And the loser is – the victor
Baruch Leshem
Published: 23.01.13, 18:01
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1. A 'peace agreement'? With who?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (01.23.13)
The two State solution went the way of dinosaurs and everybody in political circles knows it and so do all journalists worthy of the name.. Abu Mazen doesn't want any Jews in his new State and there are over 500,00 of them in the West Bank and they won't be going anywhere. Why won't they? 9,000 Israelis were uprooted from Gaza and it was the biggest Army operation since the Yom Kippur war and it took 10 days. So who would move 500,000 people and where would they go to?
2. Ask Feiglin why the Likud crazies went Bennet moderates Yair
miki ,   tampa   (01.23.13)
3. The losers are we
We ,   jerusalem   (01.23.13)
4. Still Bibi is the winner and Israel still wins
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (01.23.13)
The U.S. is the biggest loser when obummer won!
5. baruch lechem
marv   (01.23.13)
baruch is correct insaying that bibi wilts under pressure and always tries to square the circle as he terribly uncomfortable taking any significant decision. The reason why bibi has survived is because barak was useless at defense and pm, olmert was and is a gutless coward who bungled the hebollah war, livni is as stupid as they come. That is why he is PM with his heart in the right place but he has weaknesses which he cannot overcome even by going to the gy. He had no business ever being P. but you want shelly, livni,e ven lapid whose father enabled olmert. nothing israel can do vis a vis arabs will bring peace. Nothing!
6. awful analysis
Noah ,   Toronto   (01.23.13)
1) the increasing number of parties affects the number of seats any one party may attain... (same way we do not compare today's dollar with the dollar of 50 years ago, without taking into account inflation) 2) the author seems to attribute the lack of peace talks and action to the Israeli government, rather than the extremist/corrupt Palestinian leadership. All in all... just terrible
7. Agitprop
Daniel Teeboom ,   Holland   (01.23.13)
No serious person would right such a bunch of drivel. 1)It's not just up to Israel to make place. 2)And if Netanyahu is such a failure, why is he still here? His party is far bigger than his opponents, something Begin and Shamir did not achieve,
8. Where does Ynet get these writers?
Sidney ,   USA   (01.24.13)
The opinion polls show that Bibi is the only person the majority would trust as PM. Only a wizard could put together a government under Israel's stupid proportional representation system. If Bibi cannot do it, it wont be done.
9. And what of the labor party?
M Grey   (01.23.13)
1969 56 1973 51 1977 32 1981 47 1984 44 1988 39 1992 44 1996 34 1999 26 2003 19 2006 19 2009 13 2013 15 56 at one time, now they're happy they gained 2 seats behind 'another' journalist.
10. More Communist Rhetoric...
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (01.23.13)
11. Valueless trash.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (01.24.13)
This article is total trash.
12. Do these writers even understand Israel?
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.24.13)
How is Bibi a loser when he is slated to become Prime Minister? Likud has fluctuated, but is still the largest party. Bibi suffered for three reasons. One he was not firm enough against Hamas, two, he has not nixed OSLO, and three he merged with Yisroel Beitanu and alienated loyal Likudniks. However, He is brilliant, because he is still on top and still piloting the largest party.
13. Demeaning scurrilous article
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.24.13)
There is not a hint of respect in this article for the office of the Prime Minister. There is absolutely no recognition of the real achievements the Netanyahu government has made in reducing terror, in moving the Economy forward. There is instead a dismissive and one- sided attack of the Prime Minister.
14. Bibi's a great leader and poor campaigner
Fred ,   The Negev, Israel   (01.26.13)
Bibi won this election by a healthy majority but didn't trounce his opponents because of his misguided campaigning. It doesn't matter that he should have won more mandates. He's the winner point blank and no one else was even considered a credible threat. Heredim will be drafted and subsidies for soldiers and better housing will be the only agenda. "Go No Where" talk with Abbas will come up from time to time that'll appease Lapid and existing settlements and Jerusalem building, but no annexation, will somewhat satisfy Bennet.
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