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Ashrawi: Israeli elections to yield more radical gov't
Yonatan Gonen
Published: 22.01.13, 09:58
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1. The hastening of Israel's demise...Can
Edithann ,   USA   (01.22.13)
Israel survive a world wide, serious and inforced BDS.? .I doubt it... TATA
2. yield
colin   (01.22.13)
again we have the leftests complaining of an extreme government Fortunately it is only a few idiots expressing thier complaints Most of the people are satisfied with whqat we have
3. hi there Hanan Ashrawi
J.Gad ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
A woman top member of the palestinian goverment. I think palestinians are afraid to lose because of the Hamas. Now you palestinian are starting to understand that is important democracy and the peace agreements. You should became PM of the palestinians Ashrawi, and then try you to tell to Hamas not to destroy the possibility of peace, Nafatali Bennet is very good.
4. ashrawi PLO and Hamas , no peace
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris france   (01.22.13)
i see palestinians more and more extremists ,always the same demands a state , refugees invading israel and no jews in palestinian state
5. Hanan Ashrawi says... who cares?
John ,   Tel-Aviv   (01.22.13)
This woman has always been against ANY Israeli government, Rabin was an extremist for her because he didn't surrender more territory to Arafat. She should worry about her own position once Hamas will get hold of West Bank towns - she'll be the first to be kicked out - a Westernized woman, Christian, and my God - she smokes and had a romantic relationship with a CNN journalist - that'll be enough for Hamas to publicly impale her.
6. the end of an era!
tiki ,   belgium   (01.22.13)
Hopefully this government will put an end to this era of Arab Palestinian lies from Arab Palestinian "leaders" who are more occupied with the destruction of Israel than the lively hood & well being of their own people. The era of the Arafat's, Ashrawi's & Abbas's of this world and their terror groupies with a moral compass pointing only to destruction has to end! Their people deserve better than these exploiting moral preachers.
7. wait and see..
Stephen ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
how ZXpi Livni an Shelly Yachimovich will start saying - Bibi is destroying peace process, even Palestinain moderates ( I'd like to see at least one) are predicting the end of peace process because of his policies. Maybe three women should get together and cook some dinner - their place - sorry if I sound like a MSP - is truly in the kitchen.
8. ps:
J.Gad ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
Ashrawi you know that an interview in a Saudi newspaper doesnt mean muslims countries are a democracy. women in muslim countries that want to rule among muslims and radical figures end like Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. Mrs.Zoabi is a member in the Israeli Parlament dont because she says she is not a terrorist, she is a israeli parlament member not because her religion, but because she is an Israeli citizen and Israel is a free democracy
9. she might be right
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
but its because of the constant refusal of the PLO and Hamas to make peace, the constant threat of palestinian Terror against Israel and Jews and the atomic threat of Iran against Israel.
10. The real extremists are in Ramallah and Gaza
Ben ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
11. #1 Don't count on it boy
Dan ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
The "demise" of the people of Israel has failed for the past 2500 years and will keep failing. Just ask the Persians, the Romans, the Russians, the Germans and the Arabs.
12. reply to # 7
J.Gad ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
u are chauvist.
13. ps to #7
J.Gad ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
just for the record... best chefs in the world are not women :-)
14. Her ugliness is surely her thoughts moulding..
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (01.22.13)
..the expression of her face. Ashrawi and Catherine Ashton take 'meiskeit' to unprecedented.
15. A Selfdeceived Hypocrit ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.22.13)
I Quote - Member of PLO's Executive Committee says next government will 'seek to destroy possibility of peace' Comment - Who has destroyed the Peace since 1947 ? And when Israel Respond to the Threaths of Her Destruction, Is She then destroying the Possibility of Peace ? The Only Peace those Accusers want is, a Total Destruction of Israel and the Jewish People, because then they think they will have Peace. This is their Vision and this Vision they are trying to reach any and every way possible. God bevere !. Arn.Sweden.
