Palestinians: IDF kills female student
Published: 23.01.13, 17:15
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1. Murdering Arab children, the ugliest form of antisemitism
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.23.13)
2. Until these crimes stop antisemitism will grow world wide!
Ken ,   Burma at Peace   (01.23.13)
3. #2 Molotov cocktails and stones
Ezra ,   San Diego   (01.23.13)
Firebombs burn you alive. Stones can kill. Go ahead and wave your peace flag when you weren't there. You have nothing but antisemitism to rationalize the attack. My condolences to the parents of the woman. May her tragic death inspire others not choose violence against Israel.
4. #2 - which crimes are you referring to?
William ,   Is   (01.23.13)
Responding to an unprovoked violent attack on an IDF jeep is not a crime but a justified action against violent perpetrators.
5. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.23.13)
Sorry, but where were you when five members of the Fogel family were killed by ersatz "Palestinian" terrorists? Were you anywhere in evidence? No. You were not. A mother, a father and three babies -- one of them three months old. Where were your tears then? Wait! You didn't have any, did you? You are SUCH a fraud. Go to hell, where you belong. Her name, by the way, was Hadass. I do realize that you do not care, but we do. You, old man, can get the hell lost. Or doesn't the wanton murder of Jewish children bother you? Of course it doesn't. You're an asshole. We all know that. You don't have to keep on proving it. You're just a monster. Go away.
6. #1 - but taking care of Arab violent terrorists is OK
William ,   Israel   (01.23.13)
and until they stop being violent, this incident is likely to be repeated. And as the article shows, the young girl was killed by a stray bullet - ergo, "not targeted'....that is, not like the IDF jeep was with molotov cocktails and rocks wit h mal-intent. By the way - I didn't realize that university-aged students are now "children". It does explain the high "child" death count the Arabs keep claiming.
7. seems to me
rm ,   Amsterdam NL   (01.24.13)
that these days soldiers count more than 3 palestinians together, define them as a hostile crowd and start shooting. In any case, there have been too many incidents....and the victims were all palestinian...;
8. To # 3
Stan ,   Israel   (01.24.13)
Ezra you are in San Diego I am in Israel. You write that fire bombs and stones kill. In israel it depends who is throwing them. At the time of the First Intifada, when Palestinians were being shot dead for throwing stones, a road was being built to skirt Jerusalem. Ultra orthodox Jews were throwing stones at passing cars. This carried on for months, and not one of these Jews was ever fired upon by the police. At about that time I saw on TV how police in Seoul S.Korea, were trying to control rioting students. In the standoff. tens of firebombs were thown on the police. NOT ONE SHOT WAS FIRED. I have lived in Israel now for over 50 years. During that period not one Jew has ever been shot by police during a demonstation. More than 20 Israeli Arabs have been shot dead by police in demonstrations during this period.
9. According to #1 and #2
shrinkDave ,   Miami USA   (01.24.13)
Syria is currently the most anti-Semetic country in the world. Followed by a long list of other Muslim/Arab countries. Israel is still safest place for all Semites.
10. Unarmed Arab murdered by IDF. Rest is IDF spin
Jim   (01.24.13)
11. Throwing molotov cocktails is peaceful protest for PLO/Hamas
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.24.13)
I am not being sarcastic. Rioting and attacking soldiers and Jewish residents is "peaceful protest" according to PLO-Hamas supporters. Have we ever heard Arabs say they were engaged in violent protests? No, we have not.
Esther ,   Selkirk Canada   (01.24.13)
13. Response to violence
Get Real ,   UK   (01.24.13)
Peaceful protest does not involve the throwing of molotov cocktails,rocks etc.These are potentially lethal weapons and faced by a mob using them, and intent on injuring or killing, the soldiers have every legitimate right to defend themselves.Sad that soldiers are put under this stress and sad that people die. But until these attacks on soldiers and especially civilian motorists cease the police and army are obligated to act to restore calm. So often it has been shown that Israeli inaction has resulted in further Palestinian actions leading to deaths and injuries of Israelis.
14. #5
The Fogels were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If they had stayed behind the green line, then they might still be alive today.
15. #6 A Big Differnce!
You are the one who calls the soldiers in the IDF as "children". How old are they ten? The opposition don't have guns, stun grenades, live ammunition or high velocity tear gas cannisters. What did you use in Warsaw? Molotovs and rocks are all the Palestinians have to fight back with, and if one of them hits you, well then, very good!
16. to#14
Rina ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.24.13)
You are one delusional person, who live in denial. You said Fogels where in wrong lace and wrong time. Are you serious? So what you say about hundreds people, who were blown up in Tel-Aviv buses? Or in Haifa cafes? Or in discotek inside of yours "green line". Can you please show us this so-called Green line, where Jews would be free of Muslim terrorists? And what you say about Jews, killed in French? They are also were in wrong place and wrong time? No they don't and there is no any green line, which would save Jews. The fake Palestine would kill people anywhere, because they are not human. They are monsters savages, who like to kill Jews, and they didn't care about any lines. The Fogel family killers was 17 years old and in Palestine propaganda they could easily be called kids. But what you do with kids, who like to slash small kids necks? They are hardly kids, they where raised to kill and this is how were raised the main population of "Palestine" Arabs. They would never stop, because killing is in their blood. They where taught how to kill from the age 3. Nobody have right to kill people, or attempt to kill them. In USA any danger from person to the officers on duty could provoke the shooting, from the officer. Throw the bottles with Molotov Cocktail or stones, can be lethal. IDF soldiers have right to defend themselves. If the Palestine terrorists didn't like to die, they shouldn't start the provocation in public area.
