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Haniyeh: Israel electing even more extreme government
Yonatan Gonen, Reuters
Published: 22.01.13, 17:22
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1. If Israel is moving more to the right
Joe ,   Los Angeles   (01.22.13)
then look around the Middle East because pretty much all the Arab countries are becoming Islamic fundamentalists. We will all remember the good old days when Egypt and Jordan had benign dictatorships and Israel had a more centrist government.
2. Terrorists talking about extremists...
Alex   (01.22.13)
This is hilarious, Hamas calling others extremists. Al-Qaida, Hamas and their kin have a lively imagination.
3. Israel is reality, but shoud be "Province of Palestine"
peter vojta ,   prag   (01.22.13)
Palestine people dont need to worry, Truth Jews live in Disapora according scriptures... Zionists have been making provocation from1946...Soon Palestine will have to deal with new arrangements, because selfdestructing Israeli policy will in near future change Israel into " Israel - Province of Palestine". Palestine is not former North America, occupation will end. Native people will return and some colonists will have to leave... If something is against Gods comandment, then it cant work!!! Political decision to build state against Gods instructions proved to be imposible. Slotered people and endless terrorism is not succes - its weakness.Peter czech
4. Haniyeh
Johnny ,   Philadelphia, USA   (01.22.13)
Yes, Israel will always be "extreme" for defending themselves. Somehting every other country can do without question. Hamas will never be "extreme" even though they require all Jews to leave their terrortory...
5. netanyahu
visit to our western wall is provocative????? since when is the western wall, the whailing wall, a muslim religious site??? netanyahu was not in al aqsa mosque. he was at the western wall in our country.
6. Don't worry,
eli ,   Yerushalayim   (01.22.13)
it's the Israeli spring. If Islamists every day desecrate our holiest place, this is not an provocation?
7. to number 3.
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (01.22.13)
Do yourself and us a favour, and go back to flippin' burgers and leave the talkback business to your betters.
8. Israeli extremism...
arthur f ,   amsterdam   (01.22.13)
If Israel would only be as extreme as Hamas.... there would be no Gaza and not a single Palestinian left... If Hamas and the muslim world would be as "extreme" as Israel, the world would look a whole lot nicer... Mr. Haniyeh, you don't want peace, you don't want to enjoy life, you don't want the best for your people, not even for your own children. You are close to the biggest disgrace to the human race...
9. remember what ever they say, the opposite is true
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.22.13)
simple, they can make a new form of reality with their mouths, awesome.
10. Israel is moving toward peace, not away from it.
Jake ,   USA   (01.22.13)
By electing strong nationalist leaders, Israel will bring real peace through strength, instead of perpetuating the two-state fantasy which will cause endless bloodshed.
11. Existence of Jews is a provocation..
Dave ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.22.13)
For these people. Ignore them.
12. The Palestinians claiming Jewish land is a provocation!!!
EST ,   Miami USA   (01.22.13)
13. Ridicilous
peter ,   tel aviv   (01.22.13)
Nobody will ever tell any Jew not to visit the Kotel. As opposed I am to Bibi and his politics there is no way I will accept calling the visit to the Kotel as soiling holy sites. The Palestinians have their holy sites as well as we Jews have ours. Only in respecting each others rights we can find a basis for understanding. With talk like this the Palestinian representatives only encourage the right wing in Israel.
14. #3 peter from prague
marvyn ,   london, uk   (01.22.13)
Oh dear the British Empire is back with its palestine! Thank god this is not the case.
15. Visiting the Kotel is a provocation?
SNS   (01.22.13)
The Palestinians called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to visit the Western Wall after casting his ballot in a Jerusalem school a "provocation." "Netanyahu is trying to gain more Israeli votes on Election Day by provoking the Muslims and soiling the holy sites," a top Hamas figure said. The Islamist group also called for an uprising in the West Bank as a result of the "recurrent provocations." Now when we visit the Kotel it is considered a provocation? This is soiling the holy sites? The Kotel is not a holy site to Muslims. What is this nonsense? And I am not even right wing nor did I vote Likud.
