Israel's human rights record 'concerns' UK
Published: 26.01.13, 15:04
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1. Britain
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (01.26.13)
Little bit of the kettle calling the pot black, methinks, how about first looking at yourself and Northern Ireland. Talk about disproportional response water cannon for wanting to show a flag! About time Ireland was one nation. You the English are to blame for the situation, you planted the Protestants there deliberately. Deal with it before you criticize others!
2. Dear British Government
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (01.26.13)
You are all pathetic. Israel is a great country to live in and I do not see any human rights abuse. I only see Israel trying to protect its citizens from the barbaric Arabs. Continue with your hatred towards Israel and continue with your love to Arabs. Soon or later, you will need to deal with the Sharia Law is your country, which I guess should be the norm for your Britons?
3. Monty python could have written it.
tiki ,   belgium   (01.26.13)
Banning parts of the succes series Faulty Towers, labeling it 'offensive, the Brits have gone completely gaga (singer is completely normal compared to some journalists & lawmakers). And now the Brits of all people (Irak/Afghanistan/Mali) occupiers of many countries are 'worried about Human Rights?????
4. It was an election broadcast
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (01.26.13)
Was once Great Britain wants to get re-elected to theUN Hypocrits and Racists Council - so they have to show their credentials. IT should be notedthat there is massive Human rights abuse in England, where the Electricity companies take strong action to people who don't pay their electricity bills.
5. Antisemitic hypocrites.
Expat ,   Adelaide   (01.26.13)
I haven't seen any "concern" about the human rights of Israeli civilians who are deliberately and routinely targeted by thousands of rockets from Gaza. Let them shove their "conern" up their royal arse.
6. Human Rights?
Lance ,   Cape Town South Afri   (01.26.13)
before the british start pointing fingers,they should remember the 20 000 Boer women and children that died in their concentration camps during the Boer war in south africa.The british instituted a scorched earth policy in order to force the Boers to surrender.Blooming hypocrites!!They ,the british have blood on their hands!
7. #1
You make me laugh! Britain has got nothing on you lot when it comes to human rights!
8. Wrong people in report. Israelis are being oppressed.
Josh   (01.26.13)
The human rights violations are not so apparent to outsiders, but they are the Israelis themselves. Protcia and organized crime rule the streets, police and politicians. They put and keep Jews down and out. Women are treated like booty. Races are attacked. Human trafficking is rampant and that includes using their own under coersion to do operations that keep Israelis down.
9. British hypocrisy and ill will are boundless
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.26.13)
the brits stood by silently for years while islamist terrorists fired ten thousand rockets and missiles into the sovereign territory of the jewish state. when finally israel exercised her right to self defence, the brits are upset. we know that this report is just a prelude to obama's and the eu's plan to attempt to impose a unilateral settlement on the jewish state by fiat. they will not succeed.
10. The British Government needs to explain the Lybian war
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.26.13)
the collusion between cameron, obama, sarkozy and the blackmailing arab league to overthrow the qaddafi regime, has had catastrophic results for north africa, sub-saharan africa and the fight against global jihad. much of north africa has fallen to the islamists, as has northern mali, with the use of fighters and weapons looted from the huge unsecured weapons stores of qaddafi. we have seen the results of this catastrophic lybian war in benghazi, mali and more recently in algeria. al qaeda terrorists who were kept in check by qaddafi are now roaming north africa and even the sinai and are directly threatening europe.
11. britain
Lona ,   tel aviv israel   (01.26.13)
right on !!!
12. human rights record 'concerns' UK
lona ,   tel aviv israel   (01.26.13)
The British are unreal..!!!. In Israel we do not have "no dogs and no chinese" signs!!! maybe they should remember... The israeli arabs are the most free people of all the muslim or arab countries. Just ask them. Like most of the western countries their leader sold thei soul to the devil...
13. look in the mirror - not to mention Libya, Iraq, Afganistan.
Hypocrytes   (01.26.13)
Chagos Archipelago, Akrotiri and Dhekelia isthmus between Gibraltar and Spain Falkland Islands These are also disputed territories. Maybe England should look at its own records when it comes to killing civilians. Not to mention the fact that it is because the British did not follow the Mandate for Palestine Restricting Jewish Immigration while encouraging Arab Immigration for decades against the will and law of the League of Nations. (This is very clear in mandate meeting).
