Gov't to recognize illegal Bedouin villages
Ilana Curiel, Attila Somfalvi
Published: 27.01.13, 23:27
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1. Stabbing Israel in the back
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.27.13)
This was not the moment for such an important matter to be voted. This Begin is an idiot and it is not possible not to say that.Idiot!
2. What are these thieves complaining about?
Expat ,   Adelaide   (01.28.13)
These people have illegally seized numerous state-owned lands in the Negev, now they are given a kosher stamp for some of their thefts, yet they have the gall to complain they didn't get it all.
3. Bad reporting.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.28.13)
Israel has made many mistakes in settling the land. The Bedouin have often been the victim's of some of these mistakes. If this bill is even-handed or not is impossible to know from this article. Does it do justice to both the State and the Bedouin? Who can tell from this article?
4. Benny Begin is a moron!
Reuven   (01.28.13)
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