Condemned Iranian weeps on hangman's shoulder
Published: 24.01.13, 11:04
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1. Iranian death penalty
Get Real ,   UK   (01.24.13)
It needs this to bring Iran's use of the death penalty to world attention with HUNDREDS executed annually. Are you sure of the numbers? Or is this just public executions?
2. Too late for weeping
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (01.24.13)
I saw the video of the robbery. Their crime was not having sex before marrige. Their crime was not turning their back to their religion or consuming alcohol or watching porn. These guys attacked and robbed person with a machete! And it's very likely this was not the first time. The world is better without these kinds of people.
3. Ouch! Death for "violent" robbery!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (01.24.13)
Here in Israel his lawyer would have called the robber a "normative" person. The robber would appear in court unshaven and with a black kippah on his head and he would get 2 months in jail, suspended of course, and pay NIS500 to the victims! In the UK the court would rule that the victim deserved to be robbed and the robber would be acquitted and be paid damages for his "incarceration". In the USA the victim would have blown the robber away with an AK47 and claim he was acting in terms of the 2nd Amendment much to the satisfaction of the NRA! In China and Russia and other "enlightened" countries, the robber would have disappeared! Such is justice in the 21st Century!
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (01.24.13)
5. Wouldn't giving them jobs have helped to prevent this?
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.24.13)
But, there are no jobs in Iran. Imagine how the sanctions affect all the Iranian people for the behavior of their war lord 'leaders'. Iran's money is spent on financing Muslim wars instead of feeding her own people, sounds like N. Korea. Look at what it does to their desperate poverty stricken people. Death or food? Not defending them just think the punishment exceeds the violent act of robbery.
6. Peace
Rose ,   US   (01.24.13)
Rest in peace. May God bless your sweet souls. Such greif, sadness and tragedy. Love will always prevail.
7. Keep doing it
steve from raleigh   (01.24.13)
Let's watch Iran shatter and burn. What's the worse that could happen? They blame the Jews.
8. A n Eye for an Eye - a.s.f.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.24.13)
With what Judgement/Measurement you Judge/Maesurie others, should be done to you again. This is True Equality, making the Human His own Judge. Even an Evil Regime could do some Justice. Arn.Sweden.
9. oh come on, like Israel
Melissa ,   US of Ara   (01.24.13)
doesn't do exactly the same just for being Arab. me and a few friends of mine at the human rights watch keep a close eye on Israel's many many executions on people guilty for less things. atleast this guy committed heinous crimes. Israel should stop their no court, no lawyer, pubic executions too.
10. Justice Was Done
David ,   Minneapolis, USA   (01.24.13)
They can weep, but what mercy did they show their victim? How many others had they maimed / would they have gone on to maim and kill? What use are these people to society. This was the right sentence.
11. Tyrants
Sam ,   LA, USA   (01.24.13)
Tyrant's number one tool to oppress others throughout history is to claim that they are the true representative of "God" and therefore can never be questioned.
12. What they do to their own - what would they do to us?
David ,   Israel   (01.24.13)
If given the chance
13. the purpose of public executions
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.24.13)
the real purpose of public executions is to intimidate the average iranian - it is a way of asserting the power of the mullahcracy. their disregard for human life is just one more reason that iran needs regime change, now!
14. This is freedom
Holy Warrior ,   Uk   (01.24.13)
without these excecutions, Iran would be like the UK where people are affraid to poke their heads out after dark. Where the crime rate is through the roof, where there is no regard for the institution of family. We think we are free but infact we are trapped.
15. HANG that raghead Khamenei, because HE
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.24.13)
is an enemy of G-d ! And the HELL is eagerly waiting for him !
16. #11 Who you talking about,Iranian or Israeli Tyrants?or both
Ken ,   Burma at Peace   (01.24.13)
17. #9 melissa - you show your abject ignorance
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.24.13)
Israel does NOT have the death penalty. That proves that you and your friends at HRW keep CLOSED eyes on Israel. Your post shows how little you know or care, and how much you and your posts should be ignored. Sorry, but the truth must be told: you are pathetic.
