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US calls for resumption of peace talks
Yitzhak Benhorin, Reuters
Published: 23.01.13, 22:14
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1. Have fun trying to get the Palestinians to the table
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.23.13)
2. What outcome does US want since Pals reject Jewish Israel?
Sam ,   Canada   (01.23.13)
The US agrees that peace leaves a Jewish Israel. The Palestinians don't. So, what is it that the US wants Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians?
3. The courageous action is to annex zone C
Yossef   (01.23.13)
give the israeli citizenship to all Arabs of zone C who ask for it and work with the mayors of the big arab cities in zone A and B to implement autonomy, in coordination with king Hussein. That will be courageous.
4. Abbas refuses to negotiate, so stop pressuring Israel
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.23.13)
obama and the eu need to understand that pressuring israel will not bring about a settlement and will only embolden arab rejectionists.
5. Israel must ***NOT*** do anything, to please
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.24.13)
Hussein O. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. The Eye is upon you.
Cameron ,   USA   (01.23.13)
7. The U.S. must.....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.23.13)
quit dictating what others countries must do. Tell the ersatz Palestinians they must quit demanding pre-conditions before they will talk. Life is a two way street and the world needs to quit acting like it's a one way street and that the ersatz Palestinians own the street.
8. Israel will find herself facing the Real Obama at 2nd Term
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (01.24.13)
while Bibi in his 3rd Term, the same Bibi as ever, will faced a different Obama, the real Obama. this obama will shocked the naive Jewish voters much, as he has already hinted that he needs to swift "a little" of his focus as Latinos are raising up and growing, and Jewish voters are not longer that main concern with him. you will find an Obama that need not be tactful as he will need not worry about a 3rd Term, don't need to woo any Jews or christians any more..... this Obama will reveal his true arab-pet identity.
9. regarding preconditions? Israel should have hers also !
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (01.24.13)
since UN bias enough to alllow Pals to have their preconditions, and Pals shamelessly demand preconditons yet blaming Israel for the "stale". well, then Israel should have her very own preconditons too. Let's demand abbas to take over Gaza, or overthrow hamas before any talk. it is moronic to make any agreement with fatah to represent the whole palestinians, knowing that the other half of the palestinians are controlled by hamas, and Hamas will never agree to anything less than the less one single Jew be thrown into the Mediterranean Sea. Let's ask for the Hamas to be over thrown by fatah to be the Chief precondition !
10. Always the Onus on Israel when it's enemies that want war
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.24.13)
When will the US and EU stop playing this broken record. Israel's position is clear. Israel has bent over backwards countless times to make peace and has been spit in the face each time. Here is Israel's position: Jerusalem is not to be divided, no Arab settler right of return, No PLO military, the settlement blocs and Jordan Valley remain in Israel's hands and the rest is open to negotiation. Those are the red lines. Nikuda! Anything less is wasting every one's time. Meanwhile the PLO/Hamas continue their efforts to destroy Israel and do not recognize the Jewish state. Both PLO-Hamas entities worship terrorist and promote hatred. The PLO-Fatah-PA-Tanzim has not changed their goals to destroy Israel and have not acted in good faith or done anything EVER to signal they want peace with Israel. Obama knows this, but the oil nations pressure the US and the EU to harass Israel.
11. "Israel mus reignite....?
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (01.24.13)
Why Israel? To accept a Holocaust denier's preconditions? To establish one more terror/Al Quaida state?Hopefully the new FM will the courage tell them to take a hike.
12. Annex Area C
Bill Stein ,   USA   (01.24.13)
Israel should annex Area C and Low populated areas of Area B near Area C What's going to happen if Israel under Lipids backing goes back to the 67 borders and you have 7 million Palis by the right of return within walking distance of Tel Aviv? How long will Israel remain a Jewish State then.
13. balet box still warm, and US breathing down our necks?
14. The Jihadi and Fatah-Ba'ath
Zechariah   (01.24.13)
The Jihadi and Fatah-Ba'ath are the Threat Their War Plans are the Threat with Holocaust Denial And The Transfer Option for the Jews of Israel with Massacres for Revenge .
15. Obstacles to Peace
Zechariah   (01.24.13)
The Obstacles to Peace are Iran and its nuclear programme which will lead to a nuclear arms race that in a war would render the area uninhabitable so plans for safe transfer of six million Jews and a billion plus Islamists to safer areas ought begin as a worst case scenario .
16. white house says....
les ,   canada   (01.24.13)
palestinians must stop threatening Israel with annihilation, must recognize the state of Israel, stop stoning, fire bombing, stone throwing at civilians, stop the endless lists of pre-conditions, than Israel "must" resume peace talks. thank you white house we do agree....
17. there are already 2-States formed ! Jordan and Israel !
mary_of_bethanys ,   singapore   (01.24.13)
why need a 3rd state with gaza? since Gaza's hamas sooner or later gonna eat up fatah?
