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Cliff Richard coming to Israel
Published: 21.01.13, 15:23
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1. Sir Richard Cliff's song, The Millenium Prayer, brought i
Rivkah   (01.22.13)
in a million dollars for charity. It is The Lord's Prayer set to Old Lang Zyne. How excellent is Sir Richard's name except for seducing and abandoning a woman who loved him early in life before becoming a eunuch for the Kingdom of God's sake. But toward that one woman who is now dead, he denied the faith since a betrothal is as binding as a marriage to God and only God can sever what God has joined together. Sir Richard cannot make atonement to that sad woman who loved him more than she loved God to have sex with him before marriage. If she married someone else and had children, perhaps Sir Richard can provide for those descendants what he should have and failed to do for their mother. Some atonement must be made or as Christian as Sir Richard calls himself, he will not enter God's Kingdom. Most Christians do not enter God's Kingdom.
2. and not a moment too soon:most of his fans are dead by now!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.22.13)
Rivkah: you continue to amaze me. I want some of your medicine:-))
3. Ther'll be aclapping and ashuffling o feet at Moshav Zkeinim
Alan ,   SA   (01.22.13)
4. Can he still sing - or will it be another Leonard Cohen deal
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (01.22.13)
5. #1 Rivka please take your meds luv
Haim ,   TA   (01.23.13)
6. 4 Barbara: Leonard Cohen can still sing. Listen to his
Rivkah   (01.23.13)
singing "Halleluyah" in London on YouTube. Excellent. Superb. Oh, he's my kind of guy. The sorrow of King David in his soul, singing out the lost cord of King David who lost it (Halleluyah was the lost cord) when he kissed Bathsheva. Oh, yes. Leonard Cohen can still sing. So can Richard Cliff. His Millenium Prayer is sooo excellent, too. I listen to both songs again and again.
7.  a cliff hanger
Moshe Pillau ,   Manchester   (01.23.13)
Never mind Leonard Cohen; it's Bob Dylan who's the greatest disappointment nowadays. Sir Cliff is welcome in the Holy Land in any case. No risk of his getting the Jerusalem Syndrome, I hope...
8. Sir Cliff
mrs brown ,   london uk   (01.24.13)
I hope he sings "Congratulations" for Zofar Mizrahi, on her medal for shooting that terrorist on his birthday.
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