Likud torn over allowing Bennett into gov't
Ynet reporters
Published: 27.01.13, 09:55
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1. Hinder Talks
peter ,   tel aviv   (01.27.13)
What kind of talks between Israel and the Palestinians could Bennet hinder? Neither Bibi nor Liberman are interested in talking to them. They prefer telling us there is no one to talk to and keep up the pretense. All they are interested in is the act of ruling the country. Liberman will go on snubbing the Knesset and claim he is too busy representing the country. Bibi will go on raising the PM office budget for an in house catering to show what a great world leader he is and lecture us about him being the only guardian and protector of the state of Israel. The dirty jobs they will try to unload on Lapid to make him look bad towards the public (like letting him present the austerity budget as if he is to lame for it). Bennet would be served well to stay out of the coalition it might serve his plans better.
2. time for a knesset clean up take out the trash
zionist forever   (01.27.13)
Lapid, Livni & I imagine Mofaz with 28 and Likud with 31 seats. A coalition like this will be almost 50/50 between the right & left and the religious who will either have 11 or 18 seats depending on if both Shas & UTJ are in the coalition. Lapid is going to be the PM in all but title because Netanyahu knows if Lapid goes then another 1 billion shekel election comes so he is going to let Lapid make decisions and he is just going to be there to rubber stamp it. During the campaign Bennet said he thought that Netanyahu was the best man to be PM and now Netanyahu is backstabbing Bennet for Lapid. The sooner Netanyahu and his new master Lapid are gone the better. Get rid of the opportunists like Livni & Lapid, the idealistic idiots like Shelly and Peretz along with the children like Felgin and of course get rid of Peres he has abused the presidency by trying to act more like the PM than president. We need new leaders who actually adopt a political stance and stick to it. Right wing leaders that adopt right wing policies and left wing ones that adopt left wing policies and don't call themselves centrist because thats more fashionable. If the mainstream parties had more people like Bennet who are there because they believe in something and is not just looking for a career change like Lapid or a career politician who sticks around for decades then the country would be a better place.
3. Likud - exclude habayit hayehudi and you're done!!!
Israeili Jew ,   Israel   (01.27.13)
Nobody voted for Sara Netanyahu!!!
4. #1 - the two solution died a long time ago
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (01.27.13)
What do you think Israel and Abbas let alone Hamas can talk about? The two State solution went the way of dinosaurs and everybody in political circles knows it and so do journalists. Abu Mazen doesn't want any Jews in his new State and there are over 500,00 of them in the West Bank and they won't be going anywhere. Why won't they? 9,000 Israelis were uprooted from Gaza and it was the biggest Army operation since the Yom Kippur war and it took 10 days. So who would move 500,000 people and where would they go to?
5. Netanyahu/Bennett
A frustrated Israeli ,   Tiberias   (01.27.13)
The people made clear in this election that we were behind Netanyahu for PM but that the people WANT Bennett in the coalition along with Lapid. We do NOT want the hareidi. We are asking our Prime Minister to pay more attention to the people's will than political considerations .
6. If Bibi doesn't take in Benett he will have deceived
AB ,   TheRock   (01.27.13)
those who voted for him. Nobody votes likud and wants hatnua in the coalition! Nor Yesh Atid for that matter only unfortunately 60 seats with only the rightist parties is not a strong government and yesh atid has to be included. But not a single extra leftist party should be considered. It's outrageous that somebody who gets 12 mandates should be excluded. Benett is on the way up if Bibi tries to ignore him, he'll pay the price next time around. He is also not fanatical. He is for a gradual taking in of charedim to military service not like the others who want to force the issue which could end up in a sort of civil war. He's the only one that is realistic. All the leftists are delusional. We all know that peace will never work - not until the arabs begin to realize that their attitude stinks and serves nobody.
7. Rubbish ! It will stop PM being all things to
DT ,   TA Israel   (01.27.13)
all men and keep him from weakness
8. It is the political system stupid
Danny ,   Rehovot   (01.27.13)
Some thing is rotten in our political system and the leaders of Likud don't get it. Bennett and Lapid are the voice of the people who clamour for change. They must be in the coalition to affect that change.
9. voted for a strong bebe +benet dont diappoint us
miriam ,   israel   (01.27.13)
10. #3 BRAVO!!!!!!!
miriam ,   israel   (01.27.13)
# 3-you said it all thanks miriam-israeli jew.
11. The best coalition is Likud-Beitenu, Habayit, Haredi, Lapid.
Jouko ,   Finland   (01.27.13)
This would be the best coalition if Yair Lapid doen't insist on drafting the haredi into IDF.
12. leave bennet out
REAL Likudnik ,   tlv   (01.27.13)
As a true Lukidnik, who believes in a secular nationist govenrment, i see NO need for Bennet and his kippah-clad, pro theocracy crew to sit in the coalition government. All along we knew that the real "natural" partners for Bibi are the centrist parties, who believe that we should eventually strive to separate religion from state, and force haredim and arabs to give back and work. Bennet is an opportunist and wet behind the ears. he has little to offer and is easily replaceable.
