOR ,   USA/ISRAEL   (01.20.13)
The "chutzpah" of the Arab League?! "...stand up to those who violate international law and the principles of democracy and justice." How about imposing those standards in your own backyard. Let's start with you Mr. Al-Arabi, in your role as Head of the League??
13. Arab vote encouraged
Richard Levy ,   Kingston, PA 18704   (01.20.13)
It is ironic when those who call Israel an apartheid state encourage those who are supposedly deprived of their rights to vote in an election that will determine their representatives in the same government they are they are slandering
14. No1 international laws
What a chutzpah !!! When the people like you and Israel will be honoring international laws we'll see about suing them for defamation!!!
15. Arabs Are Experts On Ethnic Cleansing
emanon ,   USA   (01.21.13)
Look at the policies in Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few examples.
16. Violent dictatorships urge for democracy, justice
Avi   (01.21.13)
Pretty rich. Not to mention: "They don't want peace. They want a jewish state that sees arabs as a risk". Coming from the states that consider themselves arab and Islamic, and ethnically cleansed all the jews from their countries and stole all their property. The sad and funny part is that they either don't see it, or see it as legitimate.
17. #13
Israel is branded an apartheid state because Arabs in the West Bank are not allowed to vote in the Israeli elections.
18. #6 Steve Benassi-Wrong again...
Mickey ,   Sydney, Australia   (01.21.13)
According to demographic research, theJewish Israeli birthrate is increasing while the Arab birthrate is decreasing. Also research has shown that the Palestinian authority consistently overstate the Arab population of the WB and Gaza by at least a million.
19. #17-They are not Israeli citizens
Hassan ,   Nazareth, Israel   (01.21.13)
Arabs in the West Bank are not allowed to vote in Israeli elections because they are not Israeli citizen.s The West Bank is not a part of Israeli territory. Allowing the Arabs of the West Bank to vote in Israel elections is like allowing Mexican citizens to vote in US elections. This is not apartheid at all. The West Bank and Gaza Arabs vote in there own elections. That's how the Palestinian authority under Pal President Abbas and Hamas came to be the governments of the West Bank and Gaza. By your mistaken view they are apartheid regimes because they don't allow Israelis to vote in their elections?
20. And why not: you've got Jews voting Meretz?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.21.13)
21. 17
alsky ,   Toronto   (01.21.13)
they are not Israeli citizens, therefore they cannot vote. Try again !
22. To # 17
Airdrone pilot ,   World   (01.21.13)
So let them vote for Jordanian king. It is about time to connect them to Jordan as it should be, Jordan is Palestine, as is jordanian queen. Electricity, water, tax collection, and public services are jordanian duties, as they shold be.
23. Arab league preaching about voting or democracy.What a joke!
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (01.21.13)
"You're the legitimate owners of the land, who protect your mosques, your churches, your Muslim and Christian graves, your history and your soil" do you know around the world who destroyed christian churches most? radical muslims and arabs in the name of allah. what history? Mohammah flying to moon from Moriah? my big fat toe again. show me the verse from koran that state just THAT! IT IS ARABS THAT KILLS MODERN CHRISTIANS IN arab countries the most! in Asia itself, muslims tortured and killed so many local christians in villages, raped the christians ladies to humiliated them, burnt their churches, burnt the Bibles.... don't talk about protect christians in Bethlehem or Jerusalem. Christians lives better life under Israel, not the arabs! those palestinians christians are telling lies if they murmured of sufferings under IDF and dare not reveal how they suffer under the radical arabs around them.
25. more deadly than Hamas are the Arab Israelis ! trust me!
mary_of_bethany ,   singaporer   (01.21.13)
the hamas are openly attacking and killing Jews, everybody knows, whether they agreed openly not..... but the Israelis-arabs kill Israelis-Jews in another manner, they breed ferociously and upset the Jews-majority demography balance, they harass young Jewish teens, they commit crimes right in the heart of Israel, and they bad-mouth Israel as "real witnesses" to naive European reporters and stupid Human rights nuts. and now they want to vote in liberals to shaken Israel Political leadership. one solution: Abbas must absorb all Arab Israelis into their future state in all future Peace-talk, if Israel seriously want any peace within Israel herself. else you will be breeding enemies within you, it simply committing suicide!
26. just wonder: will Jews get to vote in future Abbas' state?
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (01.21.13)
... or will there be any Jews living in Abbas future palestine state at all? Israel has arab MK, but will Abbas' Palestine has any Jewish MK?
27. Do they mean Arab Israelis must vote, right?
Rachel   (01.21.13)
28. I agree with #1 Sue these people!
Rachel   (01.21.13)
Sue these people, along with the lying, slanderous BDS'ers. Its gone on long enough and we've directly suffered financial loss as a result. It is ILLEGAL, under international law, do defame a people; these blatant lies and slanderous speeches MUST be met with harsh legal action.
29. #17 I can tell you are an outsider or an ignorant, right?
Rachel   (01.21.13)
Israel is a democratic country& no one is forced to do what he/she does not want or want to do - capish?
30. Look around the arabs world and you'll see whose
Rachel   (01.21.13)
are the expert in ethnic cleansing. Moslims killing Moslims by the hundereds everyday and no one cares. Look at the policies in Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few examples.
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