16. To No 12
Stephen   (01.22.13)
Do you mean - fauvist?
17. Peace Impossible Anyway
Zechariah   (01.22.13)
Hannah athwart wants right of return of Palestinian Arabs to Jaffa Haifa The Gallil and all the Villages pre1947 .The Jews cannot afford the refugees to return even to Judae and Samaria That is how they analyse the situation. Five million Palestinians in Judae and Samaria and nearly two million in Israel.and nearly two million in the Gaza Strip. Until the Jews recover the losses of the Martyred in the Shoah it's a highly insecure situation. Autonomy and a good life for the Arabs is possible . But the Arab states and some say South America with its huge population growth will need to absorb the rest .There are the Jews in North America Palestinians ought be in South America
18. Ashrawi: Israeli elections to yield more radical gov't
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (01.22.13)
Any chance of peace were long ago destroyed by the PLO and Hamas.
19. The witch
Ben S ,   Free world   (01.22.13)
Ashwari the witch is partners with Hamas and she's worried about an extremist Israeli government? hahahahahahahahahahah
20. they blame the israelis-what a crock
alan ashkenazie ,   nyc ny   (01.22.13)
when will we respond to this crap .
21. after they get rid of Jews--they'll go after the Christians
bob ,   east coast USA   (01.22.13)
Does Hanan A. live in a world of fantasy? She, as a Christian, surely knows the score. After they kill/ expel the Jews, they'll go after the Christians, such as herself.
22. #1 edithann
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (01.22.13)
Hey dumdum we survived the romans so we surely can survive your stupid bds.but the democratic countries around the world surely know who the real villian in this conflict is,and people like you will live in a cave the rest of your miserable life.
23. The gambler said don't count your money b4 leaving table:
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (01.22.13)
Probabilities, outsets or the coming fate of Israeli politics should not be foretold b4 counting ballots, at least.
24. lets hope common sense prevail
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne UK   (01.22.13)
Palestinian Partners in Peace while teaching there children hate toward Israel? It take more than HOPE to turn the clock back - It take a real challenge to reverse the Venom of Hate in the Palestinian Territories
25. The pot calling the kettle.....
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.22.13)
26. Of Course! No other choice left to defend themselves!
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (01.22.13)
27. ashrawi-national government is coming
marv   (01.22.13)
pack your bags- you are all going to tunis or jordan, the land you sit on is historic and sen remo sovereign israel as it will be annexed by bennett who will take over from bibi in 6-8 months as his time is past. the governments in the past were pressured and afraid but no more wiht bennet, llieberman, katz and eldad. The time of peres, the delusional peres whose friend abbas said that zionists made deals with nazis and the holocaust was a myth-what a delusional putz! beilin and the osloists have not permitted the israeli narrative for many years. Now his time is over. You are finnished. Pack yiour bags. The settlers are the real israeli patriots and all the haredi will be carrying guns and go into the idf. No more nice guys.
28. confused
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.22.13)
israelis are voting for 40 political parties, representing all shades of the political spectrum (including 4 arab parties). the "balestinians" get to choose between fatah and hamas, 2 armed terrorist groups, BOTH of which have the destruction of israel as central goals in their charters. i wouldn't worry too much about their opinions on elections, or peace.
29. #1
Maurice ,   Montreal   (01.22.13)
Only in your dreams! Israel is stronger and richer than ever, and is here to stay...for eternity! TATA
30. re Ashwarni et al
nigel ,   london   (01.22.13)
must be very confusing for her. Fancy the people having a choice. I guess her people had a choice in their last elections many years ago - that being between a bunch of Holocaust denying Israel hating, history revisionist thieves who have stolen the aid given to their people and put it in their own back pockets and who allow the driving out of Christians from Bethlehem and on the other hand Hamas If the Palestinians want peace, they need to find leadership who will enable it, not back away at every opportunity. Fact is one side want peace- the others don't. Doesn't matter which party gets in In Israel - this won't change whilst the Palestinians are so intransigent.
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