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PA says may have no choice but to take Israel to ICC
Published: 23.01.13, 23:03
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1. So what?
Akiva   (01.23.13)
Oh no, the arabs are taking Israel to an institution neither it nor the United States recognizes and as such is an irrelevant and powerless non-entity. Aha, says you, but maybe this is significant after all? Does not that old agreement, what was it now, oh yes, Oslo, talk about how neither side was to take any steps such as this? Why in that case, go right on ahead Mr Abbas/Mazen! Keep digging that hole and we'll keep filling it, with more homes, more synagogues, more mikvaot, more schools, more malls and of course many many Yidden.
3. When you steal a land you go to court
Yossi narmal Jew   (01.24.13)
4. who cares?
Steven ,   USA/Israel   (01.24.13)
We must not be afraid of our adversaries.
5. #1 Akiva; KUDO'S To You
6. What a bunch of hypocritical babies
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (01.24.13)
The poor Arabs whine and cry. They refuse Israel's land for peace over and over again. They wage war, jihad murder! Then they cry about apartments on Israels own land! How can anybody ever make peace with crazy liars?
7. 1 - explain it to the Interpol, after warrants are issued.
8. Your fault Israel for not banning illegal Arab construction
TW   (01.24.13)
Arabs are building without permits on both sides of the Green Line, and Israeli authorities are doing nothing about it..
9. To # 1 Akiva So what
Shamil Benyaminov ,   US, NYC   (01.24.13)
You are absolutely right….I am sick a tired of their BS already. Israel, Jerusalem and Zion is one united under Torah….they should just shut up already and move on with their lives with what they have….if not they can move to neighboring arab/muslim countries where they won’t be discriminate and treated fairly….when this BS will ever end. I just hope our PM won’t show his soft side and start giving away land ….this land belongs to Jews…
10. Illegal request from illegal authority
Sidney ,   USA   (01.24.13)
The UN and related international bodies are very legalistic when it comes to Israel but ignore the truth that there is no legal PA. Abbas' term ended several years ago when a new president was supposed to be elected. Treating him as president of the PA is like treating George W. Bush and Tony Blair as heads of the US and English governments. But for the UN any excuse for Israel bashing is good eneough.
11. Hague Shmague
Jeffrey in Boston ,   USA   (01.24.13)
Big whoop
12. The Hague??
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (01.24.13)
The people charged at the Hague usually die of old age before any decision is reached but if the Palestinians follow through on their threat the Israel, and Jews from around the world should file against the PA, each Palestinian leader individually, and each named terrorist organization for defamation of character and compensation from terrorist attacks. All Palestinian assets should be seized and held in escrow pending a judges decision. This will run into the TRILLIONS and cripple the Palestinians maybe for good.
13. Whatever you were to give, it's never enough
Moon Mullins   (01.24.13)
14. Expel the PLO from Israel
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.24.13)
I think that is a good way to counter this threat.
15. I do not think Arabs have a case.
leo ,   usa   (01.24.13)
I could backfire on Palestinians. Given the fact that Arabs refused partition in 1947 and still refuse it they do not have a claim. To correct the situation they must agree to partition. In order to agree to partition they must negotiate borders not as of UN partition of 1947, but whatever they will be able to muster today. One more thing, Arabs will have to begin with proving legitimacy of their claim to the Judea and Israel. If Arabs will go to Hague we will discover a lot of interesting things that they prefer to keep a secret.
16. Neither did Serbia
Myconius ,   lwd   (01.24.13)
But their president died in a Scheveningen cel just the same. None of the convicted politicians and military ever did recognize the court. But it didn't matter when it comes to the outcome. The very fact that the Israeli government is so fierceful trying to prevent a lawsuit in The Hague, means they realize this all to well. Only naive puppets like Akiva believe otherwise.
17. Time to disolve the PA
Mordechai   (01.24.13)
Simple 1) Disolve the PA. Take away all of its power and money. 2) Take back Gaza and rebuild all the settlements there. 3) Drop Israel's membership in the UN. 4) Watch the word yell scream and do nothing.
