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Abbas: Israeli coalition may change, our demands won't
Elior Levy
Published: 27.01.13, 14:25
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1. How dares he !!
Alex   (01.27.13) accuse Israel and Jews of being RACIST !!! Just read talkback number 10 from SB, on following page on YNET,7340,L-4337304,00.html, and you can see how compassionate and friendly she expresses and upholds her Jewish values, HOW DARES ABBAS to come with these accusations of Racism !!? What a Monkey, isn´t he ? Quote: "Perhaps we should worry less about the care and health of Arabs in Gaza and Judea and Samaria and more about the care and health of Jews in the State of Israel. Especially that of the survivors of the Holocaust. If Arabs need health care, they have 21 Arab countries from which to choose. Let them travel there. Sorry -- but in the Jewish State, Jews must come first. Anyone who does not care for such a policy is free to leave. They do, after all, have twenty-one choices. What choices do an aging, hungry, ill and poor Jewish Holocaust survivor -- you know, the ones that built the State of Israel -- have?"
2. Demands
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.27.13)
Gotta love that. As if a vanquished, defeated and terrorist population has the right to issue "demands." Pack this rabble up and send them to Jordan. Perhaps Jordan will be willing to entertain their "demands." You cannot reason with jackals and hyenas. Israel is through talking.
3. Talks to address core issues not reward Pals for talking
Sam ,   Canada   (01.27.13)
Palestinians want to be rewarded before negotiations and during negotiations for doing nothing. Jews don't need any more Palestinian hot air. If Palestinians want to get somewhere they will have to compromise. Palestinians like to use buzz words like "occupation" and "apartheid" with foreign audiences That won't get them anywhere in negotiations.
4. Will he invite the PM?
Mark ,   London, UK   (01.27.13)
5. Israel doesn't stand a chance against Palestinian apartheid
Charles   (01.27.13)
In reality it's not just Palestinian apartheid, but it's an extension of this historically based region wide institutionalized apartheid driven by the religious ideology of such barbaric terrorists as scream for Jihad under the friendly sounding organization called the "PA". And Hamas. Now THAT'S apartheid unparalleled in the history of the world.
6. Apartheid State
Pinchas ,   Haifa   (01.27.13)
This is a case of the Pot calling the Kettle black. The Palestinian territories are Judenrein.
7. #6
paulo ,   brasil   (01.27.13)
You are right. In fact the there is no jewish apartheid in practically all the muslem world... And the arabs believe in it !!!!
8. Jews who fought against apartheid
ky   (01.27.13) How many Pals/ Muslims? Not looking for any thanks or that sort of thing but on the other hand its a spit in the face to bring up the whole question of apartheid and then forget who actually put themselves on the line. .
9. Abbas
janet ,   Israel   (01.27.13)
This man has no idea what apartheid means! Israeli Arabs share equal rights with their co-citizens. I have yet to see abench marked no arabs allowed or schools or hospitals let alone elections. Had black South Africans had these rights prior to1994 there would never have been apartheid. His statements are an insult to black South Africans who lived through apartheid
10. This Is The True Face Of ISRAEL'S
piece Partner! b.H.o. Mind Your Own Business And DROP Your Liberal Agenda! If You Can't Manage This Step Down And Let Someone Else Run America!
11. .
Barry ,   Cape Town   (01.27.13)
"We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians"-Nelson Mandella
12. This from the man who says "No Jews in Palestine".
Jrebecca ,   modiin   (01.27.13)
13. #11 Mandela's gonna wait a long time too.
frauss ,   Jerusalem   (01.27.13)
14. Apartheid
Harold ,   USA   (01.27.13)
Apartheid South African disappeared because the US and the West were against it but Apartheid Israel is alive because it is backed by the US and the West and if they do not appose it one day the situation in the occupied lands will continue forever. The Vito power of the US at the UN kept the apartheid situation alive.
15. I'm a Leftist and I'm not Stupid
Ethan ,   Eilat   (01.27.13)
So we agree on a 2 State solution. Will Israel become a Jewish only State? Will the Palestinian State Become a Jew free State. So where is the apartheid? Who is the racist?
16. More proof Abbas is not a partner for peace
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (01.27.13)
What a lying, propagandizing piece of trash this so called "leader" is. This same apartheid lie comes from the leader of the new "state of Palestine" where Jews are not allowed. Abbas is the true racist.
17. Israel doesn't meet the defintion of an apartheid State!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (01.27.13)
Abbas as usual is just spouting hogwash. Israel has Arab MKs; Arabs use the same toilets, buses and restaurants as Jews etc etc ourchangingglobe dot com/israel-not-an-apartheid-state change dot to a .
18. Dr. Abbas, the whole world is changing
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (01.27.13)
but you will not: you will remain a 2nd or 3rd class politician, but a 1st class antisemit.
