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Egypt court sentences 21 to death for stadium disaster
Roi Kais, agencies
Published: 26.01.13, 14:32
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1. To all the delusional and learn
Al   (01.26.13)
If you think for a moment Israel will ever achieve true peace with these savages, you are truly insane.
2. welcome to Obama's New ME
the mad zionist ,   san francisco   (01.26.13)
this is what to expect from the new leadership through dictatorship-Islamic extremist style. why is it that progressive liberals have problems with any religious extremists but Islamic ones? why do they support them, but not the "liberal" Muslims, the ones that engineered the revolution in tahrir square.just wait, because these same liberals down the line will have to battle these same extremists they support right now. I use to travel to Egypt all the time. gambling in taba, tripping by the pyramids. those days are numbered. thanks to Obama and company
3. This is how to control violence and we must learn from it
PG ,   Tel Aviv   (01.26.13)
This is always how the Egyptians (and our other "neighbors") control their people and prevent further violence. And nobody says a word. This is our only way of control as well - force is all that they understand. Words, to them, are only a means to weaken their enemies into a position of compromise - and then they attack. WE MUST LEARN FROM THIS.
4. morsi
alexi   (01.26.13)
morsi has a ph.d. in material science and was a teacher at san diego state university for 7 years I believe. he had to take many courses to reach his ph.dd. needless to say he is educated. So when he says that jews come from apes and pigs and they control the pres, does he say these things because he is evil like hitler was or does he actually beleive them? And with such an education that he has, how could he beleive these lies. While jews are taught to get ahead in the professions and other fields of endeavors, and they do get ahead, they clearly do not control the press or anything else. What is going on here is the cradle to grave brainwashing of the mosque and schoool education in arab countries done before morsi had a chance to think and overcome. Haniyeh says the same thing as morsi while sending his sister to israel for heart treatment. And morsi would know that while hebrews were slaves in his country for many years, they arose and became a nation. He would know that. If a man like morsi with such and eduction cannot overcome his prejudices, as shamir said the israels will have to be ready to fight for the next 1000 years. Lapid can forget about his journalistic crap and soon realize that peace cannot be had with the arabs anytime soom and if it it had, only for a short time and can be withdrawn in a second.
5. this is the right way to deal with hooligans
adolf ,   rome italy   (01.26.13)
6. Start the countdown till they somehow blame Israel for this
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (01.26.13)
10.... 9..... 8....
7. After Party Riot
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (01.26.13)
Don't these people have anything better to do other than riot over anything they perceive and unfair, and insult or because it is a new day? What does that tell us about how the civilized world needs to treat these people.
8. To #4
Joshua ,   USA   (01.26.13)
You are confusing education and ignorance - the two are mutually exclusive. One can be educated and ignorant. Look at the top scientist that led the Human Genome Project - highly intelligent man turned a moron, dellusional religious dumbass.
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