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Chief rabbis to EU: Fight anti-Semitism
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 21.01.13, 15:23
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1. Daily killing of Palestinian children by Jews is the problem
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.21.13)
2. Antisemitism
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (01.21.13)
It is kind of ironic that the call is coming from the religious orthodox, a traditionally vriulently critical of the secular jews often bordering on incitement but always divisive.
3. Amar is as racist as they come
Steven Michaels ,   Carversville, USA   (01.21.13)
He has said vile things about Arabs. These guys embarrass Diaspora Jews, who actually have to get along with other people. European anti-senitism is a real thing, and even Amar's braying about Arabs does not justify it, but, if he has enough brain cells intact to do so, he should reflect over what he says about Arabs before he complains about what others say about Jews.
4. Irrational thinking
Tom W ,   USA   (01.21.13)
There is nothing one can do to suppress popular feelings or perceptions. Imposing strong administrative tools won't change anything: it will go underground and will burst again at an other time with a vengeance. Despite the documented horrors of totalitarian fascism and communism, there are plenty of new supporters of those failed ideology. And they are united in hate with Islam. Emigration is the only solution: there is no room for Jews in Eurabia as an ethnic-religious group. For some 2000 years of learning experience is still not enough to wise up.
joyce ,   USA   (01.21.13)
If those of various ethnic, religious, national, and/or 'different' persuasion(s), hold ethnocentric agendas which are contrary to that of the(ir) host country, such 'unblendable, prejudiced and exclusive-minded' individuals, who BY CHOICE, refuse to acculturate or to live harmoniously with 'others', should be expelled from their host country. The preceding identified problem, is globally-pandemic, and ensures NOTHING BUT never-ending conflict, destruction, and death for even the innocent!
7. The rabbis used to be good
Ralph Haglund ,   Sweden   (01.21.13)
The smart ones in fact, before we had Jewish politicians. Before they thought the most important thing they could to was to tell their kids to throw stones on Shabat. Who can push the rabbis to start to use their superior brains in the modern age?
8. 2 late 4 that!!! Anti-semitism is a part of Europe...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (01.21.13)
...that cannot be erased. We've seen enough evidence of that, haven't we? Denying Christianity's role in Anti-semitism, today as well as historically, is however a non-starter for whoever wants to combat Jew-hatred.
9. To nr 3
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.21.13)
You "forgot" that Moslems and Arabs physically assault Jews in Europe whereas Jews do not physically assualt Moslems and Arabs. How many times do Jews attack Arabs and Moslems in Europe? You also "forgot" to mention that about 1.4 million Israeli Arabs live safely inside Israel's borders and they can openly display their Arab and Moslem identity WITHOUT being assaulted and attacked. Physical assaults on Arabs in Israel are rare. Usually, it is the Arab side that stirs up violence, racism and conflicts in Israel. You also "forgot" to mention that thousands of Jews have been massacred by Arabs and Moslems for 1400 years. Jews have never massacred Arabs and Moslems in cold blood - has simply never happened. Jews usually strike back in self defense - that includes Israeli military operations meant to protect Jews/Israelis from the very anti-Semitic violence I just described. You also "forgot" that the Rabbi's racist remarks were obviously a response to the hundreds if not thousands of racist remarks done by Arabs and Moslems all over the Moslem world on a daily basis. Does this anti-Semitic raciism bother you one bit? If not - keep your mouth shut. The fact that the Rabbi has allegedly said vile things about Arabs does not justify Arabs and Moslems physically attacking Jews in Europe. Arabs and Moslems say vile things about Jews every day - in the Middle East and Europe. Why don't you give legitimacy to Jewish attacks on Arabs and Moslems when and if they do occur? The same principles should apply for everyone. Being indifferent to one form of racism and attacking another form of racism shows that you have neither enough intact brain cells nor any intact moral integrity. The anti-Arab racism among Jews will not end until anti-Jewish racism among Arabs end. The aggressor has to stop his aggressive behavior which precipitates the racist violence. Fight Arab and Moslem anti-Semitism, and anti-Arab racism among Jews will probably disappear.
10. #6. joyce: you're "reactionary" (/sarc)
Tom W ,   USA   (01.21.13)
The Western world - mind you, not the Eastern/Asian`one! - is obsessively working on the destruction of their own society by officially adopting the "multikulti" "diversity" neo Marxist ideology. The birth of the tribal nations. Nothing illustrates this more than the victorious battle cry over the "Dying Old White Men" and their founding culture in the U.S. by the prevailing ethnic tribe. In the end S. Huntington was right with his missive about the "Clash of Civilizations".
11. What goes around comes around ,...
split ,   US   (01.21.13)
Didn't hear a word from them condemning Israeli violence on Muslims and Christians or their buddy Ovadia Josef's comments about Goyim to be valued and treated like donkeys ,...
12. Selective tunnel vision, pal ,...
split ,   US   (01.21.13)
1400 years? Thousands of Arabs have been massacred by Jews in last 60 years, not to mention the tens of millions of Gentiles by your 'contribution' to Stalin's gulag industry,...
13. Security is understood, so are human rights.
The image of Israel can reflect to Jews. These issues with the Palestinians not being settled doesn't promote amicable feeling towards Jews in some places even though it's not their fault. If Israel were to explain their actions in a fair and balanced way in regard to land appropriation, not vexing the Palestinians, and taking the Palestinians livelihoods into account as well it may fare better. It sounds like Esau and Jacob and this could be what makes up the entity of Zion. Then, make the law and the way. This would surely have implications to the "East" and the "West". For something so good to be put in practical terms, which it can be, would be excellent. The world is waiting.
14. Alexander , Tel Aviv, Israel
World ,   Knows   (01.21.13)
We don't buy your lies no more!
15. #12 was my response for the spin goon @ 9 ,...
split ,   US   (01.22.13)
16. If you want to fight anti-Semitism
Sephardic Jew ,   Sefarad (Spain)   (01.22.13)
stop saying disgusting things like "Gentiles are in the Earth only to serve Jews" (Ovadia Yosef) or "Jews should rejoice at the fact that Europe is in a process of Islamization" (Baruch Efrati). That would help! Thank you...
17. Reaction to anti-goyism in israel. Many acts of
Avi   (01.22.13)
anti-semitism are reactions to what is is happening in israel.
18. Really hate to say it but
R Narz ,   Toronto   (01.22.13)
political anti-semitism is a part of Europe's sense of identity. It is one of the few platforms that everyone can agree on. Remove political anti-semitism from the equation and the whole EU glue starts to crumble.
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