19. what "demands"???????
oded ,   usa   (01.27.13)
let's see- between 1948-1967 thewest bank was under jordanian sovergnty, abd gaza under egypt's."ah, only after 1967, when the arabs lost the war and these aforementioned teritires( read= returned to thiei lawfull owners),did the arabs """discovered' their" palestinian" heritage. what a bunch or b.s!anyone buying this kind of crap should be sold a birdge in the sahara!
20. #11 barry, #14 harold, #15 ethan
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.27.13)
#11- And many SA politicians have strongly complained that calling Israel's actions "apartheid" denigrates the real apartheid that SA went through. Mandela deserves credit and respect, but even he can be wrong, and is in this case.he is. #14 Israel's arabs vote, are represented in the government, go to the same hospitals as Jews to be treated by the same Jewish and arab doctors. The Pals have declared that any nation they have will be judenrein. Which is apartheid? Hint; it ain't the Jews. #15- Read my comment to #14 above. An argument can probably be made for your stupidity...or at least for your ignorance.
21. Abbas misses negotiotions
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.27.13)
with blackmail. What about to talk if once he demands everything ? Maybe he will agree a compomise, that israeli wild boars and chacals may entry to palestinian territory without visa.
22. Please Bibi, give Bennett a juicy post
A ,   Belgium   (01.27.13)
so annexation can begin. Abbas can make all the demands he wants, in the end all he will have is what he has now, a name plaque at the United Nothings for the non existant state of "palestine" and nothing else.
23. harold, #14----
oded ,   usa   (01.27.13)
harold look up the defeiniton of apparteid first before you put your foot in your big mouth again---- the arabs living in the west bank and gaza areNOT citizens of isreal and therfore no""aparteid"" rules apply. they are jordanian and egytians ciiens. compaaln to these 2 untries for solving these arabs'problems
24. Palestinian Demands
NYC Girl   (01.27.13)
It's a shame that unmitigated gall isn't a marketable commodity...otherwise the Palestinians would be the wealthiest people in the world.
25. Harold #14
DavidR ,   USA   (01.27.13)
You said, "Israel is alive because it is backed by the US and the West and if they do not appose it one day the situation in the occupied lands will continue forever." I must agree with this statement in part. Israel is not alive because of the US support, however, If the Palestinians are allowed to continue to occupy Jewish Land the situation will continue forever. May we all do our best to aid Israel in every way possible to end the occupation of Israel and send the so called Palestinians home to Jordan where they belong. AM ISRAEL CHAI!
26. #11 Barry
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.27.13)
Mandela was and is a supporter of terrorism - making him too a war criminal. I think that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr is a better authority on the matter. He never supported terrorism. “Don’t talk like that! When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism!”
27. Context of a very assertive self assured abbass
Martin ,   Sa   (01.27.13)
Context of a very assertive self assured abbass, "no change in our demands" According the muttering around in EU and Washington abbass has a LOT of support he won over the E1 plans announced The FM an PM of ourv next government are in for a accept his demands and negotiate or simple the whole area by defaults with all it arab population becomes part of one land of which our Holy Israel is part. The Apartheid jibe is just a teaser. abbass knows he is in a strong position. So, he is teasing and playing with the media. We need to be vigilant and opening some closed doors. We are in for a rough ride. Lets get our act together. They are taking advantage of our political uncertainty. The offer we must expect is not likely to change. We need the media on our side especially in Israel. We need to start puting our message out and not falling a red hearing debate on the Apartheid Lie. The posts so far have answered abass and his lie. From now on the media need to be positive and supportive of our political team when we go out to battle to open these closed doors, EU and the US Russia China etc. I think it is fair that we need to apologise for not consulting on E1. But no apology or bowing to threats, E1 must go ahead despite the demand for the next freeze. We need to show appreciation for the support of the past. These message must go out soon. Obama can threaten us. He says he has lost patience with us. Let him justify that to Congress and the Senate. He is using a technicality to justify a policy shift of significant proportions. Let not bluff ourselves and be deluded that his game play is very risky for us. I note you avoid publishing my posts. Lets see what you do with this one. I keep copies you Know.
28. # 20
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.27.13)
You are 100% correct in answering Harold's post # 14. Israeli Arabs also hold identity books (papers) Yes they are allowed to vote in our elections & yes they are represented in our Knesset. Harold needs to further his zero knowledge about Israel.
29. # 22....Abbas may not be the best leader, but at
Edithann ,   USA   (01.27.13)
least this time he's sticking to his negotiotions until settlements stop... You just want the stealing of all of Palestine to continue...So how long do you think Israel could survive with the world cutting off all aid and trade?.Does Israel have that many friends to keep it afloat, and for how long? There aren't enough Bernie Maddoffs in the world to carry that load... TATA . TATA
30. what an insult
mira ,   nyc   (01.27.13)
what an insult to the millions who suffered under true apartheid, to compare their plight to that of the Palestinians, whose unfortunate situation is largely of their own making.
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