8,000 soldiers vote for party supporting pot legalization
Yoav Zitun
Published: 25.01.13, 00:27
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1. brit paras in afghanistan
sweeter ,   far away   (01.25.13)
tested a few years ago for dope. results were something like 30%. israeli paras found this shocking, i am told. so low!
2. My Tour
Natan ,   Golan   (01.25.13)
When I was in Judea & Samaria, I was shocked to see soldiers with hashish ON DUTY on a regular basis. Talk about stupid. And there was one Ethiopian Rasta-wanna-be who even tried selling it on base. Idiot got 120 days in jail and a discharge.
3. sad so many voters waste votes on pot
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.25.13)
This is terrible if this is foremost on the mind and agenda of the soldiers. Maybe it is time that the ultra orthodox do take over the army and get this scum out!
4. Some youth are complete degenerates
With war/terrorists, price hikes etc. all around them the only thing they care about is pot legalization...? What have happened to the youth today? (Note: I'm in my early twenties myself)
5. A blunt misrepresentation of the party's line
Moise   (01.25.13)
This is the first (And currently the only) Israeli party with a libertarian agenda, and that's the main reason it started getting some traction. Unfortunately, not enough traction.
6. Legalize Marijuana in Israel and make Elilat like Amsterdam
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.25.13)
Make Marijuana legal in a limited fashion in Israel and in Eilat allow Cafes to open selling marijuana legally. This will draw tourist that normally would go to Sinai and create revenue for Israel. Tax it, control it and Israel will also be preventing money from going to criminals and organized crime.
7. costs
Ellen ,   Netanya   (01.25.13)
Interesting how soldiers complain they get terrible pay, how young people complain they can't afford apartments, yet there is money for illegal drugs! Maybe if they stopped smoking ( no I am not saying legalize it) and saved the money otherwise spent, they wouldn't be poverty stricken upon release!
8. shocked by stupidity
Liad ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.25.13)
I am honestly shocked by the stupidity of some Ynet talkbackers. People on here are calling these kids degenerates because they smoke grass, talking about "wasting votes", and that smoking pot is the reason soldiers are poor when they get out of the army (just as a few examples)!? First off, get some perspective on what Marijuana is and it's effects on humans in comparison with alcohol. If these soldiers were drinking on base, nobody would say anything. Secondly, it's not a waste of a vote, it's called issue voting and it should be advocated in times where the general distaste for the major political parties leaves one unsure of who to vote for (at least they're voting). And, Ellen (#7), yours had to be the most ignorant statement I've read on the subject. Buying weed is not the reason these soldiers are poor upon release. They aren't really paid very much for their time in the army and the reason they can't afford apartments is the same reason that most israelis can't afford apartments, because the prices are much higher than they should be in relation to the salaries that people make here. This combined with the fact that you need to provide 25% to take out a mortgage here, prevents the vast majority of Israelis from buying a home. We had some protests about it last year...maybe you were sleeping during this time...there were a lot of people involved in it.
Colorado ,   USA   (01.25.13)
Chemicals from pot/hashish stay in brain and bloodstream for WEEKS and so do the effects… one of them being an increase in estrogen in the body and a widening of the synaptic nerve connections in the brain. THC does not metabolize the way alcohol does. People who use and sell just want to do it without ramifications of law and will site the benefits of tax revenues and regulation. Don't be fooled. The SAME people who brought you the stuff in the first place aren't going to simply vanish. They'll be protected by law. Driving is impaired, judgement is impaired, reflexes are impaired, emotional addiction sets in. And this is a good thing? This makes Israel weak. Don't follow the "affluent" West because it's all about to crash…
10. Larry
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (02.15.13)
I see that you sit content in cushy LA. it's quite offensive to read your horrible comment calling our soldiers that smoke marijuana "scum". How dare you! Normally I wouldn't bother answering a sad, bitter person such as yourself. Your opinion belongs to a past era - the dynasaur one!
11. 9
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (02.15.13)
Your statements about marijuana have no scientific proven basis whatsoever. You are merely reciting the ignorant things that other ignorant people told you. Maybe you should try researching recent medical studies on the subject all of which show that marijuana fights cancer and is increasingly used in the medical world to SAVE LIVES.
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