14. #2
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (01.26.13)
Of course it is a great country to live in. When you're one of the chosen ones. South Africa was great during apartheid too, as long as you were white.
15. Human rights
Moises ,   Israel   (01.26.13)
Britain should review its own human rights abuse throughout her colonial history as well as her intrusion in other countries internal affairs, and solve her own domestic and other problems, before concerning herself about Israel, or in other words MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS
16. fighting back is a crime ?
alsky ,   toronto   (01.26.13)
sorry Britain, the days of Jews in ovens is long gone ! Now look into your own backward to see your crimes
17. They are right
Dave from Brazil ,   Sao Paulo   (01.26.13)
Israel's human rights record towards the Palestinians is indeed a cause for concern. However, such a list should be made by a country with a good human rights record, and not by an imperialist country like the UK.
18. Facts speak for themselves. Democracy, yes, if
BDS   (01.26.13)
you are of the correct religion.
19. Well, now
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.26.13)
I am actually far more concerned with the British record on human rights. I've got examples. Lots and lots of examples.Dating back to the eleventh century. Anyone interested?
20. True Country of Concern - The UK
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (01.26.13)
I travel to the UK often and without hesitation I can say the Human Rights situation is bad there. There is increasingly a clamp down on free speech. No one can say anything about Islam, anything against the third world populations destroying the country, anything in favor of traditional Christianity without being arrested and accused - in court legally - of racism or homophobia or islamaphobia or similar. These are thought crimes There is no free speech in the UK any longer. Israel should note their cincern. There is no freedom of thought Israel must note this
21. Britain belongs on this list
Howard Immanuelson ,   US   (01.26.13)
Given Britain's rather questionable behavior in the Falklands, Ireland, activities in Afghanistan, and blatantly hypocritical and vile treatment of Jews from its state church to its unions to its Foreign Office to its openly anti-Semitic politicians like Ken Livingstone, I rather think that Britain legitimately should be on its own list as a "human rights concern".
22. This is William Hague's personal agenda!
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (01.26.13)
23. UK is a Police State
Tommy Robinson ,   London UK   (01.26.13)
Anybody who protests against radical Islam in the UK is thrown in jail. I would love to move to Israel.
24. Reading the tone of the responses
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (01.26.13)
and the definite lack of explaining why the British government are mistaken you have to assume that the British Government is right. And before you throw up the Falklands and Gibralter you might want to think a minute. The populations of both these places have or are about to democratically assert their rights to remain British. We could start demanding that the Palestinians be allowed to vote on their futures. It will be interesting to see if Netanyahu lets it go, or kicks up a fuss, running to Washington to complain that the british are being nasty, or whether he will realise that the Obama Government probably asked them to do it.
25. As is Britain's right
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (01.26.13)
Although I would assume that the United States and the rest of the EU would have been pre warned. Will be interesting to see what Netanyahu's reaction, if any, will be.
26. India
Madeleine ,   Israel   (01.26.13)
And what about Britain's human rights abuses in India, for years, and their creation of Pakistan (East and West in those days) as a Hindu-free state for the Muslims. How about the Falklands? They're ready to go to war once again to protect some stupid little islands thousands of miles away from British shores.In fact over the centuries, they've gone out, colonised and abused the rights of the local poulation no end. Their holier than thou attitude makes me sick.
27. #7
Shaul ,   Israel   (01.26.13)
You know nothing. Considering the terror that the Palestinians have bestowed upon Israel (and they have had plenty of chances for peace), it's amazing how they allowed to work in Israel, study our universities etc. I admit that we are not perfect ourselves, but for human rights abuse please look at Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia etc. 40,000 people have been savagely slaughtered in Syria, but the whole world gets suddenly alert when we respond to having missiles bombarded upon us. As usual, there were barely any civilian casualties in Gaza in the last altercation. As usual, Israel stopped way too soon (so your favorite terrorists can re-arm again. As usual the world can't wait to condemn Israel. You my friend, should study the real situation and you'll stop attacking us through your obvious ignorance.
28. UK human right record concerns ME !
trump   (01.26.13)
Thanks to their white paper,glub pacha ,al husseini support,no destruction of german rail tracts , millions of Jews were slaughtered.......... thanks albion.............
29. To Sarah B, nr. 19.
Dear Sarah. Well said. This post of you. really made my day. With kind regards, Sjoerd.
30. Remind the British of South African death camps they built
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (01.26.13)
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