Europe losing its memory
Riccardo Dugulin
Published: 27.01.13, 11:50
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1. Reality Check
Paul ,   South Africa   (01.27.13)
The holocaust was a Jewish tragedy, which cant be forgotten, but truthfully, the rest of the world is a bit tired of the holocaust & guilt being shoved down their throats on a consistant basis.Its been turned from a historical event, by certain vested interest groups, into a commercial enterprise. I as a Jew, who lost family members during this horrific time, just want to go forward in life & stop living in the past. I will never forget, & I honour the memory of the victims. The more these "vested interests" keep forcing the world to remember, the more resentment is being created. I dont, nor does the world commemorate the millions upon millions of Indians murdered in North & South America, during that holocaust, though I honour their dead as well. Enough is enough.
2. Endless, ENDLESS Europe is bad, USA is great propaganda
Rivkah.   (01.27.13)
My grandparents were in the holocaust, but thats a different story. My point is, what is the endless agenda Israeli English speaking papers have? Now the electons are over, its back to everyone hates us again.
3. The Shoah is more than murder
Mark ,   London, UK   (01.27.13)
Stand-alone Shoah is not sufficient as a lesson. The rise of Nazism is studied extensively in schools. How did this happen must remain the leitmotiv of shoah education. Economic and social dislocation and the disregard of justice, all arose from the first world war. Adressing problems with the simple solutions offered by Communism and Fascism. People power led by demagogues and the discrediting of democratic values across swathes of Europe. Whether they can hang on to these conclusions is yet to be seen. It does colour the European view of the Middle East.
4. Reality Check II
Elke ,   USA   (01.27.13)
The Holocaust was not a "Jewish tragedy," it was a human tragedy. The real amnesia concerns the 5 million "others" who also perished in the Nazi death camps, victims rarely mentioned by Jewish sources. The total Nazi extermination count is generally accepted to be 11 million. Six million POLES were specifically targeted and killed, only half of them Jewish (See holocaustforgotten.com). Nazis set as one of their first goals the eradication of Poles to make way for German expansion into their territory. As a person of Polish descent who lost family members during this horrific time, I am saddened by how the "others" are dismissed or never mentioned. With six million dead, how can anyone not believe the Holocaust struck Poland with equal force? Were the lives of Polish citizens, Jewish or Christian, not equally precious and equal in value? That many think Holocaust = Jewish tragedy is due to a concerted effort to portray it that way. No one sees the Polish community fund-raising or basing their profile before the world on the historic fact of their Holocaust losses although it might be equally justified. The Jewish Holocaust community would likely find more sympathy in the world if they did not treat the epic disaster of the Holocaust as if it were exclusively their own. It is not.
5. Enough is enough
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (01.27.13)
Why keep blathering about something that occurred in my grandparents generation. Who wants to hear murderous Europeans killed millions and are evil? The constant drone from Jews and Israelis is so boring. Besides my family helped rescue Jews. My grandparents were heros. It is for the people who say or believe such things that Shoah education must be taught. The Holocaust is not about the murder of 6 million Jews. It's about the systemic plan to exterminate a group of people. It's about a philosophy of hate and an eroding of human values turning people into animals and insects in the minds of their killers. It's about the removal of rights and freedoms that allowed the above mindset to take place. It must be taught in this light or we are doomed to repeat it. Yesterday's holocaust victims could be tomorrow's gays blacks Muslims or women
6. In The History Of The World ....
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.27.13)
Calamity and Persecution Have Come To Many Ethnic Groups. Only the Jewish nation has made a religion of their misfortunes. The Shoah, as you call it, was no less and no more significant than any of the others that have come down through history to many nations and ethnic cultures. The fact is the Jewish people have not suffered any greater or less than anyone else. You want to know why people are indifferent to the trappings of your remembrance days? The world has become numb to seven decade long guilt trip Israel has employed. Rational people are saying two things to Israel (1) enough of your Shoahd based financial extortion and (2) your misfortunes in no way justify your wretched treatment of the Palestinian people. Israelis need to grab hold of that concept. The world doesn't feel guilty about things that happened before we were born by people we had no control over. What concerns us is what you are doing right now. That we have some influence over.
7. Unfortunate Reality
Robyn ,   Canada   (01.27.13)
"Vested interest groups,into a commercial enterprise". What contemptible words.How can you begrudge one Remembrance Day to the victims! The world is tired?? The world did not help but aided in the holocaust. You can go forward with life and still remember the past. Resentment was,is and always will be around. I have my doubts that you are a Jew that lost family. My father remembers every second that passes.His cries echo in my heart.. I do not understand why you bring up the Indian Holocaust. Two wrongs does not alter the Remembrance of the Holocaust. NO, it is not ENOUGH!! With all the anti-semitism and anti-Israel sentiments that exist, is the world planning another Holocaust??
