Ex-PM Sharon's brain scans 'positive,' says aide
Published: 26.01.13, 08:35
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1. God Bless Sharon
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.26.13)
I wish Sharon would wake up. Some people claim he was poisoned, but where is the proof?
2. If the sedatives could be reduced for Ariel Sharon and
Rivkah   (01.26.13)
Vitamin O stabilized liquid oxygen sprayed into his mouth or under his tongue every hour during the day until he recovers to elevate lymphatic tissue oxygen levels to 14 ppm, recovery would be more likely. Even years after a stroke, the damage can be reversed by elevating tissue oxygen levels which is Nobel Prize Medicine. Sadly, that is not done routinely and has to be provided by the patient's family. Another thing to spray several times a day into his mouth is Silver-100 solution. If Omri and Gilad had listened to me in 2006 on this, I would have been so thankful and so would their father. I have to wonder if they don't want him trying to be the father again, controlling things and people, to deny him that resolution to health problems. When Walter Thomas Vanasperen elevated his mother's oxygen level in the 1990's when she had been in a vegetative coma far worse than Sharon's situation for a long time, it was reversed in 30 days and she awoke and live another decade. She was blind and her walk was not as firm as it was before her stroke, but her mind was sharp as ever and a help to her son in his writings she encouraged him with. She had to have a helper but was able to live in her home again.
3. No 1 You are starting like the Pals with arafat. No 2 Inter.
making iddle theories which dont help to the situation. In short Lashn Haraa I think comment no 2 from Rivka is very impresive. What the sons have to loose to try it, until now no other method has worked.
4. The ELS Scripture codes indicate Sharon will recover.
Rivkah   (01.26.13)
T. Chase at her site found codes that he would recover. Scriptures says in the latter days the old will be as strong as the young in Israel to fight the last war against all the nations of the earth (U.N.) except for seven shepherd nations. Sharon will fight again. His sweetness is so wonderful when he directs his prayers toward the nation and women perceive that telepathically. I don't know about men but women in Israel tell me that and I have felt it, too. No wonder his sons have not let go of him. To be without the covering of his prayers would be a great loss for them.
5. 1. Chaim Ben Kahan, Efrat, Israel: The whole medical world
Rivkah   (01.26.13)
knows Ariel Sharon's stroke was iatrogenic or physician induced by a contraindicated injectable blood thinner. When I went to Israel in my great concern for his care in 2006 I was told by the Israeli secret service that over 400 physicians from around the world flew to Israel to help as volunteers, but all were turned away. I stayed and tried to be an intimidating factor to keep his family or the medical staff from euthanizing him which happens i n many hospitals. The first TIA or little stroke cannot be proved to be poison but he did drink a glass of wine shortly before that in a political toast that could have been tainted according to writer Barry Chamlish (sp?). Sharon was attacked. The Rabbis put a curse on him and a physician carried it out. The E.R. at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem did not give Sharon intravenous Caffeinol when he got to the E.R. which could have reversed 80% of the damage if given within a three hour window of the stroke. He got there within an hour, so why the medical malpractice? Then they tried ot kill him with catscans, ordering one every three days, hoping the radiation would finish him off. Each catscan was equal to 400 to 500 x-rays. Then the medical records there were destroyed to protect the guilty and no one was prosecuted for attempted murder.
6. Yes, Rivkah ...
rom ,   israel   (01.26.13)
According to you the Poles were going to shift on March 18, 2011 , causing earthquakes, tsunamis, and 200+mph winds in bands around the earth for an hour. Why should anyone listen to you and your fairy stories?
7. I love reading Rivkahs comments...they make me laugh thanks
Al   (01.26.13)
8. just because you may be paranoid doesnt mean you are wrong
name witheld   (01.26.13)
and rivkah may not be 100% correct, but I have yet to hear from a single person what happened. There are no theories better then her poisoning one. I am not convinced of the details, but I am open to the idea. He made enemies and the pieces fit
9. Rivkah, enough already.
Expat ,   Adelaide   (01.26.13)
10. #6 & 9, Please, tread lightly how you speak against my dear
dear friend Rebecca. ,   Irmo, Israel   (01.27.13)
11. 10 Irmo: Thank you. I miss your wise counsel on YNET.
Rivkah/Rebecca   (01.27.13)
Glad you are back to reading YNET again and commenting. I look for your posts and they are so few unlike years ago. I guess the burdens of life have weighed down on you.
12. 6 Rom, Israel: You doubt because HaShem was merciful?
Rivkah   (01.27.13)
Do you know why the third transit of Comet Elenin was not a Pole Shift? The first transit of Earth through Comet Elenin caused the Haiti earthquake. The second caused the New Zealand earthquake. The third was minor because HaShem in His mercy caused Comet Elenin to self destruct to half its size on the other side of the Sun in its eliptical orbit. But Planet X is much larger. The first, second and third transits of the Earth are in March, September 2013 and March 2014 according to Marshall Masters' book "Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift." What did HaShem show me when Comet Elenin self destructed behind the Sun to half its size so it was less dangerous to the Earth? He showed me my wedding garment to Yahweh-Yeshua and that it is so vast it covers a third of the Northern Hemisphere. He sees me as an Ezekiel chapter 22 person for whose sake HaShem will not destroy a nation because that person is worthy to stand in the gap of the wall of the nation. But He showed me I am worthy to stand in the gap of the EARTH when he destroyed half of Comet Elenin in 2011. I am His beloved wife in whom He is well pleased, Yahweh-Yeshua tells me. Be thankful for that. The sacrifices of my life have been unimaginable and I asked HaShem why people have been so mean to me from birth when even my mother hated me as did her other c hildren and her husband. He answered, "It is not you they hate. It is Me."
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