PM offers Lapid FM post or Treasury portfolio
Ynet reporters
Published: 25.01.13, 12:52
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1. HA! in Israel you vote Right
David ,   On this planet   (01.25.13)
and you get Left or what we call centrix.. I can guaranty Netanyahu this to be his last Premiership. His 31 seats will drop to less than 10 and be as important as Kadima is in the next election. I hope Bennet gets enough experience those next four years to be ready for the number one. Go figure, I am a diehard disappointed Likudnic
2. Budget cuts are necessary.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.25.13)
Begin it with less money for improductive haredi and arab masses.
3. Just in case
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.25.13)
Please,read my comments at,7340,L-4336787,00.html And: PERES OUT!!! Appointing Peres to decide the heads of parties in Knesset will simply crown the circus and make things still worse. His mind is in Lapid´s current appointment to Treasure(????)! OMG,there are archeological stony ticks running Israel!!! This MUST end!
4. #1 - yes but...
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (01.25.13)
When the right only gets through by the skin of their teeth after a book full of tricks and games, it becomes clear that it is time to start listening to the other 50% of the nation that has been hijacked and silenced for the duration of the Bibi years. The oarty is over and so it should be. Enough of the destruction of the state of Israel.
5. Problems
Why Israel needs 800 people working for NYC consulate? Often they strike. Reduce the stuff to 8 people and no strikes. Why less than 50% of Lapids list serve in the IDF combat? Some did not serve at all Lapid should get the ministry of sport. That is all. Lapid is a beuty like Obama but we know it is not enough. Look at Obama.
6. This is a joke
Joe ,   Israel   (01.25.13)
Lapid is blatantly unqualified for FM, Minister of Defense, nor Finance.
7. #3: You should check your facts!
David ,   Israel   (01.25.13)
The Basic Law, not the President, calls for the President of the State of Israel to give the first option of forming a new government to the leader of the party with the most Knesset Seats AND who can form a STABLE government after consulting withe the heads of other parties! Livni won the last election, but did not get support so he called on Netanyahu and and now we are NIS40 billion down the drain. You comment about Peres is a result of the hatred, Jew hating Jew, brewing in Israel which is a far bigger danger than Iran's bomb or the Palestinian terrorists! Think before you spew hatred and check you facts!
8. Lapid should not take the treasury!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (01.25.13)
Let Bibi and Steinitz sort the bloody mess they have made by giving the Haredim billions of shekels at the expense of the MAJORITY of the people of Israel. Maybe the Prime Minister well tell the people of Israel that he is sure that the billions poured into the "illegal" settlements, the ones deemed illegal by Israeli Law and the Knesset and not Obama, Cameron and Ashton, has not been spent so the Palestinians can destroy everything in some "future" settlement! As for Housing, Bibi will do everything to buy Shas!
zionist forever   (01.25.13)
Do we want a tv presenter with no prior political experience to be in charge of spending? If he must be given a senior ministry then let him have foreign ministry, from there he can smile to the cameras and make nice speeches. He wont have that unique Liberman style diplomacy but better a diplomat than being given responsibility on how to spend money. Give defense to a general and finance to somebody who knows about economics.
10. #9
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.25.13)
...or to a philosopher, who like most philosophers, ended up in the philosophy business, because they were not good at arithmetic in grade school
11. I first thought you meant cuts were necessary in Hungary ..
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad   (01.25.13)
12. #6 are you familiar with the Peter Principle?
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (01.25.13)
The effect could be stated as: employees tend to be given more authority until they cannot continue to work competently. Happens in nearly every business too!
13. #7 Peres should not involve himself in politics ..
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad - Israel   (01.25.13)
Peres should not involve himself in politics, but he does. He would love to stab Bibi in the back. Israel has a stronger economy than almost every in Europe and the US.
14. #9 - Bibi would still be in charge of spending!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (01.25.13)
Do you honestly believe that the various ministers make independent decisions? Well they don't even come close to it!
15. #7 = Wrong
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.25.13)
Peres has not doing well with his hidden expedients from Israel.Remember Oslo. Israel is not a country of children who need tutors. If Peres thinks like Obama that "Israelis don´t know what´s good for them",then he must be replaced. Actually,now is almost too late since Peres is too old,but not late enough to prevent more damages. I don´t hate my fellow Jews but the opposite and in that I include Peres,Livni,haredim etc,and criticism does not mean hate but the opposite.
