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Satmar: No greater offense than voting
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 22.01.13, 07:57
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1. The best way to retaliate...
Vlad   (01.22.13)
There are probably hundreds of people trapped in Satmar communities but who want to get the hell out. More and more are now rebelling. Israel should openly declare that any individual who wants to escape can freely walk into the Israeli consulate in New York and be on an El Al flight to Israel with accomodation waiting the following day. I bet half the youth would gladly take the chance and leave.
2. This kind of crap makes my day ;) ,...
split ,   US   (01.22.13)
It's getting dark in Israel - What's their birth rate ? ,...
3. Yawn - this is not news. Satmars are hate mongers
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (01.22.13)
Never liked Jews who preach hate like the Satmars do. I do, however, get a kick out of seeing Satmars who break away from the cult and turn into open, thinking people.
4. Hypocrites
Zionist and Proud ,   Jerusalem   (01.22.13)
Amazing that they don't recognize the State of Israel but when that stipend is deposited in their bank accounts from the State of Israel once a month, they have no qualms about accepting it. If they are really against recognition of the state, they should refuse its money.
5. if you dont like zionism - move out of country
alex   (01.22.13)
And btw, this so-called rabby always is flying by first class.
6. but he promised $100 bribe for all who don't vote-no $$$?
miki ,   tampa   (01.22.13)
7. If they're at war with "the Zionists"...
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.22.13)
Then they can damned well wage their war from overseas. Any Israeli citizen belonging to this group should have their citizenship rescinded, any non-citizen should have their visa cancelled. Let them live in the Diaspora until the Messiah comes on his donkey.
8. Insane Cult
Michael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.22.13)
Encouraging poverty and ignorance as a show of piety. Dividing Jews and supporting the enemies of the Jews...these cultists should be sent to live in the shtetle they so sorely crave, away from taxing paying, hard work citizens of Israel. If they want to fester in madness, inbreeding and live in filth, then they should do so away from the rest of Israel's communities so as not to spread diseases nor inflict their misogynist and racist ideologies on the folks who pay the taxes to keep these ungrateful, self righteous fools in medical care and social services. Let them make their ghetto that they crave, away from the rest of us. They will inbreed themselves out of existence in a couple of generations. Kudos to the head nutbar rabbi for exhorting the rest of them to not vote.
9. Nothing remotely Jewish about Satmar
Tambour ,   Eilat   (01.22.13)
More akin to the Amish than Jews, this nutty misguided sect practices avodah zara and should find another name for their tribe. Chasidim is a stolen misnomer as Gay was borrowed for homosexuals to sugar the pill Oh so sad, when Am Yisrael should see the Jewish State as the first stirring of redemption.
10. I never thought I'd say this
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.22.13)
Perhaps it's time that Satmar are forced to take an allegiance pledge to the State of Israel. If they refuse then they are banned from Israel. We need not take this abuse from the Satmar. If they do not respect other Jews (and they are in the minority) then we need not respect the Satmar. We Jews can ban them from Israel and every other Jewish event. If the Satmar do not like it then tough.
11. Receive $$ from gov't = permitted; vote for gov't = evil
Avi   (01.22.13)
De-fund the cult.
12. Looming menace for the state of Israel
Richard Santorini ,   San Jose, CA, USA   (01.22.13)
Not willing to vote, not willing to serve, not willing to work, not willing t let their children study basic non-yeshiva studies, not willing to allow their flock to learn new technologies like the internet, not willing to let other Israeli people be Israelis (women, orthodox, arab Israelis). 40-50% of Israel's population by 2050. Dark future for the estate of Israel.
13. A sea pf mindless hatted twerps...cut off the welfare
Al   (01.22.13)
teat and let them bust their ass in order to eat. In a very short time they change the schmattas they wear and get to work. The only ones that will make men out of these behamos will be their women who will refuse to marry them and to support them. They are useless schnorrers. They are not men.
14. The less involvement these people have with the government..
Thank G-D   (01.22.13)
the better. Last thing we need are more parties like $ha$ who trade "support" for dollars.
