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Senior haredi rabbis: Voting a 'holy duty'
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 22.01.13, 13:01
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1. I was very shocked
Mark ,   London, UK   (01.22.13)
when I read about that Satmar "rabbi" who pronounced it a sin to vote in Israeli elections. Is it a sin to vote in USA where I believe he resides? Though I don't have any truck with the Haredim voting is a mitzvah. All over the world people have died, and continue to die for the right to do this. Our friends, the Pallys, did have a couple of general elections, but right now they are struggling for jihad in the place of liberty.
2. @ Mark
Jo Jo ,   London   (01.22.13)
To vote is to have an active hand in collaborating with those who cause thousands of Jews to sin in the holy land. To give recognition to an entity which has led thousands of Jews astray and has robbed millions of their holy heritage. Would you collaborate with the German enemy? There is a reason the US does not join in Limmud....
3. Is there a question why we leave the Path
Dan ,   K"S   (01.22.13)
Again I see Rabbis twisting the laws and costumes to suit their own purposes. I still cannot vote for an anti-Jewish party, but I cannot vote for the people who wear the uniforms of 19th century Europe. "Shas' spiritual leader, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, ruled that a person mourning the death of a relative must cast their vote, despite the fact that according to Jewish mourning laws a mourner must not leave the house during the seven days of "shiva." "
4. #2 READ the article again, dear.
Jake   (01.23.13)
"Senior haredi rabbis: Voting a 'holy duty'" "Lithuanian Rabbi Shteinman, Belzer Rebbe rule everyone must exercise right to vote in Knesset elections – including groom on his wedding day, person mourning death of relative"
5. these people are jokes
They dont pay taxes, why they hell do they even get to vote?! Its Absurd. They are the most useless form of citizen. Skewing the "religious" laws in their favor. What a joke.
6. Haredim parties
Yakov   (01.23.13)
These people are not a joke because of the fact that they get Seats-and enough of them to be a small and loud minority in the Knesset. They care enough to vote.
7. Mitzvah to vote...for continued extortion.
SG ,   Teaneck   (01.23.13)
8. Reply to 2. one against many
Joseph ,   London UK   (01.23.13)
We follow the majority of Poskim [Halchic authorities] and the overwhelming majority rule that it is a duty to vote in the Israeli elections. About one third of the MKs elected today are Orthodox, and many others are Traditional. Israel needs a govt that is both Jewish and democratic.
9. Reply to number 3
Danny ,   London England   (01.23.13)
In many places people sitting shiva cannot get a minyan at home and have to go to shul. Shiva is a rabbinical enactment and the rabbis can therefore permit exceptions for the world to function [tikun olam], e.g. to avoid the country being governed by anti-religious parties.
10. reply to number 5. Taxes
Danny ,   London England   (01.23.13)
Haredim may spend years in yeshiva and kollel, but most do go out to work and do pay taxes once they are a certain age. Most of the anti-Haredi rants are gross exaggerations.
11. Vote and Run to The Army
Zechariah   (01.24.13)
The holier duty is to serve in the IDF in GLATT KOSHER Units if there is the Physical and Mental Capacity and create Good will and peace amongst the Jews .Every Israeli in the Tanach gave half a shekel.
12. Rabbis Shteinman, Yosef not speaking to the Satmar Rabbi
Jrebecca ,   modiin   (01.24.13)
No agreement even with other Ultra-Orthodox.
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