16. Stick to your guns, Yair Lapid!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.25.13)
Less MKs = helps to cut budget deficit. No to finance portfolio = don't let them blame you for the mess they made. No to defense - not your forte Interior, Housing, Social and Welfare are where you can do the most good. equal share of the burden legislation with the IDF making the choices. Resumption of peace talks. We may not succeed even if we try, but we will certainly not succeed if we don't try.
17. Give him the Treasury portfolio
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.25.13)
Lapid, after all, has ALWAYS been all about the money. May as well give him that which drives and motivates him.
18. Bennett
Bill Stein ,   USA   (01.25.13)
Bennett better be in the cabinet with a high cabinet post or there will be a wholesale revolt by Likud and the Israeli electorate who did not vote for a American Controlled cabinet. Livni also must not be in the cabinet because in my opinion she is controlled by Obama Clinton and Peres . Likuds Kenesset MKs are more right this time and in my opinion would revolt
19. #18
Bennet must be tightly controlled and given as little voice as possible. The Israeli public have clearly stated that they are unwilling to have their future hijacked anymore my extreme rightest intent of crashing Israel in to the wall and destroying the Jewish homeland. Livni must be foreign minister and Lapid Finance or Housing. Enough of the stagnation.
Mashtin Bakir ,   Merkaz, Israel   (01.25.13)
The ground swell of support for Yair Lapid and Yesh Atid this past week, is a signal that there is a growing sentiment within the Israeli populace that if we are going to have a future, Yair Lapid and Co. must be true to their platform! The voters who moved to the Center sent a clear message, DAYANU! They are sick of carrying an uduely high burden while to large a segment goes "scott free"! Lapid must stick to his guns, not let the smooth talking PM back him into a corner! Yair, before he gets you on the ropes (you're a boxer) tell him you're in this for all 10 must come out punching! maybe not a knockout in the 1st round, we want at least a victory on points! So please go the distance!
21. #19 nonsense
Bill Stein ,   USA   (01.25.13)
This is not a American Controlled Cabinet with American Controlled Cabinet Members the Israeli People The. Likud itself will never accept it. Bennett must be given a high post. Livni must not be in.
22. I am impressed, if this report is true,
Tom ,   USA   (01.25.13)
that Lapid rejects FM or Defense, which shows sagacity, as he knows so little about either and has no experience in those vital areas. His greatest interests appear to be in Housing or Internal ministry, affording him on-time learning and acquiring knowledge of running government. I think he would be good for Housing and push for reforms,development and more affordable housing. He can still help in pushing government reform and 'sharing of load' of state needs by its citizens.Treasury needs an expert in that discipline regarding budget and fiscal matters to guide the economy in this difficult era.Bennett should be given the other ministry-Housing or Interior or Commerce /business.I think Bennett and Lapid will work well together.Iran, Obama, EU,UN will continue to apply more pressure against Israel.They must unite to form good solid government for improvements to well being and future progress of the state and the people
23. #1
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (01.25.13)
There is just one way to save Likud and that is the removal of Netanyahu from the leadership. He has betrayed not only the party of Menachem Begin, but the settlement movement. He doesn't deserve a place in israeli poiltics!
24. Cuts,cuts!
Miron ,   Israel   (01.25.13)
I think Lapid could be an excellent Finance minister,after Steinitz calamity. Besides cutting subsidies to Haredim and Arab sector,a future finance minister MUST cut outrageous high salaries and benefits of thousands of Govt. high echelon employees. I know people making 50k NIS a month in the various ministries,while retired people live of 5k NIS a month or much less.
25. This is what happens when you send a boy to do man's job.
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.25.13)
26. Good move Nthanyuo, Lapid will fall flat on his face
JJJ   (01.25.13)
27. #1 - I hope this in Bibi's last term
William ,   Israel   (01.25.13)
This is his 3rd term and I think that's enough for any politician.
28. 17 - Very bad year to the loonies of the right
i feel for you   (01.25.13)
Weather the US, or Israel ah Saraleh?
29. Unfortunately Lapid is not qualified for any Portfolio
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.25.13)
Lapid is not qualified to hold any position, and yet Israeli voters elected him. Lapid has no defense credentials, no foreign minister credentials, no financial credentials, and the only thing he is competent in is being entertaining. I guess he will have to learn or at least have everyone else do the work for him.
30. Bill Stein
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.25.13)
When you live here, serve in the IDF and pay our taxes then you can tell us what to do.
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