Hospital: Ariel Sharon responded to family photos, not in coma
Dr. Itay Gal
Published: 27.01.13, 17:47
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1. Good Man Sharon is
Salahuddin ,   Chicago   (01.27.13)
Ariel Sharon is a good man. I pray that God Heal him asap. Amen.
2. I pray that he comes back...
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa Israel   (01.27.13) that he can see the horrific consequences of his actions.
3. # 2....Me too!
Edithann ,   USA   (01.27.13)
I can't wait till he can replace the corpses already in office... TATA
4. Pictures
Alan ,   Elazar,Israel   (01.27.13)
What kind if brain activity would photos of The former Gush Katif (Gaza) inspire?
5. 2 Jay Abouaf, Jaffa, Israel: You blaspheme the Ruach
Rivkah   (01.27.13)
HaKodesh in Sharon, attributing to him the works of Satan in Gaza. Did Sharon fund missiles for Gazans? Did Sharon shoot the missiles at Israel? No, he did not. He trusted in peace and he will be vindicated when HaShem fulfills Zephaniah's prophecy that all Philistines (Palestinians) in Gaza will die by HaShem's hand in HaShem's rage at the lack of fidelity to the trust Sharon put in the Gazans.
6. The auditory nerve is the last to go before death. So
Rivkah   (01.27.13)
Sharon and others in similar situations can hear and understand and perceive what is going on around them even if they cannot respond in terms of physical body parts speaking or shaking hands. When my mother in law had a stroke and was paralyzed on one side and could only say a few words, her son Larry thought she was incommunicable and he saw her as a vegetative lump. But I knew she could hear and understand and when I would say something she agreed with, she would shake the bed rail with her good hand and smile and laugh. She decided she could not do much but be pleasant, so she would sit in the hallway in a wheelchair to say Hi! or O Boy! to passersby for the 2 and a half years she lived after the stroke. She could understand but could not speak or write or walk. But she could pray and that is what Sharon does for his nation. Is the nation thankful? Has his son Omri been pardoned? Is the State of Israel paying his medical bills? Only half. For a former Prime Minister that is unthankfulness of the nation to him and his family who have carried a heavy load. A gread remedy for so-called comatose patients in waking them up is to STOP the HALDOL and reduce other sedatives and increase oxygen levels with Vitamin O stabilized liquid oxygen sprayed into the mouth or under the tongue every hour during the day which helps the brain to heal. For Sharon, I think his heart was broken by the attacks on his two sons. With the attacks on Gilad stopped, Sharon is improving because his broken heart is healing. Now if Omri is pardoned, maybe Sharon will recover faster. A broken heart is a great impediment to recovery.
7. to #2
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (01.27.13)
You are the type of person who will never be greatfull for good deeds. Maybe you should remember Mr.Sharon as a saver of Israel during the Yom Kipour war, and his big heart of not discredit Moshe Dayan or Gold Meir for the panic and uncompetence. I wish him much better than can I wish you!
8. May G-d Bless You Ariel Sharon
Ezra ,   San Diego   (01.27.13)
Lion Of Israel, we love you. We pray for a miracle. Baruch HaShem.
9. #5 I hope you're right
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa Israel   (01.27.13)
Mr. Sharon did so much good for Israel. However, the issue of ' trust in Gazans' and prophecies are just words and ideas. He was responsible for demonizing and then throwing good and innocent people out of their homes.
10. to Rivkah n>6
zeboss ,   israel   (01.27.13)
oh ! oh! oh! so you are the one living inside Mister Sharon comatose brain! He prays for his nation, you say!!!!! and he has broken heart for his 2 parasites sons//// How smart of you, really. Wonder if your Larry agrees.... good we have you here to enlightened ourselves hey!!!
11. 9 Jay Abouaf: Government is ideally about doing the
Rivkah   (01.27.13)
greatest good for the greatest number. The nine billion dollars in foreign aid that was on the line if Sharon did not obey the Quartet and Bush's Road for Peace Map was a lot to give up. Some of that should have gone to the Gazans who lost their homes and businesses, of course. But if the funds were earmarked for defense, that was not possible. Was the IDF to lose 9 billion dollars for the sake of 5,000 Jewish families in Gaza to stay in a dangerous place for them where some were being murdered, even whole families just going out for a drive? Sharon had horrible choices: the IDF loses 9 billion dollars or the Jews in Gaza pull out and live elsewhere. My personal opinion is that Israel should have kept Sinai and a lot of other lands they took in wars. But when the U.N. was formed, it was agreed upon by member nation that their national borders would not change. An exception has been made for Israel because its borders were not defensible. But the pressure on Israel's leaders is uminmaginable. If the stand tough and believe in HaShem's promise of deeding the land to the Israelites forever, then HaShem will protect them ultimately. But they will not have the funding from blackmail nations who put a pricetag on foreign aid. The Jews in Gaza should have been compensated and that is what still should be done. Where was world Jewry in its donations for that? Absent.
