UK: Israeli-Palestinian 2-state solution almost dead
Published: 22.01.13, 17:34
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1. UK -expanson of London - NO to settlements
Tova ,   Canada   (01.22.13)
How about England the EU realize that Israel is a soverign nation. Perhaps England should give up her rights to exist. For sure that would cause problems. You all want the expertise of Israel, but you don't agree Israel is a soverign nation.
2. British culture is dying you moron.Its
dyslexic.. ,   Israel...   (01.22.13)
being taken over by the MUSLIMS.Dont worry so much about Israel mr foreign secretary.
3. Notice to William Hague
Fred ,   Washington   (01.22.13)
Tell William Hague negotiations are possible whenever the Palestians are ready to negotiate.
4. When Was 2 State Solution Ever Viable?
emanon ,   USA   (01.22.13)
The arabs have been rejecting a 2 state solution, or any peace agreement with Israel, since the very beginning, so exactly when was it ever considered viable?
5. Peace on piece of paper vs. de facto peace
Mark ,   Altoona, FL   (01.22.13)
Given that the security fence has created its own peace for most Israelis, and that neither the PA or Hamas exercises a 'monopoly of violence' over the myriad militant factions in their territories, negotiated peace between two sovereign entities is both impossible and irrelevant. So why the focus on 'final status' and Jerusalem? Is that all just Crusader nostalgia? (And what's the point if the Waqf controls the Temple Mount anyway?) Why not suggest that Israel and the PA work on practical, confidence-building measures, such as criteria for full Area-B control by the PA, or PA free-trade zones near the Jordanian border, and create a bilateral standards body for radio-frequency allocation? Why do these Western governments actively promote the PA's irrelevancy by encouraging an all-or-nothing track to negotiations? Israel will obviously continue building homes throughout Area C, which the PLO recognized as its jurisdiction at Oslo - a fact that Hague and others choose to willfully ignore.
6. Mr. Hague, you first.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (01.22.13)
Israel should cede Judea and Samaria to enable the arab terrorists and Iran to gain control? Hague should try suicide before he recommends Israel to commit suicide.
7. This real possibility needs enforcing by Great Powers.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.22.13)
8. 2 state solution
simon ,   belgium   (01.22.13)
There are only 2 possibilities: All the arabs of the west bank and gaza convert to judaism All jews convert to islam I don't see a third solution for peace !
9. You know what you can do with your solutions!
Scott ,   Haifa   (01.22.13)
10. "Two-states", has never been a "solution", since
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.22.13)
the Palestinian Arabs, along with the rest of the Muslim-Arab world, have never been able to bring themselves to accept the right of the Jewish people to exercise its historic/natural, ethical and legal right to set up its nation-state on ANY parcel of land of the Jewish people's ancestral homeland. Hence, since this could never have been a sustainable solution, the parties, with the assistance of the international community, should resort to the fundamental elements of international law and implement them: San Remo conference, 1920 League of Nations decisions, 1922 UN Charter, Article 80, 1945 UN Security Council Resolution, 242, 1967 Will the parties, especially the Muslim-Arab world, be willing to abide by international law...??
Hague is arrogant ,obnoxious ,bald and I condemn him .He should go take a long walk off a short pier, preferably in shark -infested waters.
12. Dear Mr Hague
Dr Williams ,   Newcastle U Tyne U.K   (01.22.13)
Have you ever heard of; The Falkland Isles Gibraltar Northern Island Get you own house in order
13. Give an example
Dan ,   K"S   (01.22.13)
Mr. Hague, I'll make this easy. Get the UK out of what they call the Falklands and I'll support Israel getting out of Yehuda-Samaria. The UK pushed the natives out of the Islands and settled their own by force. Let there be an example.