8. European memory
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (01.27.13)
Europe forgets the Holocaust, because Europe really does not care if Jews are killed. But, the European memory loss is not limited to the killing of Jews. If the European policies had been in effect in WWII, Germany would have been victorious. The British and American carpet firebombings of the German industrial cities cold not have occurred, because they would have been deemed "disproportionate". There would have been no criticism of the German V-i, V-2 and bomber attacks on England, just as there is no criticism today of Muslim missiles that are fired into Israel. And, without the "disproportionate" response, the Germans would have won.
9. It is not important anymore
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (01.27.13)
to vast swathes of the population, Europe has changed beyond all recognition since the 1940's it is time Israelis accepted that and moved on.
10. #1 totaly agree with you. Holocaust enterprise becomes
Sami ,   Lebanon   (01.27.13)
the milky caw for some Jews . It is seems these same Jew cannot live without Holocaust and anti-Semitism symphony. They just stop to exist as Jewish identity.
11. The only change in Europe in the last 100 years
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.27.13)
Is that they honor dead Jews. They are still the same racist fascist supporters of live Jews that they have ever been. They just want to ensure that there are no live Jews to keep reminding them of their racism
12. Useless rituals
Leo ,   France   (01.27.13)
The authors forgets that, for example, majority of French Jews survived the Nazi occupation. That would hardly been possible without help of a significant part of the French society. So this "all Europeans are guilty" theme is wrong. BTW, I wonder how heroic the writer would be in similar circumstances? Would he risk his family's and his own life to save some strangers? Regarding these remembrance days , they incite nothing but mocking and irritation from the younger generation. One should remember that all this was happening 70 years ago, then why should young people feel themselves somehow responsible for the events in which neither them nor even their parents could have participated? They don't want, and more rituals, school hours, and TV documentaries would not change this.
13. Eurabia isn't losing ist memory...
BH ,   Iowa   (01.27.13)
It's returning to its natural state.
Edithann ,   USA   (01.27.13)
It's sinking in...no one cares about your history, just as you don't care about theirs... It's only Jews who continue to carry ancient grievences around their necks and on their backs forever.. Get over it...and get on with life... TATA No one is as interested in carrying their own ancient grievences around their necks as Jews are... TATA
15. Humans have a Short Memories "Never Forget"
The Izzman ,   USA   (01.27.13)
Anti Sematisim is on the Rise. We must recognize Jan 27th every year! Hitler was able to convince his nation to exterminate people. Jews, Pols, Christians. This atrocity should never be forgotten nor ignored. This annaversary is to remind people one crazy person Hitler convinced and influenced his nation to comitt genocide. By not recognizing the Holocust every year it will keep younger generations farther from the truth and reality the Holocoust happened. By not keeping It alive and remembered in people minds, it will beforgotten and even doubted over time. Allready thier are leaders that doubt and promote the Holcoust is a myth. This historical day, must not be forgotten.. With anti Sematisim on the rise, and Islamic population on the rise. Thier influence over time, will erase the Holocoust history and create a propaganda it never happened. Maybe even have another leader that will convice his nation they are superior to the world and should exterminate the incosent people that are thriving.. Think about humans having a short memory, and having history repeate itself. If its remembered every year. It will be harder for people to deny it. The Izzman USA/ Israel.
16. concentrating on the present and the future
Zsolt ,   Wanganui,NZ   (01.28.13)
I think besides commemorating the past we would also need to concentrate on the present and the future. Unfortunately human nature is such that by simply pointing to events in the past we will never be able to prevent actions in the future. If we want to protect ourselves and make sure such disasters against Jews never happen in the future we will need to serve a constant reminder to the world that the Jews as a single nation, and the country of Israel are alive, they are healthy, and they can give things to humanity nobody else is capable giving. And the most important thing we can give, especially today in the fast worsening global crisis, when all human institutions are falling apart, is the blueprint how to build unity, mutual cooperation above inherent differences, or even hatred, how to create mutual guarantee in between people that have no inherent national bond. This is what Israel and worldwide Jewry has to show the world through a positive, practical national example, thus making themselves essential to humanity.
17. Here we go again ,...
split ,   US   (01.27.13)
No one is talking about Ukrainian famine where during one winter 8-10 million (a whole segment of society) was wiped out and who was behind it. No one talks about Russian gulags where at least 30 million people perished and who was behind it. No one talks about the Great Chinese Famine 1958–1961 with 75 million victims and who were those commie experts advisers behind Mao's 'Great Leap' but we're reminded daily about those ugly Europeans who murdered Jews or didn't care and stop it. Stop milking this tragedy that's the only reason you keep it alive. You not the only one that suffered, let it go, get over it and get a life. Shoving it down in people's throats make them resentful and will backfire some day ,...
