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Meretz leader: Netanyahu will fall; elections within a year
Roi Mandel
Published: 24.01.13, 18:53
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1. Merits
Albert ,   England   (01.24.13)
'Lets let him fall' She doesn't sound like a particularly nice person to me. Would want my kids to pick a different friend if she was in their class!
2. ????
KD ,   NY USA   (01.24.13)
Why is her and most of the left's priority simply to see Netanyahu fall? They're desperate to get back in power after losing credibility over the "peace process" and unilateral withdrawals
3. Israel hating Meretz
Alex   (01.24.13)
Will fall when an oath of loyalty is introduced. It's just a matter of time before universal draft and oath of loyalty is introduced, and these traitors will finally be deported.
4. Leader
john ,   toronto   (01.24.13)
If a leader wants to rule Jewish people, he better stand up for truth and justice. Otherwise he will fall .
5. Why Alex (#3), why like this? why?
anti-Alex   (01.24.13)
6. Gal On
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (01.24.13)
Poor Meretz all ready drunk on power that they don't have. They still don't get it, the people really don't want them to run things. They only way Meretz got 6 seats is because the leftest Labour supporters don't like the way the party turned. Face it Gal-On your still a small do nothing party
7. does she understand politics or math
zionist forever   (01.24.13)
Six seats does not make Meretz the political powerhouse able to bring down the government and thanks to Bennet's new seat it means the right can form a coalition alone whilst the left cannot. Bibi now has between himself, Bennet and the religious 61 seats whilst the arabs and all the leftist parties can only get 59 which is 2short of the minimum 61 they need. The only thing she might have a point with is passing the budget. Assuming has has a coalition of the religious, Bennet, Lapid, Livni and Mofaz then I don't know if they will pass the budget. Lapid, Livni & Mofaz will want money spent on social projects because they are the leftists. The religious will want money spent on religious matters which Lapid will object to. Bennet wants more money spent on settlements which Livni will fight. Bibi will want responsible spending. He may be able to pass the kind of budget he likes if Bennet & the religious treat Bibi like an ally. Finally Bibi has the upper hand because Peres can't appoint a leftist government if Bibi has the minimum 61 and the left do not. Poor old Peres, Obama and Gal-On and Shelly are all going to be crying tonight knowing their last hope for the left to grab power is gone thanks to the soldiers going with Bennet.
8. Gal-On: let's be positive
Ezra ,   San Diego   (01.24.13)
Let's be positive Gal-On, and not concentrate on the negative. Your behavior is counter productive, and separates Israeli citizens. Make a correction to bring uniformity and purpose.
9. dream on, gal on, bibi is here to stay
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.24.13)
Bitter grapes, even though meretz gather a few more seats, bibi will be around to laugh at your predictions.
10. Gal-On is a disgraceful
Rozie   (01.24.13)
self hating Jew and Israeli. Her main item on her agenda is to disparage the PM. She has done NOTHING for the state of Israel and should SHUT UP. She is nothing more than a self hating Jew and communist to top that.
11. The taming of the shrews
Jake   (01.24.13)
Oh what joy. The 3 cantankerous shrews will soon be united together in the opposition. Her Bitchiness the queen bee Zehava, with her 5 drones, together with Tipsy Livni and Shelly YaKLUMovich, and their mini-crew, stuck in the opposition again. !איזה כיף
12. Gal-On you sound very angry you didn't win
Tova ,   Canada   (01.24.13)
If Natenyahu falls, Israel falls. You must stand behind your elected leaders. To wish him to fail publicality she is showing her personal revenge. Usually people who talk about peace & justice too much can be very mean & scary people. too liberal - their issues are mostly for themselves not social jusiice. If she want social justice, the work with new government and stand for Isrel Gal-On - or Gal Away with yourself.
13. delusional women - amusing or disturbing?
Mario   (01.24.13)
14. Wishful thinking of the Left!
rivkah f. ,   Jerusalem   (01.24.13)
The Left wishes for failure of the new government & does not really care that it may solve certain basic issues or at least address them constructively. Meretz doubled its representation only because Kadima dissolved into nothingness and some Kadima voters returned to Meretz. Give Lapid, Bennett and Bibi a chance. The country is more important than Meretz.
15. #7, That's not true.