18. White House Usefull Idiocy !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.24.13)
All their Peace efforts since they began, has always failed and will always do. When will thoseLleftwing Democrats of the US ever learn ? It is their Ideology which make Them always fail because, there is no Middle Way between Good and Evil. Arn.Sweden
19. Obama is so committed to peace....that he responded
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.24.13)
by giving the muslim brotherhood a twenty package deal of new F-16's. Terrorist supporters no less. Yet we in the Great country of the United States are ridiculed and questioned about how we can be trusted with SEMI Automatic Rifles...Shotguns...and Pistols. Makes sense to all of us. It must make sense to Israel and the American Jews that voted for Obama too. Disarm the United States....give Israels enemies advanced fighter jets that can be used to destroy their country, as well as our air force jets. Who does Obama represent anyways? If anyone in Israel can figure it out.....Let us know. You might want to tell all the Liberal Jewish Senators as well in the United States. They don't seem to know what end is up right now.
20. In other words
Daniel ,   Tel aviv   (01.24.13)
Between the lines: freeze settlement building as a precondition for talks or we will not resist Palestinian efforts at the UN to further isolate you. But don't worry, we've for your back.....
21.  A policy that flies in the face of the current reality.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (01.24.13)
The critical issue, any land in Judeaand Samaria that Israel cedeswill be filled by arab terrorists in alliance with Iran. Similar to Hezbollah, Iran backed in Lebanon, and Hamas, Iran backed in Gaza. Israel ignores this fact at its peril. The Obama administration is trying to leverage its military support of Israel visa vis the Iranian threat by forcing Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria and bring Iran to the gates of Jerusalem and the 1948 armistice lines mortallyl threatening Israeli population centers. The Obama administration policy is totally wrong. wrong for Israel and wrong for the United States. The United States is continuing to promote Oslo when the facts on the ground have changed. The Lebanon experience, the Gaza experience, shows that when Israel withdraws, Iran and its proxies step in. President Obama's policies will lead to conflict and war and surely not peace.
22. Obama, Read Our Lips: "We don't buy it any more"!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.24.13)
23. The Palestinians will never agree to end the conflict
USA knows this   (01.24.13)
for the following reasons: 1) They will be regarded like every other failed Arab state (Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, etc.). The Palestinians see how the world cares about 60,000 dead in Syria, why would the world care for them (out of context with Israel). They will lose the sympathy of the world. 2) They will lose their fake identity which stems only from the conflict with Israel. Without it, who are they? No one really knows. They only have one because the world uses them as proxy soldiers against Israel. 3) They will lose a lot of the funding from the world (and from Israel, i.e free electricity/water). 4) Israel will not be doing the “night watch” anymore in J&S (Abu Mazen doesn’t really control WB), and in all likelihood that they will be overrun by the Hamas like in Gaza and thrown off roof tops. 5) If Hamas takes over J&S (aka “west bank”), the result will eventually be an all out war with Israel, and this time winner takes all and losers go away... to Jordan! 6) The people of Gaza are living under a very nasty regime (world yawns). 7) They are not stupid, no matter what Israeli leftists think. Israel is the only stable entity in the ME why detach from it? However, the show must go on and on...
24. @21 You've made war since your creation, now make Peace!
Ken ,   Burma at Peace   (01.24.13)
25. Israel biting the hand that feeds them...
Robert ,   Magnetic Island   (01.24.13)
....continue with that and you may find your lifeline cut off!
26. Time has finally arrived in Israel
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.24.13)
to govern without the religious parties, Shas and Torah. A stable right-central coalition is there with 65 seats. The most serious problem in Israel are not the arabs, but the haredis. These fanatics causes deep financial and economic damages for the state and the people. They must find a compromissic way to join the society. They must work, serve in the army behave like normal israelis. Nobody will forbid them to pray in synagogues and wearing their ridicolous dress and hut. But no place for them in the government.
27. Obama: Benghazi == BiBi *Harnessed
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (01.24.13)
Obama has plenty on hand . Trying to break GOP. Impeachment possible. Israel should get on minding its best interests, Not here to please Obama, or the EU, if we are under existential threats; but, we can do this more subtly and take all unnecessary antagonism out. Elections produced superb results; IL voters punished BiBi for trying to be too smart.. Not many like how Lieberman confronts, E1 statement was hollow, stupid, reaction at Abbas low level of threats. Now Bibi held in a restraining bridle makes for better safety all round.
28. Let's see Obama solve US problems
Ron ,   US   (01.24.13)
Before he tells Israel what to do.
29. Doubt Netanyahu Up to It
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (01.24.13)
If people don't like the answers to questions asked of the press secretary, they should refrain from asking the questions. If there are to be talks, Netanyahu will find a way to convince there is some benefit to the Palestinians from talks. Abbas seems unconvinced as yet. Netanyahu's preconditions of settlement expansion belie any peaceful intent. Answering a question that was asked publicly is not pressuring.
30. To No. 10 Chaim
Bertram ,   London, UK   (01.24.13)
"Israel has bent over backwards countless times to make peace..." "Here is Israel's position: Jerusalem is not to be divided, no Arab settler right of return, No PLO military, the settlement blocs and Jordan Valley remain in Israel's hands ...." Bending over backwards? Right, I see what you mean.
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