18. Remember all 60M WWII dead, 11M-17M murdered, not just Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.27.13)
19. Children are not held guilty for the cirmes of their fathers
BLT   (01.27.13)
20. #4 Polish History revised
Robyn ,   Canada   (01.27.13)
I do not know where you are getting your numbers from but they do not add up.I am sure that Poles suffered their victims,but to try to sanitize Polish collaboration and EXTREME anti-semitism is a fraud. My family's history in Poland goes back a thousand years.They fought and died for Poland, yet when the Nazis WALKED (no Polish resistance) into Poland collaboration was very wide spread.There were armed Polish death squads that exterminated Jews in villages and towns. My father's two brothers were murdered by one such death squad in 1941.( "Zinc"). Hitler would never have had succeeded if the population would not have co-operated ( that includes the many of European countries)
21. Europe Losing Its Memory?
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (01.28.13)
In my book that's called selective amnesia.
22. # 19 why should we take anything out on the kids.
thats like saying, if your dad was a rapist then you will also be punished for that when you werent even born.
23. memory
brian ,   phil usa   (01.28.13)
the jewish people have same right to remember the holocaust as the irish people remember the potato famine and the export of food to england while people starved and died.
24. #20 - ever hear of the Warsaw Uprising?
Elke ,   USA   (01.28.13)
The largest resistance movement ever attempted against the Nazis? Mounted by the Polish Home Army? Resulting in the loss of 16,000 resistance fighters in 63 days in a futile attempt to liberate Warsaw and re-establish Polish sovereignty? No Polish resistance? Please. Your grip on history is sadly lacking. That there may have been SOME Polish citizens conscripted by the Germans in their evil work is no doubt true. It is equally true that SOME Jews held important positions at the Nazi death camps, aiding in both the destruction of victims in the ovens and the hideous medical experiments conducted there. While you are eager to spew "anti-semitism" accusations against the Poles, consider this: Poles represent the biggest number of people who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. To date, 6,266 Poles have been awarded the title of Righteous among the Nations by the State of Israel – more than any other nation. They are directly credited with saving as many as 450,000 Jews. These are indisputable facts.
25. Diaspora Jews loosing Holocaust Memories
Tova ,   Canada   (01.28.13)
The Jews of Europe and world over should send their children to Israel & do some kind of service in the military - You are alive today because GOD gave you a homeland called Israel. Many of us lost our family, but we survived because we moved forward. We must remember, but we must all teach the children their rightful place in the Jewish History. GO to Israel and do your service. Don't expect the world to honour your history, if you do not honour Israel
26. 20 - My family's history in Poland goes back a thousand year
split ,   US   (01.28.13)
First; A few Jewish families were allowed to stay in Poland by Henry II the Pious after Jewish massacres in England in 1190 that is around 750 years ago, not a thousand as you want us to believe and that's it, the rest of you were illegal squatters on Polish soil. Second; Your father's revelations about the death squads got as much credibility as your family history in Poland. Third; If those blood thirsty/jew hating Poles were so bad than how come there were more Jews in Poland than in the rest of Europe, are you a tribe of masochists or what? They fought and died for Poland - No kiddin' just like they fight and die today in Beit Shemesh or Mea Shearim for Israel or Postville, Monsey, New Square, Kiryas Joel for US and Outremont for Canada to name few places where they live ripping off a taxpayer and local population. Now, tell us how did your father survive holocaust in Nazi occupied Poland among all those blood thirsty/jew hating Poles anyway?,...
27. 18. Remember all 60M WWII dead, 11M-17M murdered,
split ,   US   (01.28.13)
May I add, Gipsies that proportionally got hit much harder than Jews, homosexuals, retarded, not to mention tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers not drunk enough or not to crazy to attack armed to their teeth digged in Germans with empty Pepesza's clips, murdered by a shot to their back by Stalin's Jewish politruks behind them.
28. #24 Warsaw GHETTO Uprising
Robyn ,   Canada   (01.28.13)
Again you are trying to revise history. It was the JEWS of the Warsaw Ghetto who fought the Nazis . Your exclusion of the word "Ghetto" speaks volumes. Poland is a killing field to me. I have living history with me ( my father ). Your attempts to sanitize Polish culpability will not work with me. The events in your post are skewed beyond belief. I now realize why it is so IMPORTANT to have the testimonies of the survivors recorded. The Germans have accepted their role in the Holocaust and so should Poland.
29. #26 Family & Death Squads.
Robyn ,   Canada   (01.28.13)
Are you surprised and angry that any Jew survived. Actually my father knows exactly the name of the Poles that murdered his brothers. When my father returned to his home town, this information was given to him by the survivors. My information about the death squads came to me from a professor at York University via the Polish Embassy in Ottawa. He informed that in 1941 a Polish death squad murdered Jews in that area. Although the authorities knew the names of the perpetrators the case never came to trial(surprise). Jews first arrived in Poland with the Romans and why did they stay? Where could they have gone?? They had no choice. According to your post, it seems that Jews have no right to live anywhere or even to LIVE.
30. The holocaust is something many Jews have forgotten!
Neomi   (01.28.13)
I hear that the Jewish communities in Germany are growing at a fast rate. For me, it is the epitome of short-term memory! Jews, and ONLY Jews, are responsible for this disgusting trend !!!
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