Jake   (01.24.13)
Yesh Atid is centrist, not leftist, and there is no "center-left bloc". That's a media invention. Yesh Atid ran on one issue alone: sharing the national burden. Lapid said it yesterday: "We will not build an obstructionist bloc with Haneen Zoabi". And his 'red line' demand for drafting the Arabs into the IDF or naitonal service renders the notion of a bloc containing his party and the Arab MK's null and void.
16. Gal-Ons remarks are disturbing
Shep ,   Memphis, TN   (01.24.13)
Even though Obama was not my choice and I don't thinnk he is good for Israel, he is my President and I have repect for the political process. Gal-On's comments are flat-out unpatriotic and she should be treated with scorn by her own party, much less the general Isralei public.
17. # 11
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.24.13)
Well said Jake.
18. 15
zionist forever   (01.24.13)
Lapid himself is not leftist but he has adopted some leftist policies mainly because they were popular as a result of the social protests and that os going to make passing a budget hard. I did not say Lapid was considering forming a leftist block I know he has ruled it out my point was that now Bennet has gained an extra seat its no longer a 60-60 split and the right can form a coalition alone but as the left don't have the numbers to form a coalition. Provided Bennet & the religious stick by him the left can't do anything so Peres no longer has any choice but to appoint Bbi PM. .
19. oy ,what a partzuf!
20. #5 "Why?"?
Alex   (01.24.13)
Why would traitors who doesn't give a damn about the people of southern Israel be allowed to work against the interest of a Zionist Israel from within?, is rather the question. Thankfully Israel has chosen a center-right Zionist path.
21. Meretz
Norma ,   Memphis, U.S.A.   (01.25.13)
For the longest I could not for the life of me understand why I did not like mertez, Now I know. Benjamin Netanyahu is the greatest thing that has ever happened to Israel. God placed him there and there he will stay! Israel will be the only Country left standing after the battle of Armageddon...All of the briers and thorns (this is what God calls them) that surround Israel will be no more!
22. #18
Jake   (01.25.13)
You are right. With the final results out, adding one to Bennett and subtracting one from the Arab parties, even the media illusion of a 60-60 split between so-called "right" and "center-left" blocs has been shattered. Now, there is simply no way any kind of leftist bloc can form a coalition, and the 3 shrews plus Zoobi (make that 4 shrews) will stew in their own juice in the opposition.
23. The "United Arab List" will never be a complete list
Jake   (01.25.13)
until it includes Meretz.
24. Keep dream Gal-On. Nice dreams
Ilan ,   Phoenix, AZ   (01.25.13)
Just another dream of Meretz and the left. Just wonder whether this dream is bigger than their other like 'peace' with the 'Palestinians', '2 states to 2 people', 'Oslo', 'peace with Gaza', 'peace with our lovers in Lebanon (Hizballa)', etc. Keep dream left. Nice to live in Lalaland
25. Jake 11, excellent post
Cipora Julianna Kohn   (01.25.13)
26. Thanks for voting for Netanyahu
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (01.25.13)
There is still hope in Israel !!! I know many wanted a different outcome, but you need a strong leader like Bibi right NOW. Thank you for keeping him at the helm. Mazel Tov !!!
27. @15
AY ,   USA   (01.25.13)
Will most Israeli Jews be "just fine" with mass drafting of the Israeli Arabs? 'Cause, surely, if there are mass drafts of the religious, the gov't can't discriminate against its Arab citizens...
28. Meretz on another Planet
Zechariah   (01.25.13)
Meretz is on another planet but its good too see Israelis with humanitarian hopes.the reality is that whatever Meretz offers The Jihadi will reject especially Iran which seeks to dissolve the Jewish state even if a one to one land swap was made and the settlements kept and the majority of Palestinians allowed back into Judae and Samaria and some even to Into Israel.
29. It's a Shame that the Left Wing is associated with treason
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.25.13)
The Left wing should be working on social issues and not be committed to defeating Israel and aiding it's enemies. If Meretz had a platform of social justice and helping people that would be one thing, but to be a party that provides aid and comfort to Hamas and the PLO just makes Meretz contemptible and untrustworthy.
30. # 26 SD Charger San Diego
big bad Jew ,   United States   (01.27.13)
Maybe we should also thank obama for pimping ( err, my bad, "Pushing" ) the "Arab League Peace Plan"? Also, we should thank Ms. Clinton, the lil' lady of convenient 'concussions' and blood clots ? Bibi's smarter than all the ambassadors of the Arabs who've failed while Israel gave an answer that made them furious, BUILDING BABY BUILDING !!!!!!!!
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