18. DO IT NOW!
Truthseeker ,   USA   (01.24.13)
Israel should long ago have been taken to the courts not only for their illegal settlements and land theft but for their oppression of the Palestinians, an oppression and occupation that has dragged on since 1967, If there is any justice in the world Israel will be found GUILTY and the world will see her as the pariah state that she is.
19. #1
Roger ,   Hairfax, USA   (01.24.13)
The ICC can exercise jurisdiction where the alleged crime was committed on the territory of a state party (or where the state on whose territory the crime was committed has accepted the jurisdiction of the Court-which the Palestinians will have done). Article 12 provides that, in addition to jurisdiction based on Security Council action under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter and jurisdiction based on consent by the defendant’s state of nationality, the ICC will have jurisdiction to prosecute the national of any state when crimes within the court’s subject-matter jurisdiction are committed on the territory of a state that is a party to the treaty or that consents to ICC jurisdiction for that case. That territorial basis would empower the court to exercise jurisdiction even in cases where the defendant’s state of nationality is not a party to the treaty and does not consent to the exercise of jurisdiction.
20. The palaisitnains dont want peace!! Its just that simple...
Brett Levitas ,   JHB South Africa   (01.24.13)
21. Let us jews retaliate and take every arab country
Brett Levitas ,   JHB South Africa   (01.24.13)
To the Hague. We were forced out of almost every arab country!!! Whats good for them should be good for us>!!
22. ICC initials backwards means CANT CHARGE ISRAEL
zionist forever   (01.24.13)
We do not recognise the authority of the ICC and we have not signed up to it. We do not recognise the existence of a palestinians state and never will unless we are supportive of its creation. We do recognise Jerusalem as being the capital of Israel and always will be. We do recognise Jews should be living in all of Jerusalem. We do recognise that there is an urgent need to tell Abbas & his sidekick Obama to go to hell.
23. Israel needs now Likud-Habayit-Haredi coalition!
Jouko ,   Finland   (01.24.13)
24. #16-Myconius
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.24.13)
Please, read the article. It starts like this: "PA says may have no choice but to take Israel to ICC". The very fact you blame Israeli government of "fierceful trying to prevent a lawsuit in The Hague" just shows how quick you to judge Israel. Firstly, PA must make a show for the international community having valid elections result of which can be quiet unpleasant for Fatah. Secondly, reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas can't bring anything but failure to any law suite against Israel. In conclusion you don't know what you are talking about.
25. Truthseeker
ANNA ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.24.13)
You'll better change your nickname for truthdestroyer. Israeli Arabs live side by side in peace with Jews, work in Hospitals, Universities and Courts. Those who want to live in peace with Jews they have PEACE. Those who expelled all the Jews from all the neighboring countries and even don't allow Jews to travel to these countries must be brought to the ICC. By the way Mr. Abbas said that new Palestine will be free of the Jews.
26. #19
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.24.13)
I have to agree with your statement. But does it mean those who today call themselves "Palestinians" have a case against Israel? Don't you find it quiet interesting why Mr. Abbas ignores all the invitations made by Israeli government to the negotiations year after year? I think Israel has much stronger case to present.
27. icc
colin   (01.24.13)
Israel has all the choices it wants or needs.
28. #19 Article 12 says not what you said
Bob ,   Great Southern Land   (01.24.13)
Article 12 While the Security Council is exercising in respect of any dispute or situation the functions assigned to it in the present Charter, the General Assembly shall not make any recommendation with regard to that dispute or situation unless the Security Council so requests. The Secretary-General, with the consent of the Security Council, shall notify the General Assembly at each session of any matters relative to the maintenance of international peace and security which are being dealt with by the Security Council and shall similarly notify the General Assembly, or the Members of the United Nations if the General Assembly is not in session, immediately the Security Council ceases to deal with such matters.
29. Some more land???
Roslyn ,   Tel Aviv   (01.24.13)
They were given Nitzanim and other areas around Gaza for Peace and guess what happened - they only moved their rockets closer to the moshavim - the Palestinians do not want land for development - they want it for war!!
30. Good, the more they focus on nonsense, the less they kill us
Yaniv ,   Israel   (01.24.13)
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