16. ???
The Bald scotsman ,   Tampa, Fl   (01.22.13)
What the hell re you trying to say?
17. #3
Dan ,   Tel Aviv   (01.22.13)
You are not a very intelligent person.
18. Israeli extremism
In order to curb Israeli extremism one solution exists: GO AND VOTE!!!
19. Extreme double standards
L. Rose ,   Canada   (01.22.13)
Actually, Palestinian spokespeople stating an Israeli leader can't visit an Israeli historical holy site is the provocation. Once again they reveal their massive double standards and intolerance.
20. "Palestinians criticize visit to Western Wall after vote"
William ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
Now if this doesn't spell out the Arab platform, nothing will. Before Arafat claimed Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount caused the Intifada which PLO leaders later admitted was planned months in advance. Now just a visit to the Western Wall, an area that is absolutely Jewish and will remain under Israeli sovereignty even in the most generous offers by Israel for peace, is considered a "provocation" to the Arabs. In other words, Israel's very existence is a provocation and Jewish presence in their holiest city at all, is a major provocation. Where is the cause for lack of movement on peace? Squarely in Ramallah.
21. "Israeli govt moving more extreme right"
William ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
If you listen to the Israeli Leftists, especially Meretz, they're claiming that Israel is moving towards the Left from the previous years' position. I guess it all depends on who is telling the story and what they personally hope to gain from it.
22. #3 - and Arabs have been making provocation since 1919
William ,   Israel   (01.22.13)
The true two provinces of Palestine are present-day Israel and Jordan. One Arab State, one Jewish State. And that is what it must return to.
23. Reads like an SNL skit....
Abie Dee ,   New York, US   (01.22.13)
This reads like an SNL skit...Hamas leader calling the election results "an even more extreme gov't". And he would know, wouldn't he. At least no Israeli gov't has ever called for the elimination of an entire country.
24. "Soiling the holy sites"
Abie Dee ,   New York, US   (01.22.13)
Really ? by simply praying at Judaism's holiest site ? To understand this statement one only needs to learn what Jordan did after 1948. It actually turned the Western Wall into a garbage dump and prohibited Jews from praying there. Muslims are historically the world's greatest soilers of holy other religion even comes close.
25. Netanyahu visits Kotel
Philip ,   Jerusalem   (01.22.13)
He should have ascended the Temple Mount. But he did go to the Western Wall. Who of the Left did? Did Peres? The President of Israel whose only job is symbolic.
26. Pit of snakes
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.22.13)
Snake hissing before his end.
27. haniyah, enough of your lies!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.22.13)
it is said that a liar needs a good memory! since when is the western wall a "moslem holy site"?! in addition to their lies about the temple mount having ANY connection with the koran or islam (even moslem scholars concede that the "noble sanctuary" must be within a night's ride of mecca, IN ARABIA), now haniyah is trying to expand his fraudulent claims to steal even more of the holy city of the jews. or maybe he is trying to incite a third "intifada", just like the trumped-up rubbish about ariel sharon's visit. (coordinated in advance with the moslem waqf that, unfortunately, was given control of temple mount by the israeli government.) more "love" from the peaceful balestinians.
28. A Jew visiting the Wailing Wall is a "provocation"? Crazies!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (01.22.13)
29. Why Not - every Jew should visit the Kotel
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne UK   (01.22.13)
Why any Jew should ask the Palestinians for permission to visit the Kotel in Jerusalem - It is Our Land - the Land of our Forefathers - It is our land -It will always be Our Land - Remember the next time you visit the Kotel in Jerusalem You are a Free Jew in Your Land
30. 100% agree is a provocation all the "Palestines"
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (01.22.13)
Shut leave Israel forever to show us there angry.
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