15. Read Carefully folks (especially # 11)
Ellen ,   israel/NYC   (01.22.13)
Almost everyone who has a posted talkback is talking anti the Satmar and their taking $$. Had someone actually READ the entire article they would have found this paragraph. "One mustn't ask for money from the State," he ruled. "Yeshiva students should go to jail rather than agree to compromises. The real fighters are those who give up on the state budgets and are willing to live in poverty." The Satmar Rebbe is saying NOT to take money, he is saying to LIVE on poverty. Maybe it is time for those who are supporting the Rebbe to stop picking and choosing. You either support or you do not support! You don't vote (which may not be a BAD thing for Israel) then also follow the teaching of not taking!
16. They live on American government welfare
naro ,   nyc   (01.22.13)
Where do you think they get their money. Mainly from the NYC welfare rolls, disability payments and children and housing allowances. They are utterly lazy, immoral, and parasitic sect members. And they also get stipends from pro Iranian and pro Palestinian groups for spreading anti Israeli propaganda. They should not be allowed to live in Israel or America. Send them to Iran or Eastern Europe where they came from.
17. Evil as they come...this Teitelbaum
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (01.22.13)
has the same aura as Iran's Vahidi. I read this article in horror. Satmars,NK, Thomas Freedman- all the same. Fui
18. vote
john ,   toronto   (01.22.13)
Every Jew must vote. No vote should be bought by cash. Let everyone exercise their free will by their votes.That is the way to bring change to Israel.
19. oath
john ,   toronto   (01.22.13)
They should take their oath only to God not to any state. If the state violates the law of God then the state is wrong.
20. Bribe
David ,   Miami. Fl   (01.22.13)
It is stupid to think that he has nothing better just to hand out $100. Bills for nothing
21. Satmars are not Jews. They are
Runner1983 ,   USA   (01.22.13)
masquerading as Jews, using it to cloak their cult. Their so-called rabbis not only insult Judaism through their attitude towards Israel, but the insult the human race by vilifying victims of sexual assault and shunning their families, using goon squads to enforce ridiculous modesty standards, not educating their children so they can be gainfully employed, etc. This has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with power and control. They commit grave sins.
22. Godless Heathens!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (01.22.13)
These clowns' are no better than the godless Muslims! Their cult is no better than the Islamic cult!
23. satmar in transition
leibish ,   williamsburg   (01.22.13)
they dont encourage poverty or ignorance.they do divide jews .i dont think they have aids so mda can accept their donated blood. there are some very major advancements in the charaidi community in which they live and are effected by.
24. satmar enemy of the jewish peolple
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris france   (01.22.13)
i am ashamed of these fools , they are best friends of our greatest enemies , ahavat israel they don't learn this in their ghettos? they are not jews , just darkness in their mind and clothes
25. Iran at home...
that's good to have freedom of speech in Israel and it is necessary in our democracy, so i respect their opinion. However, i dont understand why such people dont follow their opinion and ACT!! they should move to poland, germany, russia where they happily "lived" in the past!! Please guys in this crowd... feel free to leave if you hate your other brothers bc just they want to be independent in their land!!
26. You can't have your cake and eat it.
Mike B ,   London   (01.22.13)
If you are not happy in Israel you can go to Williamsburg, Kiryas Joel or perhaps to Hungary or Romania.
27. Korach incarnate
Jay Abouaf ,   Jay Abouaf   (01.22.13)
28. Is there anything they don't boycott?
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (01.22.13)
I'm not familiar with every single group of the orthodox community, but it seems that there are hasidim that boycott pretty much everything in the state of Israel? Yet we still pay for every aspect of their lives. Sad. Maybe with the new government, they'll do something about it.
29. Terrible
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.22.13)
I shame myself that these jews are originated from Hungary.. The new government must punish them for this wicked action. Maybe send them back to Hungary and we shall see what is to happen.
30. The rabbi is right
Keren IL-BR ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
We are Jewish before we are Israelis. Israel is a fictional creation to gather Jews, so Judaism comes before nationatlity. What we are doing is against the chalachah is against the master of the Universe. What we should do now is follow the instructions of the Rabbi: 1. Boycott elections 2. Disassemble the State institutions 3. Give back the land to the original settlers here 4. Go on living here as Jews, under Palestinians nationality, as we live in the diaspora. 5. Wait for the coming of Him No more Zionism. No more violence. No more aposthasy. B"H, Rabbe, you are right as always.
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