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Shas fined for handing out 'election amulets'
Akiva Novick
Published: 21.01.13, 20:17
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1. Sorry Shas
Moshe D. ,   NY - US   (01.21.13)
Sorry Shas, but you already betrayed us once giving away Hebron. You won't fool us twice. In addition, you are there just for the money...
2. Amulet: Superstitious charm used to ward off evil spirits...
Steve   (01.21.13)
In other words, witchcraft. Yet it is Bennett who is the religious hypocrite according to Shas?
3. $HA$$$$$$$$$$$$$
4. Sha$$$$$$$$$$$$
Edouard ,   Canada   (01.22.13)
If you are superstitious and you want this rabbis rule your everyday life,if you want to belive that your kids will have a better future in going to a yeshiva than become a self supporting profetional And if you are ready to give this rabbi the money that u have been working hard for so vote sha$$$$ This rabbis are taking advantage of poor surpertisious people Obscurantism is what they love
5. this guy
holy warrior ,   uk   (01.22.13)
Looks like ghadafis grand mother
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