12. 10 Zeboss, Israel: I have been around enough comatose
Rivkah   (01.27.13)
patients to know what is happening. When the auditory nerves goes, death is near. Sharon's auditory nerves never failed. His sons are honorable loyal sons who have not abandoned their father and are near him almost everyday at his side. I have witnessed their love for their father. Would you be as honorable? Sharon's sons work very hard and are not parasites. Larry is a brother in law who does not have the gift of perceptions except how to make money. He could not see any profit in a sick mother, so he did not visit often and when he did he saw a useless eater while I saw in her being alive a protection for the family and the nation in her prayer life. How do I know Sharon prays for the nation of Israel as well as his family? Because at times I have felt the power of his prayers when I was included in them as a friend. Women in Israel say the same thing. They felt the power of his presence and his prayers for them. Would a woman be blamed if her child was stillborn? No, she would get sympathy. But when Sharon's vision of the birth of a two nation state was shattered, he got no sympathy. Guess there is a double standard for males and females.
13. His personal fate
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.27.13)
symbolizes the life force of the indestructable jewish nation.
14. #6 thankful? for evicting jews from Israel
bernard ross   (01.27.13)
and raining missiles from gaza
15. Sabra & Shatella
Jay ,   NY, USA   (01.27.13)
May be some one need to show him some pictures from Sabra & Shatella 1982. And let us know what his response.
16. #3 Crawl back under your rock
17. 2
zionist forever   (01.27.13)
What Sharon did in 2005 was take a political gamble but in the end didn't pay off. Fact is apart from the settlement movement nobody wanted Gaza because if was costing a fortune to protect 8,000 Jews surrounded by over a million arabs. The plan was give Bush something now and he would leave off with Judea & Samara andJerusalem. Was a gamble that went wrong but at the same time it could have worked and the only people who would be holding a grudge today would be the settlers. Politics is about taking chances and sometimes they go right sometimes they don't there is never guarantee of success. When your judging Sharon base it on his history not Gaza and there is no doubt that he was a patriot, he fought to protect the country numerous times and before he evacuated Gaza he was seen as the champion of the settlers.
18. #15 behind the times
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.27.13)
You really are behind the times. At the time the worst accusation was that Sharon should have used psychic powers and predicted that the Christians would get revenge on the PLO. Nowadays no one one talks about Sabra and Shatilla anymore because everyone knows that Assad did it. Thanks to the war, Lebanon was about to be liberated. With Sabra and Shatilla, Assad outsmarted Mossad and Aman, routed the IDF, ensured Syrian control of Lebanon, and replaced Israel's Zionist government.
19. # 17
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.27.13)
Kudos Zionist. At last a post on this thread, with insight.
20. 14 Bernard Ross: Sharon is not to blame for what Iran
Rivkah   (01.27.13)
has funded or for the treachey of the Gazans in peace treaties. No one should be thankful for missiles raining on Israel from Gaza except for Satan and his followers. But you blame the wrong person. He trusted and his trust was violated which HaShem will avenge eventually. Read Zephaniah's prophecies and see that the Gazans will all perish by HaShem's hand. There won't be a building left standing.
21. Would hate to be like this
American Hindu ,   USA   (01.28.13)
Know that Gen Sharon saved Israel in 1973 and have read his book WARRIOR. Respect him, but would hate to be living like that. Hope that if I were ever in such a situation, the doctors would pull the plug and let me go.
22. Sharon
jonny ,   toronto canada   (01.28.13)
maybe he can come back to help Bibi-
23. Sharon will be the new 'Resurrected "Messiah'....
Edithann ,   USA   (01.29.13)
See, I'm right again...Jews are still trying to replicate Jesus in their own way... TATA
24. theres more to it than meets the eye
yakov ,   jer isr   (01.02.14)
suffers second stroke in an isolated farm; only a medic present ;no helicopter; car ride over an hour and a half to hospital; was on a 20 hour workday; after first stroke given blood thinners so when second stoke came bamm
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