Barak in Davos: Syria serves as warning
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Published: 25.01.13, 00:04
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1. What a disgusting ant!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.25.13)
Is this the way a Jew speaks? Go and make new alliances!Go and believe in your cause(ants have no cause,as Barak)!Go and find alternatives other than disgusting surrender! WHAT A BIG PUTZ!!!!
2. Right Mr.Barak !!!!! In 1973 Germany did NOT
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.25.13)
come to the support of it's Israeli "friends"...SO MUCH about so called friends...NOBODY would care ANYTHING, if Israel would be attacked by Iran ! The whole world would just look the other way...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Barak´s cause:
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.25.13)
Expensive,luxury, apartments and the heck with the rest of the world,inclunding fellow Jews.
4. No fan of Barak but keep getting amazed by how people judge
Ron ,   Melbourne, Australia   (01.25.13)
While I do not share Barak's political views nor agree with some life choices it is always amazing for me how people , when disprove of someone [for any reasons] can be single minded in condemning them - reflecting an extreme case of confirmation bias. Yes, Maybe Barak is not the ideal leader many would like, maybe dictatorial, etc- once can choose whatever view they want , however, views such as as expressed that all he cares about is expensive luxury apartment, etc - negates all the difficulties and risks he had to endure by choice- his Army service in the most elite unit required significant sacrifices, strength of commitment, and placement in great danger vs. many other IDF position. While he spent his time in the Army many others chose to make outside careers which potentially bring the lap of luxury a little bit closer and sooner. It is disgusting that many readers feel the need to attack the person rather then their views and even if attacking the person is a case of demonstrating double standards then the need to totally focus singularly only on negative when the person is more complex than that reflects badly on the person and on the nature of the discourse. Amazing - how many lazy brain there are out there.....
5. Many Examples
Zechariah   (01.25.13)
The Genocides in Africa have been Horrendous For Decades the World has done Little The Europeans have been particularly Bad from Weakness and Self Indulgence.And that's the Problem with Hagel and Obama They are Isolationists both for different Reasons .hagels slip about the Jewish Lobby was particularly Disappointing.
6. davos, the vacation for the rich.
les ,   canada   (01.25.13)
barak is RIGHT! AND I AM NO FAN OF HIS. we know how the "world" reacted before the '67 war, in '73, the past couple of years when rockets were raining down on Israel, now, that iran clearly stated they want to wipe Israel off the map. when push comes to shove, ISRAEL IS ON IT'S OWN. KEEP RIMINDING OURSELVES: NEVER AGAIN!!!
7. unfair but...
gene ,   NY.USA   (01.25.13)
You of course make sense about world not helping in time of need, its been like that and not about to change
8. israel is not syria
israeli paratrooper   (01.25.13)
israel is not syria . when and if we go down ,we'll take a few hundred million people down with us .
9. Israelis cant trust barak to do anything, except maybe
jack bauer   (01.25.13)
betray, deceive, usurp, and leave helpless in the face of the enemy If we have this loser in charge as DM again, how will we survive the upcoming shaoh when he is best known for losing wars
10. #1 & 3, What's your problem?
yaacovic   (01.25.13)
Barak is telling it like it is. I for one totally agree with him. It seems it doesn't make it easier to find a peaceful solution but maybe being realistic and responsible actually helps in the long run.
11. Israel stands alone
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.25.13)
not one country would come to the aid of israel.
12. Syria is a stain on the entire world
Cipora Julianna Kohn   (01.25.13)
13. Thank goodness he's leaving!!
Rachelr ,   US   (01.25.13)
14. If worst comes to worst -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.25.13)
- I Quote - " defense minister says Israel cannot trust world to come to Israel's aid 'if worst comes to worst " Comment - The World could even be in a state that it CAN NOT come to Israels aid. Further - He suggested that this applied to Israel itself, discouraging its people from backing risks for peace, such as the return of strategic Palestinian territories in exchange for various assurances. Comment - Exactly - Israel will to begin with, have to fight alone, in the Great and Terrible Day of HASHEM, even though the whole world are in a state of World War. Further - He said Israel should nonetheless overcome its concerns and find a way to withdraw from the West Bank in order to avoid becoming inseparable from it in a single state that will ultimately have an Arab majority. Comment - As according to the Word of HASHEM - all Jews and the Ten Lost Tribes will come home so, there will never be an Arabic majority. God bevere - but - the Word of HASHEM must come to fullfillment. Arn.Sweden.
15. Keren, spare the venom
HaifaGuy   (01.25.13)
Both Bibi and Barak are lately in the business of telling it like it is because after 11 years of relentless Islamofascist aggression, some ears in the civilized world are finally ready to listen. Your tirade is completely misplaced, my dear.
16. Syria serves as warning
Papoto ,   USA   (01.25.13)
He is 100% right so don't expect any help ..Israel you are on your own...Just look at the reaction of the World when Israel tries to defend itself!
17. Yes, Syria does serve as a warning, Barak
Cameron ,   USA   (01.25.13)
The danger of lurching into a 1st-class mess in the name of pulling someone else's ass out of the fire. No apologies due for holding back & being exceedingly wary. Realpolitik cautious.
18. As if Rwanda, Congo, Liberia and Bosnia did not teach us
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.25.13)
Israel knows it's on it's own and after September 11th I thought the US would side with Israel against the PLO and Hamas terrorist who murdered our families, but the US did nothing to fight terror. We are alone. We Jews have always been alone and we must be strong and defend ourselves. Israel should not withdraw from even a centimeter of our homeland and must not allow another terrorist nation be formed on our doorsteps like they have in Gaza and Lebanon.
19. #4 and # 15 Very well said!
bob k ,   orlando usa   (01.25.13)
20. israeli paratrooper 8, well said
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.25.13)
i suspect that netanyahu had made this clear to obama.
21. barak never spoke truer words
zionist forever   (01.25.13)
The Europeans buy alot of oil from Libya so before Gaddafi had killed even 2000 people the British & French were demanding the UN authorise military action. The west don't do much trade with Syria and they don't want to get into another Iraq like situation so 60,000+ are dead and the casualty rate is still growing and all the west do is tell Assad he should step down and way that the use of WMDS will be a red line. Its while we can't rely on Obama or anybody else to do anything about Iran.
22. #21
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.25.13)
And do you think that Netanyahu is going to do something about Iran? Sit and wait because he won´t. By the running of the carriage,Netanyahu is bent on to obey Obama,in other words,nothing will be done against a muslim friend-Iran. I bet.
23. Barak in Davos
Fddy ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.25.13)
What is Barak doing in Davos ? after all its a conference dealing in economics not defence.
24. PM vs Barak
Brod ,   USA   (01.25.13)
The PM should govern and not allow Barak to travel to Davos and express his personal opinion preempting Israel on the Land of Israel-Judea and Samaria. Too many cooks who do not know how to cook can spoil the broth.
25. The world stands silent at Syrian atrocities ?
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (01.26.13)
Such moralizing! And how many refugees- pray tell- has Syria's neighbour Israel, welcomed? Thought so.
26. To # 8
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (01.26.13)
You sound like that Palestinian woman who delivered the bomb and "martyr" to the Sbarro carnage. Your disdain for human life which doesn't include members of your religion is the major problem. Many people will read your hatred and judge all Jews by your comments. I do not. As far as I can see, you have more in common with the woman I mentioned than any Jewish person I have ever met.
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