13. Bennett the only man of vision..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.27.13)
able to bridge gaps between the Orthodox and Secular Societies ,so contributing to a strong united Israel, against the millions of enemies surrounding us......such a man will not be included in the coalition? Bibi ,now you have the opportunity to show that Israel s interest is more important to you, than your ego, and that you deserve to be Israel s PM. May G-D help you to make the right decisions
14. Israeili Jew
MC   (01.27.13)
At last, someone is echoing my thoughts as expressed elsewhere. I am tired of Sara's interference and the influence she has over her husbands political decisions. Those who voted Likud voted for Bibi and not for Sara. If Bibi can't stand up to his wife how can we expect him to stand up to Obama and Abbas. Bennett must be in the government to save us from disaster. Likud will be finished for the future and Israel in deep trouble! Sara stick to your own career and leave Bibi to his!
15. If Bennet is part of the government
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (01.27.13)
Lapid should refuse to join. Bennet's agenda is one sided and can not be integrated in to a broad coalition that serves the interests of the majority of the country. He needs to be in opposition and Bibi needs to stand on his own two feet with a centrist coaltion.
16. 6
zionist forever   (01.27.13)
Bennet got an extra seat from the soldiers do he now has 13 which would allow Bibi to form a rightist coalition with him & the haredi get 61 seats. Lapid and all the leftist parties can only get 48 seats and even with the arabs which wouldn't happen Lapid can only get 59. Bibi should be forming a 61 seat majority with his natural allies and then invite Livni, Lapid and Mofaz to boost the numbers. An 87 seat coalition like that would mean neither Lapid or the haredi can bully him. A coalition with the Lapid, Livni & Mofaz and no Bennet means that in reality that whilst Bibi is PM Lapid will be the one pulling the strings because Bibi doesn't want an election and the only way to avoid that is to keep Lapid happy because if he looses Lapid he looses everything. Bibi is going to be there to rubber stamp Lapid's demands if this is the coalition he choses and if he does and he is still leading Likud at the next election then Likud will not be getting my vote. People voted Likud expecting a right wing government not a religion hating centre left one.
17. Sarah decides?
Yossi ,   Tel Aviv   (01.27.13)
why did she have an affair with Bennett? Amazing how rumour get started or did Bibi make a pass at Ayelet Shaked? What about those B5 bombers from England promised to IAF?
18. A "senior official" of Likud says "Bennett's goals extend
Jrebecca ,   modiin   (01.27.13)
beyond leading the religious sector..." Every one of the political leaders in this country, with maybe the exception of Shas and UYJ (who are only concerned with their own members) have goals that extend boyond leading their sector for one parliamentary session. Every one of them wants to be PM. So why the animosity against only Bennett?
19. Bennet and the Likud propoganda
Alfonso Buzlago ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (01.27.13)
The Likud got it right when they warned that Bennet is just the smiling face of a group of extreme right wing crazies. Remember the dangerous nutter, Dov Lior ,for a start as just one example.
20. Include Bennet
Brod ,   USA   (01.27.13)
The government should include Bennet's group in its coalition. This will strengthen Israel in its defense against enemies from within and without. Obama must never be allowed to manipulate Israel's government. America supports Israel inspite of Obama.
21. Kiss and Make Up.
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (01.27.13)
Put everything behind and start a fresh, without Bennet it just will not work. How can this country make peace if you can't make peace with your own.
22. Bibi this is the last chance,grab it.
miriam ,   israeli jew   (01.27.13)
make a coalition without shas . give as back our faith through benet. and balance the buget
23. Netanyahu's paranoia again! Beware Feigelin not Bennett!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (01.27.13)
The only reason that Netanyahu prefers Shas to Habayit Hayehudi is because be can buy Shas and he can't buy Naphtali Bennett. He is too fresh to politics to be in the shenanigans game! The Ultra-Orthodox will do ANYTHING for power and that means they MUST control the Treasury - the Knesset Finance Committee to control Child Benefits to their advantage - the the Housing Ministry so only their people can get State Housing! Bennett is Zionist and he will tone down his rhetoric once in the Government. They all do. However, what concerns many is that there is a group in his bayit (house) who are pro the "exclusion of women" from public life and advocate discrimination against women. He has yet to explain his party's policy of trying to bind the religious and the secular when he has this discriminatory core in his house.
24. No to settlers!
Settlers are endangering the future of Israel. No way that Bibi will take them into his coalition
25. 23 There are women in his party.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.27.13)
26. Netanyahu is a joke
Rachel ,   US   (01.27.13)
Hope this govt does not last long and Likud gets another leader.
27. Likud needs a new leader.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.28.13)
It is hard to fathom the attachment many Likudniks have for Bibi. Bibi violates the vehemently right wing patriotic Likud Constitution constantly. He attacks Likud's natural allies, rather than it's foes. He implements disastrous leftist policies like racist anti-Jewish building freezes. On top of all this, Bibi leads Likud from one electoral disaster to another. Likud needs a new leader.
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