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Tzipi Livni tells all
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 20.01.13, 23:17
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1. She is the best candidate and...
keren Il-BR ,   Israel   (01.21.13)
She got my vote...
2. I feel physically sick
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (01.21.13)
Oh, and #1 - are you having a laugh? Power-crazy, will give up all sorts of land to terrorists. Love to hear why she is the "best".
3. Is there one good thing Livni has EVER done for Israel?
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.21.13)
Livni is reportedly STILL proud of her idiotic cease fire with Hizbullah, which cost Israel victory in Lebanon. She disgraced Israel at Annapolis. She enthusiastically supported every disastrous initiative, during her time, especially Disengagement. I challenge everyyone to name one good thing Livni has EVER done for Israel.
4. Attila Somfalvi, Livni loyalist to the end.
I though election ads were banned the day before the election...
5. not her, not her personality, no way!
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.21.13)
I will vote for some one to lead, not some one with a big mouth who destroyed the leading political party because she could not deal with religious people.
6. This is called a TELL ALL?!?!?
Joe ,   Israel   (01.21.13)
What exactly did she tell?
7. Pathetic Livni. Pathetic losers of the Left.
Dovid ,   Haifa   (01.21.13)
When for personal political gain your urge the US administration (White House and State Department) to exercise “tough love” to Israel you are engaging in treason. Unfortunately there is no other word to describe a person who goes overseas and roots against her existing lawfully elected democratic government.
9. All she cares about is...
AB ,   TheRock   (01.21.13)
what will the international community say? This is what she basis all her decisions on. Can you be any more stupid than that? Instead of caring for her own country and representing the interests of her people, she grovels to those who don't give a hoot about us.
10. Gal On, Hanin, Livni, Yahimovich are real
leaders in this paper. We have a good choice.
tony ,   nigeria   (01.21.13)
Obama should make her US Ambassador to Israel and she should either live in Syderot and Ashkelon.
12. centre-left
jezzamy ,   israel   (01.21.13)
Any candidate from the centre left will give Israel more chance of surviving the next few years than any other party.
13. unfit for pm duties
alexi   (01.21.13)
You could see her flail away during parts of the interview when asked if she was overly temperamental..She is no more than a person to look over some paper work and that is it. She has no capacity to appreciate israelis interests and dfensible borders very much like olmert who because of fear makes concessions and has zero appreciation of israeli interests. So for him to give the golan, to trust abbas and erdogan is no problem. He's a shmuck. And livni is a dunce. i want to be fair about this. If bibi reappoints barak in any defense capacity in place of yaalon who is a far better field general, then bibi is a shmuck and dunce. I would vote for bennett and I urge all to vote for bennett so that bibi is unable to appoint barak to dfense.
14. Did she mention too that she was TRYING to promote herself ?
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.21.13)
I did not look at the video but I am pretty certain that she did not mention her FAILED attempts at diplomacy and negotiating with her Arab superiors, whereby she felt so important sitting and laughing with them in a congenial atmosphere while they ran circles around her - so much so, that she offered them half of Jerusalem, swaths of territory, return of "refugees" and God alone knows what else! Actually, she should feel quite CRUSHED and HUMILIATED that they did not grab at her offerings and were even holding out for MORE and MORE. Thank God an election intervened on Israel's behalf and she was removed. God is watching over Israel and protecting her from the likes of Livni.
15. OK Livni supporters, please answer the question!
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.21.13)
I repeat my question: Is there one good thing Livni has EVER done for Israel?
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