18. Execution for violent crime is NOT unique
spyguy ,   seattle, usa   (01.24.13)
to Iran, even the US does it, especially in Texas. In many states in the US hanging is still one of the options, as is firing squad. As for being "unemployed," that is often the excuse used by criminals in many other counties, including the US, for violent anti-social behavior. Given that millions of other extremely poor humans do not resort to violent anti-social behavior, it is not much of an excuse. The sentence was fair.
19. hanging for robbeyr?
MONA ,   US   (01.24.13)
This breaks my heart,Islam only allows hanging for killing a human on purpose,,Islam means peace,not cruelty,remember these tyrants are not moslims and know nothing about Islam,they are cruel..
20. Barbarians with smartphones
Beer ,   Germany   (01.24.13)
There is another side of public execution and not less horrible as murder itself: bunch of barbarians came to the "show" and making pictures. So what progress this society made since 7th century? Got a smartphones?
21. To: David at No.10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.24.13)
Execution for robbery? Don't you think that's rather harsh? Iran is suffering nearly 40 percent unemployment, and a simple ten-kilo bag of rice goes for about two thousand dollars. Or more. A chicken on the black market goes for about one thousand dollars. People in Iran are driven to measures they might not otherwise take. I don't disagree with the death penalty. I just question which crimes actually deserve that most ultimate of punishments. I do not believe that robbery fits the bill.
22. News from stoneage Iran - the shame country of humanity!
EU   (01.24.13)
23. #9 mellisa
JL   (01.24.13)
you are a liar and the worst type of scumbag
24. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.24.13)
Actually, the last I checked, murder is what warrants the death penalty in the United States. And -- by the way -- hanging is an option in only six states. None of it done strangling at the end of a rope tied to a jib crane. Done properly, hanging is considered the most humane of executions. Of course, a jib crane is hardly humane, is it?
25. Rare image
Nogah Meira ,   Houston usa   (01.24.13)
There are many opinions that may be expressed in regard to this story with a barrage of bias. There is no statutory limitation on forgiveness. Not one of us may judge the heart/soul of another man. We ALL have the same Owner, regardless if we recognize Him as our Creator/Father or not. I think the point to this story is not the excuses the offenders used, their crime, Islam, Shariah law, the way they were executed, et cetera. I believe that the point is that all involved are human beings. That remorse is a rare thing to behold. That even more rare is compassion in response to remorse. And even more rare STILL is both, remorse and compassion, together captured in an image.
26. #9 I love you, you are absolutely right......Lubna was kille
TUTU ,   East Jerusalem   (01.24.13)
Lubna a 21 years old student was killed yesterday in bethlehem in cold blood in the middle of day for doing nothing. God bless her soul. you should see the news people
27. A shame for humaty but they can donate there organs
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (01.24.13)
and do something good afther the teran murder regimen
28. It's a sad day for Israel if no Arabs are killed somewhere.
Edithann ,   USA   (01.24.13)
29. #26 tuto Jerusalem ( The Jewish Capital Isn't Divided)
this 21 arab whowas shot by a stray bullet the IDF fired at pieceful arab protester's THROWING FIREBOMB'S AND ROCK AT ISRAELI SOLDIER'S If I aws in the IDF there would have bben ALOT more Dead Terrorists who would'nt have the chance to throw Any more firebomb's or rocks! Yella haji gochba
30. #19
Silkey ,   Silkeborg, Denmark   (01.24.13)
Yeah, yeah, yeah we've heard this empty proclamation before: "Muslims" detest violence and hatred. They cherish peace with suicide bombs and guns.They worship the institution of marriage and family by murdering their wives, sisters and daughters for talking with a non Muslim man or acting too liberated. There's no crime in Muslim lands, because everyone follows the teachings of the Koran. They love to travel by aeroplane, keep loving pets like sheep, donkeys and goats. Wine will never touch their lips, but the Koran will before they detonate their "vests." My heart is breaking....just breaking.
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