17. pals again, take no responsibility
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.24.13)
the woman wasn't able to safely catch a bus without the pals throwing a riot and, again, causing a life to be lost by their animalistic behavior. She paid the price for these 'demonstrators' who are death itself. Molotov cocktails now SOP with these apes called 'pals'. Poor woman, the pals killed her without a word of regret.
18. # 8 Stan in Israel
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.24.13)
A long time ago, a boy named David killed a giant named Goliath with one well thrown stone, I'm sure you've heard of David. If you want to see police fire upon rebelling civilians, Syria is the theatre for you. ( or any one of a number of Arab Spring nations ) Israel doesn't make it a practice to Fire shots on Jews or Muslims however, Israel can't be compared to S. Korea, or any other nation on earth for that matter. The fact that you DO live in Israel is a testament to putting your money where your mouth is. You have choices, so do the rioters, Jews or Muslims, gays,or straights. They can move, so can you. Shalom.
19. # 14 NO NAME
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.24.13)
So, what you're inferring is that the terrorists were at the RIGHT PLACE - AT THE RIGHT - TIME TO MURDER -THE ENTIRE FOGEL FAMILY??? Maybe if the pals didn't murder unarmed Jewish families, they might not be the most hated people on earth. Soon, no more pals in Israel. ISRAEL'S BUSY BUILDING BABY BUILDING !!!!!
20. # 15 then don't complain when you pals cause pals deaths.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.24.13)
One thing the pals never learn is temperance or understanding. They M.O. is KILL KILL KILL. And when their met with a lethal response, cry like babies BOO HOO! This woman died due to the pals callous disregard for human life, THEIR OWN! Notice only Hamas is being charged with "Crimes against Humanity." Not Israel, not America, HAMAS. FOGEL FMILY NEVER AGAIN!!!!!
21. If they throw stones and firebombs
American ,   USA   (01.24.13)
I hardly call that peaceful demonstrations!!!attacked by a mob with rocks and Molotov cocktail they deserve to all sit in jail or in a zoo where they belong !!
22. Human Shields Can Expect To Be Collateral Damage
emanon ,   USA   (01.24.13)
23. #14
Your post is nonsensical because there have been many Israeli families who have been murdered by Arab terrorists beyond the greenline as well,and those terrorists who murdered those families,also claimed those families stole their land and that they were liberating Palestine. Besides even if what you said were really were true how does that in anyway justify the coldblooded murder of a family? It would take a pretty heartless,soulless person to try and justify stabbing small children and a babygirl to death in coldblood.
24. Last week was a teenage kid ,...
split ,   US   (01.24.13)
Trying hard to provoke another uprising to have an excuse to bomb the sh:t out of them - It makes me wonder how much hate and disdain for Palestinian life must be implanted and nourished in their harts so they can shoot unarmed kid or woman without blinking. In my State or civilised world a cop who was forced to shoot an resisting and life threatening armed robber or murderer is required to take time off from duty and see a shrink to assess an impact on his/her performance.
25. #19...Fogels are a rallying cry justifying killing
Edithann ,   USA   (01.24.13)
any and all Palestinians... .How many Jewish families were murdered by Palestinians since '48???? How many Palestinian families murdered by Israeli's since '48? Now do the math!! You're building homes for keep it up! Israel is imploding ...or haven't you notieced? TATA
26. Fogel family
Lio ,   London Uk   (01.24.13)
What have the Fogel family got to do with this article? It's way past time to let them rest in peace,instead of using them at every opportunity to gain a few brownie points. Spare a thought for the rest of the Fogel family who've hardly had the opportunity to mourn their loved ones.
27. Killing a Palestinian every day is a blessing for Israeli's.
Edithann ,   USA   (01.25.13)
28. to 25
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (01.25.13)
Your uneducated post is just another example of your TATA mentality..You have no clue of any history... FYI,there were no "Palestinians" in the ME in1948..Only in 1984, when Arafat came to into the "picture"and founded the "fattach"terror org. in Gaza, the fleeing of refugees from Jordan and Egypt has began...That is how "Palestinian people were born", edithann...You better remember this: And we do not murder them..We defend ourselves, when attacked and don't celebrate the killing of anybody...We have endured too many Fogels to justify the deterrence, we must practice...We pride ourselves, that our troops risk their lives in attempt not to harm civilians...the only thing this board takes notice of, is your TATA's...TATA...
29. to 24
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (01.25.13)
The source of your opinions is nothing less, then a mixture of brainwash and wishful thinking, split...All your posts are baseless bs and provocation...This article clearly indicates, that IDF had no choice, but use force to disperse the rioters...IDF troops risk their lives every day to avoid killing innocent people on the palestinian side...And who do you think rescues them, treats their wounded in Israeli hospitals, supplies all their needs on their territory at the time they are busy trying to kill us ...? You are so pathetic...
30. #28
She does have a clue of history but does not care because she just hates Jewish people.
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