14. 2-State plan dead due to thousands of rockets on Israeli civ
EST ,   Miami USA   (01.22.13)
The two state solution became obsolete when thousands upon thousands of rockets began to rain indiscriminately on Israeli civilians and dozens of suicide murderers blew themselves up like rabid dogs in trying to maim and kill Israelis
15. Sad to read the reactions
Ferdinand ,   Israel & France   (01.22.13)
It is sad but nothing new to read the reactions of the most vocal haters. We see it daily here, how they express their towards Europe, the US, Arabs, the Israeli left, the Israeli center and the moderate Israeli right. There is no position too extreme for the talk-backers here, and that is of course revealing. So while their outrage, their strawmen arguments and their lack of any reasoned discourse is nothing new, I was surprised to read comments wishing death on Mr Hague and I would kindly recommend ynet to reconsider the line between freedom of expression and incitement to commit crimes.
16. Rather silly comments
Ferdinand ,   Israel & France   (01.22.13)
Every time a Brit comments on Israel, we read the same silly comments about the Falklands and Gibraltar. Needless to say, these comments miss the point to such an extent that they only reflect badly on those making them. The population of both the Falklands and of Gibraltar are UK citizens who wish to remain part of the UK. The large majority of people in the occupied territories are not Israeli citizens and they do not wish to be part of Israel.
17. Two people, one state with one man one vote is the solution.
stude ham   (01.22.13)
the brits tried to stop jews coming into israel... even after everyone knew of the Shoah.. the brits should know they no longer have any mandate in this part of the world. the brits thoroughly mishandled their colonial onslaughts in this part of the world... apparently the brits still haven't learned anything.... well mr. brit... just remember taht famous remark 'PEACE IN OUR TIMES' ... yessir... 1938 was a very good year.... BUILS ISRAEL BUILD!
19. Hague is a spineless, shirtlifting ninny and....
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (01.22.13)
should remove his nose from Israel's affairs. With hindsight, hasn't Rule Britannia caused enough S#!+ in the world already?
20. Buy this man a map
Avi Ze'ev ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.22.13)
What planet is he living on? settlements are on some 2% of the land. Even with development in E1, The Palestinians still would have a wider waste line than Israel.
21. 2 States, 1 Country, Palestine Israel, with UNSC '67 borders
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.22.13)
22. Don't worry about Hague
Devorah   (01.22.13)
"I condem" and "profound concern" are the aftershocks of his matriculation from the Catherine Ashton Academy of Antisemitic Gate Crashing. He's brainwashed, self righteous and ignorant. Turn your attention to opinions that matter.
23. EU is Weak...Let them threaten
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (01.22.13)
And then remind them that christians and muslims will no longer tell the Jews what to do with THEIR land.
24. What kind of garbage is he spewing?
Israeli 2   (01.22.13)
Neither the israelis nor the Arabs want a 2 state solution and this suckling from Britania thinks he is saying something important. We have been praying for a greater Israel all our lifes and this Brit wants to take more land away for the Arabs for the second time. Wasn't Jordan enough?
25. UK and the two state solution
Harold ,   USA   (01.22.13)
Europe will act very hard to solve the Middle East problem and the creation of a Palestinian State after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Year 2013 will be a very important year for some and sanctions will be applied on some.
26. #1
True Israel is a soverign nation with its 1948 borders. EU is talking about stolen Palestinian lands.
27. #1
Harold ,   USA   (01.22.13)
True. Israel is a soverign nation with its 1948 borders. EU is talking about the stolen Palestinian Lands.
28. 2 state solution Israel/Jordan
Golan ,   modiin   (01.22.13)
honor past agreements. Enact 1919 Fisal Wiesman agreement.
29. Be careful Mr Hague
Neil Turner ,   Watford, UK   (01.22.13)
Mr Hague need to check Obadiah 15: "For the day of the Lord upon all the nations is near; As you have done, it shall be done to you; Your reprisal shall return upon your own head"
30. Settlements in area C are legal
lorna ,   sweden   (01.22.13)
According to the Oslo accords Israel has the full judicial rights in area C. So if Israel has the legal right to build how much it pleases in that area. Mr. Hague has nothing to do with that and should instead focus on why the palestinians are not commited to peace and a 2 state solution.
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