Apocalypse tomorrow
Eitan Haber
Published: 23.01.13, 00:14
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1. keeping the guard up
alexi   (01.23.13)
Yes, israel is living in a moslem volcano surrounded by a culture of lies and death, which is all the more reason to have the defenses ready, fully ready and the right people in charge. So Mr. Haber, why the hell did you vote for the incompetent winograd certified security failure who had no logical plan to counterattack hezbollah? Why did yoiu vote for him and for peres who believes that you keep your eyes closed and pray? You are an ass! Israel will always have to keep its strike for ce ready but it should as bennett already said clearly annex area C and proceed from there. Bibi will have to relinquish the PM position withiin a 1 year or so as he is burned out and waffles and sweats endlessly. Bennett can well replace him.
2. To be honest:I don't envy you Eitan H. You reside in an para
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.23.13)
lell reality and it seldom touches our world. Yours is a sad, grey, gloomy and acidic planet and I wish you stayed there or moved over with the rest of us. Seems unlikely though...
3. Hope
Rinah   (01.23.13)
We have the Book for survival. The Land and the people are one with Him; in this world and in the world to come. No matter what happens He works for the good of those who love Him; who are called according to His purpose. Israel's purpose is to teach the World the balance of justice and mercy.
4. The Olt Testament tells us abour Armageddon IS on its way
Isaiah ,   Batyam, Is   (01.23.13)
And the real enemy is the sin that prevents the Jewish people from seeing their Messiahs who is beconing them. We are going to Armageddon, your intellects minds, excuses, rationalea are Not going to circumvent it either!
5. To paraphrase "if all you've got is a hammer then everything
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.23.13)
looks like a nail" I have a suspicion, that individuals deeply dissatisfied with their personal lot are seeing signs of approaching Armageddon in every nook& cranny.
6. to2
norma ,   jerusalem   (01.23.13)
nothing sad if you have the free choice to stay or move ...have you???
7. to3
sorry ..just ice mercy no balance between saying and doing
Rafi ,   US   (01.23.13)
... sound advice to those who have the intelligence to listen & digest it. Mr Haber correctly reminds us that given geographical realities, Israel's margin for error is extremely narrow. And errors do occur, even when the most capable leaders are involved. Included in Israel's equation of survival is reliance on the goodwill of the American people for economic and military support. Those who arrogantly assume & behave otherwise (including right-wingers and their Talkbacks) are increasing those risks needlessly - and jeopardizing the entire community unnecessarily. As has been repeatedly demonstrated in the past, those risks translate into blood & lives.
9. Yes, war is coming to the Middle East since in 2014-1015
Rivkah   (01.24.13)
there are four blood moons (lunar eclipses) and a darkening of the Sun (solar eclipse) on Jewish Holy Days just like in 1948, 1967, and 1973. But before that are the Earth changes of the Pole shift. The worst will be in March and September 2013 and March 2014 as the Earth transits the tail of Planet X. Read Marshall Masters' book, "Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift", for more information or the Kolbrin Bible which is detailed information on the last Pole shift 3600 years ago from the perspective of Egypt when Moses led the Hebrews out. There is about to be a big die off on the Earth. Confirmation that it is 2013-2014 came when TWO SUNS were filmed in Phoenix, Arizona, on November 27, 2012. The ancient documents say the year before the catastrophic Earth changes happens, TWO SUNS are visible in the sky: the big Sun and Planet X, Nibiru, Orchus to NASA. There has been a news blackout from NASA on this for decades but the US government has been moving to Denver for decades, knowing Washington, D.C. cannot survive this nor can most coastal cities. Move to the higher grounds, to caves in mountains since transiting the tail of Planet X means 100 pound hail meteorites that are icey on the outside and firey on the inside hitting the Earth with great thunderous sounds in the skies. Scriptures says it will be a time worse than from the beginning of the world and a third of the green trees will burn up and all the grass o n Earth. Yahweh-Yeshua come quickly. Save us.
10. #8,Rafi: The histrory is very different, bro!
Tom W ,   USA   (01.24.13)
During every armed conflict from '48, '67, '73 "The Magnificent" U.S.imposed an arms embargo against Israel. It was Stalin's arms shipment that saved Israel from the British Sir John Glubb Arab Legion in '48. Nixon relented only when he feared the nukes...the dreaded "Samson Option". Many on this forums have experiences with American duplicity so you can get off from you arrogant high horse.
11. What will Save and Protect Isael??
Josh   (01.24.13)
It is NOT the Book or the Messiah, but rather what will protect Israel is: 1) the IDF 2) a strong economy, as military strength naturally flows from economic 3) Wise leadership Of three, I would despair most over the # 3 unfortunately
12. Josh # 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.24.13)
It is said that pride goes before the fall for good reason.
13. #11 - Unfortunately over the last 10000 years
spyguy ,   seattle, usa   (01.24.13)
every single army has eventually suffered humiliating defeat, so it is highly unlikely that the IDF can achieve something no other army in history has been able to achieve. Since the IDF probably can NOT protect Israel forever, especially in a world awash in weapons and fighters, maybe it is time to figure out how to find wise leaders for Israel that can work with your neighbors to reach a fair peace all can live with. Yes, it will mean Israelis will have to give up their dreams and much more, but it will survive. Relying on the military to ensure a future is a fools choice. "Might makes right" ALWAYS FAILS because there is always a bigger club.
14. 11 Josh: It IS Messiah who will save Israel.
Rivkah   (01.24.13)
The IDF won impossible to win wars in the past. Why? Because Messiah and His angels were fighting with them and for them. When the Egyptian fled their tanks and weapons in the Sinai, it was not the IDF they ran from. It was "Father Abraham" and his army. Who is Father Abraham? Either Michael the Archangel or Messiah. Take your pick. The IDF alone would have fallen from the massive numbers of attackers, as brave as the IDF is. They need Messiah to win. The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. God decides the outcome and it is best to have Him on your side or you lose. Anciently, Israel lost to Syria because ONE Syrian General Naaman was favored by Yahweh.
15. spyguy # 13
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.24.13)
Do you think wise leaders would have been able to make peace with Hitler? The Muslim world is not looking for peace with Israel any more than HItler looked for peace with the Jews. God and military might is what keeps Israel alive and will continue to do so. Relying only on dialog is a fools choice and Chamberlain found that out with Hitler. Some people never learn.
16. #15 - Muslim are about 30% of the humans on earth
spyguy ,   seattle, usa   (01.24.13)
If you think they are like Hitler, then you have lost already, because Israel will never have enough resources (cannon fodder, weapons and cash) and friends to win. And relying on miracles from "god" is like wishing on a star. It is time to get practical. The REALITY is the Arabs are NOT like Hitler and WILL NEGOTIATE. Israelis are creating their own problems with their arrogant attitude.
17. Getting desparate?
Vlad   (01.24.13)
You told that same story of David Elazar and you in this piece's introduction another article a while back, though under different wording: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3725016,00.html Aside from that, this article's exact message is unclear, and is just full of the usual doom-and-gloom warnings. Haber, are you getting desperate to keep your article space?
18. #16 the Arabs would gladly negotiate Israel's destruction
Vlad   (01.25.13)
Hitler at least was open in his goals. As Arafat stated, the Arab plan is to do it in stages, to reduce Israel's size before the final assault. And on top of that, they say the "right of return" is non-negotiable.
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