Haredi parties consider uniting fronts
Akiva Novick
Published: 25.01.13, 13:36
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Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.25.13)
"Equal share of the burden also includes studying the Torah. If the seculars study, then the haredim will enlist." I like that and that´s FAIR!
2. Keren
Joe Malanti ,   Israel   (01.25.13)
What's so fair about it? Military service is prescribed by the law of the country. Religious study is an individual choice and not prescribed by the law of the country. In fact, normal orthodox youth serve in the military as required. What alternative do you give to Druse soldiers who serve in the military?
3. for control Bibi needs haredim & Lapid
zionist forever   (01.25.13)
If Bibi went for a coalition of just Bennet & Lapid he would get 62 seats and if either of them decided to leave then it would bring down the government. If he also included Livni & Mofaz but no haredi it would give him 70 seats but still if Bennet or Lapid go so does he. If Bibi has Bennet & the religious he has a 61 seat rightist majority. He can then invite Lapid, Livni & Mofaz to join giving him an 88 seat coalition in which it would be possible for any party to bring him down so he also gets to set the angenda not Bennet or Lapid. If Bibi doesn't have them all he will be the weakest link in his own coalition and knows if he doesn't say how high when either Bennet or Lapid tells him to jump he faces another 1 billion shekel election so also in the taxpayer best interest for him to have everybody.
4. #2 Joe
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.25.13)
" Military service is prescribed by the law of the country"you say. Well,the law of the country is made by its people. Currently the law is a secular law and who says that that´s the "Law"? Religious people have all rights to determine the law of the country the same way seculars have. Compromising and according is the fair attitude to all components of the society.
5. I question how fair that is
Jake ,   Herzliya   (01.25.13)
Students learn Tanakh in public schools, it is part of the necessary curriculum. Just like math is required, just like literature, science, etc etc. Then they are required to either enlist or perform national service. Then they need to get jobs. Haredim get a pass on EVERYTHING if they study Tanakh. It's a massive loophole that needs to be closed.
6. #5
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.25.13)
7. But to be fair...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.25.13)
...haredim must not receive money from the government to study Torah. That´s highly UNFAIR and such practice must end. All study Torah;all go to army;all work;all receive the same benefits;etc. Haredim are not better than anybody and are not entitled to special privileges.
stude ham   (01.25.13)
and obviously their past ethical record makes them unfit to govern even the loose change in our pockets.
9. 4
zionist forever   (01.25.13)
I wonder how many people would be demanding haredi enlistment if they looked beyond the issue of whats fair or not? Its going to cost taxpayers millions to pave the way for this large scale enlistment its not just a matter of issuing them with a uniform. Do we want those millions spent on making the haredi do national service or projets that bennefit the public? The ones who don't want them most is the army. To save money the army is already trying to cut back on manpower by using more unmanned vehicles. The more soldiers in the army the greater the expenses and the more money spent on having the haredi who they neither need or want means less money to be spent on equipment. Is that fair on all the other soldiers.
10. How would we like it if they forced us to live like them?
Janice Black   (01.25.13)
Let's be fair; the haredim were here before the Zionists came; they were living their lifestyle. Can we come and uproot them and their value system - which happens to be the basis and justification for Zionists being in Israel and not Uganda?
11. Here we are then....
Genie ,   Tel Aviv   (01.25.13)
It's not about the torah (which was hardly the guiding light when it cames to Deri's little run-in with the law), but the money, the money, the money.
12. #10 Janice
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.25.13)
Before is before.Before there were much fewer haredim and there was no Israel yet. Now,we have another configuration and haredim must be solidary to all Jews living in this land. They are not alone anymore. Life goes forward and people have to deal with what comes now and do their best with what they have now. Haredim will not go back to before 1948 the same way "palestinians"won´t. FORWARD!
13. The religious poitical parties are afront to everything
Al   (01.25.13)
Israeli. Its time they be placed in the dog house. Universal draft for every able bodied Jew. Its time to make men out of their bums (bogus Yeshiva Boys) and to put the RABBIS in their front of the Torah.
14. Labor Unity
Zechariah   (01.25.13)
For the sake of stability seven from Labor ought ensure the social gap is closed and the settlers behave as Am Yisroel and Wait.
15. To Joe
StevieT ,   USA   (01.25.13)
I have learned that is never wise to argue with one whose beliefs are based on abstractions.
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