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Gaydamak: Beitar to get Muslim players
David Ben Shimol
Published: 27.01.13, 15:09
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1. Who said racism isn't alive and well in Israel
Avramele   (01.27.13)
Put this one in our hasbara portfolio - no Israeli Arabs need apply. There are no excuses for these fans, the coach and their culture of hate. And don't tell me about Egyptian fans, Polish fans or neo-nazi fans elsewhere.
2. Beitar is an embarrassment to our football and the club
should be shut down.
3. Agree with #1 and furthermore...
Alex   (01.27.13) would be more than interesting to see the reactions and outcries if any football club in the world of democracies would refuse to take in Jewish players - just due to their religion or ethnoreligious background ! (And as Avramele said: donĀ“t come up with what Antisemites in the Arab world are doing - we are talking about actions taken in the democratic world)
4. One thing is certain
Tom Hill ,   Grand Rapids   (01.27.13)
Everything they do and say will be monitored by Shin Bet . They will be followed everywhere they go. This is a must.
5. racism
Louis ,   UK   (01.27.13)
I agree racism anywhere is evil. But why be so smug about it? And why not tell you about racism in other countries?
6. Shut down Beitar and dismantle their fan-club
Yossef   (01.27.13)
7. Import hungarian
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.27.13)
gypsy players, they are not muslims and will be loyal for Israel.
8. number 6
john ,   london, UK   (01.27.13)
Even then you wouldn't fix the attitude, only education and absolute public condemnation will work. There are some things that are negotiable, being racist isn't one of them.
9. Beitar fans should be relocate in Gaza
Cohen,Israel   (01.27.13)
Israel will be a much better place with out them.
10. To 3
Avi ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (01.28.13)
Yes in the democratic world of football in Europe there is anti semitism,...Feyenoord the team in Rotterdam, Holland is shouting out loud every week in their games...Jews to the gas chambers. I wonder if you are informed of what is going on in the sports world at all... And no i don't agree with the fans of Beitar of their position on arab or muslim players. Sports should be with no hate, Respect
11. beitars imbeciles
Patrick A. Hammel ,   Zermatt, Switzerland   (01.28.13)
Not only are Beitars fans a downright stain on Israel for allowing those racists to attend the games without punishing them but their actions put the many new friendships between chechens and jews in Europe in jeopardy. All over the continent,mostly at universities jews and chechens have found common ground to fight racism and antisemitism together.Many chechens who espoused the palestinian cause retreated from it after being confronted with the reality of arab intransingent behaviour.Even though the relationships are still frail between chechens and jews,beitars fans behaviour is needed like a hole in the head ! Time for sane Israel to act !!Gaydamar is a bridge builder !!!!
12. Glad to see Arcadi G. back in Israel. Maybe now
Rivkah   (01.29.13)
he will be rewarded for his good works and kindesses instead of being rewarded evil for good and jealousy and hatred for his love. No good deed goes unpunished in a lot of cultures, but it was shocking for that to be so in Israel. Perhaps he is not circumcised and needs to have that done and become more Jewish in the traditional way. Something is causing him to be persecuted. Perhaps he eats pork or shrimp or halal foods (dedicated to Allah) at times which takes from him HaShem's protections.. Glad he is looking healthy and happy.
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